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The old saying “Where’s the G spot?” is often uttered because it just doesn’t do the job for many women who have never had a vaginal orgasm, and people wonder if they were on the right spot. One day I accidentally discovered a much better spot that is extremely effective in giving a woman her very first vaginal orgasm.

Back in 1993, I was dating a 22 year old woman who had never had an orgasm. I tried everything. I tried rubbing her clitoris, I tried oral sex, and I tried intercourse. But nothing was working.

So one night I just took my time finding what would feel good for her. With my middle finger I rubbed her “G spot” but received no response. Then I decided to slide my finger in as far as I could along the front wall of her vagina.

I curled the tip of my finger in that area while pushing towards her stomach and slightly pulling down. She immediately responded to this. After continuing this for a few minutes, the most wonderful thing happened. I watched the face of this beautiful woman while, for the first time in her life, she had an orgasm. That was sweet. She then breathlessly said “David, kiss me!” After a few nights of stimulating her Deep Spot she was able to orgasm consistently in any manner, including intercourse.

Later I was seeing a woman who had only had orgasms with the aid of continual direct clitoral stimulation. Basically, she was clitorally dependent. I used the deep spot on her, and within a few minutes she very vocally had her very first vaginal orgasm. After a few evenings of using the Deep Spot she was able to readily orgasm in intercourse.

Since I had to insert my finger as deep as I could, I began referring to it as the Deep Spot. According to the anatomy books, this area is called the anterior fornix of the vagina.

I have used the Deep Spot many times since then, as have thousands of my clients, and it consistently works to give a woman a powerful vaginal orgasm. Always use a liberal application of Astroglide on your fingers to prevent irritation.



  1. Richard Prise says:

    So does the touch have to be firm like most of the G-spot videos teach us? And must you press the deep spot or do that “come here motion” like they do with G-spots?

  2. David Shade says:

    Do that “come here motion”. Start with medium pressure to get her used to it. If she responds well, do it firmer. The better she responds, the firmer you apply.

  3. James Owen says:

    Hey david,
    is it possible you could help me out with giving women oral sexaul pleasura also known as “licking her out” i really dont have a clue what to do with it.

  4. Feliciano says:

    Hey James Owen
    Oral can be ok but can you lick a ice-cream for 25 minutes?
    Try the WelCOMED Clitoral Orgasm
    Lubricate a must

  5. Keith says:

    Very well done and am happy to have the information, now that she has constant mutiple orgasms, what other mountains can be climbed?

  6. Paul says:

    Hello Dave. The girl I am currently seeing, says she has more orgasms with me than any other person she has been with. However, she says they are different than any she has ever had. Ocassionally, she lets out a puddle of warm wetness all over me and the bed. We are thinking it might be a G-spot orgasm. I have noticed she likes her left nipple pulled kinda hard. The position that is used, is her sitting on top of me while I am on my back, and at times, I thrust up my pelvis and then go back to a normal laying position, this is the way she is having orgasms. She says when guys have done oral sex on her, it really doesnt do anything for her, so she really doesnt want me to try. She says why mess with perfection, and likes when she gets on top. When we first got together, supposedly, she had an orgasm everytime we had sex, and the first time she didnt orgasm, she said it was nice to see I wasnt a total sex god. thanks for all of your input, it is very helpful. PS., it is a challenge to give her an orgasm 100% of he time, and have not been completely successful. THANKS, Paul

  7. Tom says:

    My girlfriend has not issues getting extremely wet. However, sounds like you still need to use lube to get the best results. Is that true? I’ve never used lube before and wondered what’s the best way to lube up or even introduce it?

  8. David Shade says:

    It’s always a good idea to keep lube around and use it for techniques like the Deep Spot and Welcomed Method. While it’s great your girlfriend gets wet easily, it can happen that natural wetness will start to dry up and you don’t want her to get distracted while she’s building toward an orgasm.

    Also, by making sure your finger is well lubed, you know the Deep Spot itself will be well lubed.

    As for the best way to introduce it… just say “baby I’ve got something new for you. A new sensation that will feel really good.” Be the man, take the lead in the bedroom. As long as you are giving her great orgasms and incredible pleasure… you have nothing to worry about when it comes to introducing new things into your love making.

    By the way, the lube I recommend is Astro Glide.

  9. Leo says:

    I’ve done your Deep spot technique often with my girlfriend now. She still is not getting an orgasm. I’ve used the lines inn your “Give Women Wild Screaming orgasms – By David Shade” and I get more reactions but no orgasms. I’m not losing faith, I know this is supposed to work but i don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    The lubricant I use is “WET platinum premium body glide staysWETLONGER.com”

    She gets orgasms when she gets on top of me and I have my penis inside her and she rubs her clit on my pelvic bone(where it is supposed to be). And when I do oral sex on her, sometimes, its hard for me. I’ve tried the Welcomed method and It’s failing me. She said though that at some point when I was doing it she had the feeling like before she was going to cum for a moment.I really don’t know how to rub the clit perfectly. What is to firmly what is to hard? how should I do it perfectly ?

    I’ve bought a bundle from you now and is waiting for it to ship to Iceland. please answer me here though if you have the time.

    Do i need more foreplay, some times I just command her to take all her cloths of and I start.

  10. Me says:

    Hey David I’ve been doing this for a couple years now.and its worked INCREDIBLY well. I recently read that you said to use 2 fingers spread about an inch apart when fingering the deep spot. I also rub from as far back as I can and all the way to the front. The past 3 girls I have tried this on have all pointed it out after wards..e.g.”You were hitting a spot let me tell you” lol Also with this is there any need to lick the clitoris?? BTW THIS IS MONEY!!remember this technique your GF’s will thank you for it

  11. David Shade says:

    Yes, it does work incredibly well.

    > I recently read that you said to use 2 fingers spread
    > about an inch apart when fingering the deep spot.

    That is only an alternative for later. First get her to have vaginal orgasms with just your middle finger on the deep spot.

    No need to lick the clitoris. In fact, don’t. That would only strengthen any clitoral dependency.


  12. Jose says:

    Then doesn’t the welcomed method increase clitoral dependency as well?

    BTW, my girl loves the WM! So I tie her to the bed and DON’T do it, hahaha. Then when I do it later, she goes crazy….

  13. Hi David, thanks for the help you’re giving everyone. Recently, when using the deep spot, my woman has experienced light-headedness. She enjoys it, but feels like she’s going to pass out. Is that common?

  14. David Shade says:

    If your woman is clitoraly dependent, then giving her clitoral orgasms by any means increases clitoral dependency.
    Like I always say, you absolutely positively must be giving her consistent vaginal orgasms in intercourse. Get that working first. Do not progress any further until you have that working. If you don’t have that working, you have nothing.
    Once you have that working, then start doing all the other things.

  15. David Shade says:

    Is that before she has an orgasm, while she’s having an orgasm, or after she had an orgasms?

  16. Miguel says:

    Hi David, Is the deep spot technique can only be done using the middle finger? How can I give her a vaginal orgasm like a deep spot using my dick? well it is impossible for me use a come here motion using my dick. haha.

  17. Maciej says:

    Hello David,

    in article “The Deep Spot”, You wrote “But the most powerful way to stimulate the vagina is the back of the deep spot.”. In this movie you show to pushing front of the deep spot. Please tell us which place is better to create stronger orgasms

    Best Regards

  18. David Shade says:

    For the first time, use the front of the deep spot, just like I show in the video. It is a reliable way to give her her first vaginal orgasm and to awaken her vagina. On a later night you can use the back of the deep spot, which for most women will be a very powerful sensation.

  19. Hypster says:

    Hi David,
    My gf has never had an orgasm with ME or anyone else. I have used EVERY technique I know (including yours). She can get off with a vibrator, but just until recently she couldnt even do that with me in the room (she gets nervous). Have you ever experienced anything like this? I can make her squirt and anchor “CUM LIKE A GOOD GIRL” but I cant seem to use the anchor for orgasm?!
    Thanks heaps

  20. David Shade says:

    She is clitorally dependent. In fact, vibe dependent. That is from years of diligent practice with a vibe on her clit. Her fault. Look at the trouble it causes. She obviously has issues with sexuality. But you are making some progress; at least she will use the vibe in front of you. You are really going to have to lead. You must wean her from her vibe dependency. You must give her clitoral orgasms with your finger. You must lead her to be more comfortable with sexuality in privacy with you. You are a long way from giving her a vaginal orgasm. And you can forget about trying instant orgasm on command for a very long time.

  21. emily says:

    hi david.great video .It worked VERY fine to me in the past,but i have enjoyed a lot your video (i wish you do more,one with any technique you show in your book,it is easiest to show it when i begin a new relationship than explain once again :p.

    see you

  22. Shuhel says:

    Hi David., In your reply to Maciej you say that you should use the front of the deep spot and then progress to the back of the deep spot.
    I used to use the full stretch of my middle finger to presume that I was in the right place. I presumed that otherwise I had not reached the deep spot. How can you tell you have reached the front or back of the deep spot.

    It’s just that I sometimes feel my middle finger was longer as it’s REALLY frustrating not being able to go deeper .without my finger aching after a short period !

  23. David Shade says:

    You gotta exercise your forearms and fingers. Don’t let the lack of strength stop you right when she is getting somewhere.

  24. Paul says:

    Hi David, when I rub the deep spot my girlfriend says that she just wants to pee. She says the need to pee is so intense that she does not want me to continue rubbbing. She pees before we start & I tell her to trust me and let me continue rubbing but she wont. What else can I do David?

  25. David Shade says:

    The sensation she is feeling is the approaching of female ejaculation. To properly deal with it is discussed in “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms” which is a matter of diverting her thoughts from self-consciousness.

  26. Shuhel says:

    Hi David, thanks for your reply. It’s not the strength I’m querying (my fingers are tough from 17 years of martial arts !), it’s the reach of my middle finger. I’m not sure if I’m reaching the front or back of the deep spot.
    I’d like to reach further and give her even more pleasure but am not sure if I’m reaching far enough at full stretch.

    Very frustrating for me as I want her to scream with pleasure even more !

  27. Mark says:

    Hi David, I want to ask you about body position with something like this. If your body is parallel to hers on the bed (you’re both lying on the bed or both standing up), your hand is at a very stressful angle – like trying to touch the inside of your elbow with your middle finger.. However, the better angles (her lying back on the bed with you standing or kneeling) feel clinical, awkward, and non-intimate – almost like a gynecological exam. Any advice? Any positions you like to use?

  28. keith says:

    I uesd the same method on my ex for years but not with my finger.I would push my cock all the way in untill i could feel the openning of her uteress.I didn’t pump in and out .I would make the head of my cock swell then relax swell then relax we would get so wet it was awesome pushing harder and harder over and over she loved it sometimes she would shake all over and sometimes she would stop to pee but she always came back for more

  29. keith says:

    But wait there is more when i did this it felt like my cock was bent 90 degrees and was about to snap in two i got so hard it was really painfull but so good.She loved itTry it Dave your girl mite like it and you will to .keep up the good work

  30. l am married to an averagely fat woman.she only enjoy sex with me from behind or while on top me.Mr Shade,tell us how we can enjoy good sex,good positional sex & how can l arouse her G-Spot.Thank u.Femi

  31. billy says:

    hey david, big fn of your work. thanks for chasing this. i use this technique on every girl i date – and usually with amazing results. however, a couple girls have said that yes it’s very pleasurable… but… they couldn’t handle the pleasure. and therefore, they wouldn’t let me continue to make them come. what’s the deal here?

  32. David Shade says:

    They couldn’t handle the pleasure because they don’t have the sense of deservedness enough to believe they deserve the pleasure. Only date high self-esteem women.

  33. John says:

    I have been using the Deep Spot (and back deep spot) technique for several years with a series of girlfriends with incredible results… until my current girlfriend that is. She says she doesn’t like the feeling, that it is uncomfortable, etc. I make her come other ways, but I am frustrated that she will not allow me to give her pleasure with this technique. Have you heard of cases like this before? Can it be physical or is it definitely a psychological issue? Any suggestions?

  34. David Shade says:

    It is definitely psychological.

  35. jonas says:

    David thanks for the tips, hopefully will wait for more of your other tips…


  36. Brian says:


  37. Tam says:

    Quick question, do I stay at the pace you’re going at in the video or should I gradually go faster?

  38. shuhel says:

    Hi David – I don’t think you answered my second question above. What if you can’t reach ALL the way back, do you have to reach right to the back as a pussy can get only so far with my finger.
    Does going in deeper mean more pleasure for her ?
    Happy Xmas by the way to you

  39. Will0240 says:

    Hey David, This sounds like a great technique I can’t wait to use it. One question I’m a virgin so i’m worried i not gonna perform well on my first time, so does this technique take practice for it to work or could i pull it off first time?

  40. anthony says:

    me and my girlfriend have been having sex for 3 months now and she has not had ano orgasm. she said it feels alright but not too good so i started looking at this stuff. i tried the g spot and she only said it hurt. i just tried the deep spot last night and she says she can barely feel my fingers. i watched the video and used astroglide. i dont know what im doing wrong. is it not lubed enough or something?

  41. James says:

    Hi David. I hope you reply to this, but I can understand if you dont. My girlfriend and I have been going out almost a year and I’ve been quite succesful giving her orgasms via stimulation of her clit and her G-spot. The deepspot is new to me, I’ve have’nt heard of it until now. My girlfriend is very trusting of me and always looks forward to me trying something new aswell as her favourites. I was wondering, how will i be able to tell that I have found her deep spot? Is there any distinctive textures like there is the G-spot? I just want to know I’ve found the right place to make her happy.


  42. David Shade says:

    Just stick your middle finger inside her vagina along the front as far as you can. Then massage that area and watch her response. But my question is: does your girlfriend have vaginal orgasms when you rub her g-spot? Does she have vaginal orgasms in intercourse? If the answer is yes to both, you don’t need the deep spot, but it would be an entertaining alternative for her.

  43. Jacob U says:

    David and other guys confused,

    Reading Shades books has changed my life not just sexually but in a all around manner. Just learning how to do the “deep spot” is not enough. You have to lead and be the man for her to respond to it. The best thing Shade teaches is not the “methods” but the “mindset”. \

    Thank you David Shade

  44. Philip R says:

    Hello David!

    So should I do the welcomed method (clitoral stimulation)before deep spot stimulation or after foreplay should I just go straight to her deep spot. I need to understand :)

  45. David Shade says:

    Sure, do the Welcomed method first, then wait a few minutes, and then do the deep spot. For most women, after they’ve had a clitoral orgasm, a vaginal orgasm comes quicker. Generally speaking.

  46. Phillip r says:

    I read a book that had great examples on how to go down on a woman. It mostly concentrated on using your tounge tough. For example start your first kiss at the base of her vaginal entrance, the fourchette and then work your way up. The list continues but what the book is really trying to say is that never go straight to her clitoris before stimulating other parts of her vagina. What do you think? I mean dont women get much hornier when you start by licking her pussy than going straight to her clitoris with your finger? :)

    Thanks for your fast replys. Huge fan and I just ordered your books from amazon.

  47. David Shade says:

    Yes, get her warmed up, lubed up, and aroused before going to the clitoris. You don’t have to use your tongue to do it. Remember, you can’t talk with your mouth full, and dirty talk is critically important.
    The last time you posted, you spelled your name with one ‘l’ but this time with two ‘l’s. Which is it?

  48. Philip R says:

    Just one “l”. My mistake :)

    Thanks for your great information. Dont have questions for now but I will figure out something soon. In touch man

  49. Jared says:

    Can you name all the products that you have available for sale?

  50. David Shade says:

    Yes I can. They are “The Secrets of Female Sexuality”, “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”, “Select Women Wisely”, “Advanced Sexual Hypnosis”, “Give Women Hot Phone Sex”, and “Bring Out Her Inner Animal”. Join my free email list to learn more about them.

  51. Philip R says:

    David where is the Welcoming method video? I found one video which demonstrated the welcoming method and the deep spot but I cant find it anymore? :S

  52. Philip R says:

    And is it good to switch from front to back of the deep spot or should you only focus on front? :)

  53. Brud182 says:

    Hi David

    I have tried the “deep spot technique” with my girlfriend on various occasions. However she seems to stop me soon into it. She says its too uncomfortable. In addition when I stimulate her g-spot she says she cant handle it and it feels like she is going to pee.

    Any advice?

    P.S. She has only ever had clitoral orgasms.


  54. Markus says:

    Hello David !

    I have read lots from you and your techniques are GREAT ! i have done most except the deep spot even though I know you recommend to start with it, anyway, yesterday I tried it out and at first I didn’t know if I reached all the way in or not, i got a little response, but no biggie ! Then my GF insisted on going back to the G-spot wich she responded very very well to. Did I reach all the way to the deepspot or if not, when I do, will her response be clearly “GOOD” ? / Markus

  55. Molly says:

    “In addition when I stimulate her g-spot she says she cant handle it and it feels like she is going to pee.”

    In response: The feeling of having to pee means she’s about to orgasm. See if she’ll ride it out, she won’t regret it.

  56. Hal says:

    I tried this on my gf the first time with a pretty positive response but no orgasm. I can only get her to orgasm if I give her oral at the same time. The next few times I tried it she said it just feels like pressure. Any tips for this?

  57. Jason. says:

    The deep spot works very well and the woman was very satisfied

  58. Tom says:

    If I do it to a girl who has only been with amateur skilled man and hasn’t achieved an orgasm before, will it be much harder for her to achieve an orgasm or will this technique work regardless?

  59. vincent says:

    I have not tried the technic yet but it seem interesting

  60. vincent says:

    I liked the video and i learnt about the deep spot.I intend to use it.Thanks for the tips.Keep up with your good work.You really help alot of men who get your tips.

  61. eli says:

    hey dave iv tried the deep spot i with my girl but i dont think i have long enough fingers! what do i do?!

  62. Antonio says:

    Hello David,

    I don’t know if my fingers are long enough. I put my middle finger as far as i can, and rub the area.
    My GF looks like she’s liking it but it doesn’t blow her mind, same moaning and gesture like the G-spot.
    How can be sure my fingers is hitting the good spot ? Can a finger be not long enough ? (about 3 1/2 inch)

  63. vincent says:

    This video is educative and i will try the deep spot technique.Keep up with good work

  64. Piazzolla says:

    I used the deep spot on a girl I started seeing recently and she responded well — started to move around a lot and moan very loudly, but I didn’t feel any of the contractions that you talk about that indicate orgasm. Well after all the wild moaning and moving, she said she needed a minute to recuperate and had me take out my finger. This happened several times. So my question is does that mean she had an orgasm?

    Another question I have is, I could feel the “frisbee” part not very far back, I didn’t have to reach far even to feel it on the back of her deep spot, so was I really touching the deep spot or should I have gone as far as I can? At one point she said “not too deep” but I don’t think I was touching her cervix. Thanks for all your help, David Shade.
    P.S. I’m more concerned about the first question.

  65. ali says:

    ok, for me, this is what i do to get a deep spot O (i’m a girl btw) What my man does is start (with 2 fingers) at the very far back wall (behind the cervix). He puts firm pressure on the back wall. Then he moves his fingers with like a “come here action of his fingers tips” like he mentions in the video. But instead of making little “come here action” of his fingers tips, he moves his fingers tips from the back wall, around the cervix and to the front of the cervix, where he mentions the deep spot is at. When he goes around the cervix, he separates his 2 fingers so each finger goes around the cervix. What I’m trying to get at, is its like he’s making a huge “come here” movement, starting at the wall and ending at the deep spot where he talks about in the video.

    My man will do this over and over again until i orgasm. When i have a vaginal orgasm, it is a deep body one (similar to the G spot one) but the only difference is that with this kind of orgasm, my entire vaginal just gets soaked. So he can tell if I am having the O when he feels me soaking his fingers.

    My man never just used the “deep spot” that is mentioned in the video. Sometimes he doesnt need to do the “huge” sweep with his fingers around the cervix, and usually just does the “come here” with the finger tips in the far back wall. He likes to do different things at different times…I guess change is good LOL

    I guess all womens spots are different and that is where my “deep spot” is located or at least makes me have the vaginal O.

    And for all that is having issues for their girls that cant get pass the feeling of peeing when stimulating the G spot, i know how those girls feel. But like he said, have her go to the bathroom before hand that way her brain can’t play tricks on her. And just remind her its not pee and when she feels like she is about to pee, tell her to let go and push (bare down), When a girl feels like she is feeling like she has to pee, shes on the edge of having a G spot O. If you continue stimulating her and she lets go and pushes (bares down), her G will swell up and once her G spots swells (i read that sometimes the G spot size will swell up from a pea size on up to a walnut size…mine is the size of a walnut shell) you can then push on that G spot and get her to G spot O.

    If any girl is having “issues” with any orgasm, its probably due to multiple reasons: illness, medication, non feeling aroused or not getting aroused enough. I know (for me) when I’m on meds (i.e. pain killers like perc’s or vic’s) I wont get an O, or if I’m not feeling well or not having been stimulated enough. So don’t get upset or frustrated if you or the girl can’t reach the O because it might not be cause you can’t find it, it could be reason above that i just mentioned (like being on meds,etc). I heard that a girls brain is a huge part in this, so she needs to have a clear mind and be “in-tuned” with whats going on. and also when she is trying too hard, it wont happen either…so let it takes its course with time and a lot of foreplay to get the mood right.

    It took me awhile to realize I could have all these O’s in all these different places. So with time, in the right setting of the mind and being comfortable with the person your with (thats a important factor) a girl can reach O with many different ways.

    I hope I have helped and good luck! :)

  66. cashmira says:

    Reply to Brud182…she will feel like she has to pee but trust me if she rides it through she wont be peeing but squirting which is a very very pleasurable feeling!!

  67. smoove says:

    hey david , when you use the deep spot technique , can she orgasm during intercourse in the same session ?

  68. David Shade says:

    @smoove, Absolutely she can. My program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms” shows you exactly how to make her multi-orgasmic, both clitorally and vaginally.

  69. smoove says:

    so when i do it the first time and she responds well i dont necessarily have to wait a day or so for her to orgasm during intercourse ?

  70. michael says:

    REPLY TO ALI do you find it easy to clit orgasm…my gets the feeling to pee when i stimulate her g-spot

  71. jeff says:

    deep spot = 3.5 to 4 inches in right?

    my middle finger is only 3 inches long from the base to the tip…

    My wife doesnt want to feel like she is having a gynocolgist exam with my hand pressed hard rammed against her as I try and reach it with my finger as deep as possible.

    I can reach the deep spot with my cock (6 3/8 inches) but not my finger….any suggestions for how I can finger massage it?

    Would a finger vibrator help? not only to reach it but would it add pleasure to the massaging the deep spot?

    Also… OK I get that it is about 3.5 inches in…. but as you look down on a womans abs… is the deep spot in the middle or to either the left side or to the right side?

  72. Will says:

    Tried this technique recently with my girlfriend and she went wild. She was writhing and moaning and pushing against me. It was awesome. She commented on never having a deep orgasm like that before.

  73. neil says:

    hi david, my wife has never experienced a vaginal orgasm. she can have cliteral orgasms, no problem. during intercoarse with me on top and her legs back she will stop me because she feels as if she is going to pee. my question is, will she acually pee or is it just a feeling prior to orgasm. and any other advise would be great. thanks.

  74. David Shade says:

    When she feels she is going to pee, that means she is about to orgasm and ejaculate. Go for it! Then she will finally have a vaginal orgasm in intercourse. You have to get her over her hesitation, and you have to get vaginal orgasms in intercourse working.

  75. Jared says:

    Is an external orgasm more of a physical technique or a voice technique?

  76. Michele says:

    Hey David, I’m new to your site but I just seen the video of the deep spot and I can’t wait to try….

  77. to David says:

    tried the method and works like a charm need plastic sheets and a snorkel wow talk about wet and she went to bathroom prior. Shed thinks clitoral orgaism is more intense and I guess I want to focus on them for her. Even though she came over and over to her she said it just felt like she was peeing on the gspot tech. Any tips?

  78. to David says:

    I am pretty good and patient in foreplay but I have two ladies that don’t seem to cummm clitorally easily. Believe me I use words, techniques, lube, tongue and they get so close but don’t let go. I am trying to find a good hypnotic script that will help me in that area but can’t figure out which one to purchase and one that works.

  79. Will the Deep Spot technique work if the woman has had a hysterectomy?

  80. jamie says:

    I have given my wife multiple clitoral, g-spot/squirting orgasms, often in the same session. Can I throw a deep spot in there without it hindering her ability to have the others? Also, my wife is 4.5 months pregnant. Is it safe for baby? I have heard rumors that even the G-spot should be avoided during pregnancy, but I haven’t found enough compelling and trustworthy information to quit yet.

  81. Matt says:


    my girl and I have been dating for two months now. She never had an orgasm with me. She is able to have a clitoral one she says, however last night we tried the deep spot technique for the first time. She responded to it well but for some reason she couldn’t come. She says it’s like the pleasure gets to a certain intensity and then cannot go beyond it. Does it take a lot of foreplay, cause we used some but maybe not enough or is it some other matter, cause it certainly is very pleasurable for her but we seem to be unable to go any further with it. Then at some point she says she feels like she’s going to pee but then nothing happens… Thanks for all the help,


  82. hello David, I can not properly receive any of your videos as it is the same with Deep Spot Orgasm video,

    thanks Dr. John

  83. kieran says:

    h dave i have been getting your free e-mails for a while now and i have recently met a girl on the internet but i was wondering how to go about pleasing her with a deep spot orgams when i do not know her anatomy as well as i did my last grilfriend and in addition to ths what should it feel like when stimulating her …raseberries as you call it is it rough or is it smooth with a lumpy texture, any advice for a novice who has been out of the sex race for a while thanks dave

  84. DOCTOR says:


  85. zul says:

    David, if she wants to pee and man let she go to pee in toilet and she back to bedroom later , did she will archiving an orgasm when stimulation is continue ?

  86. Chuck says:

    I have had the same problems with some women and the g-spot, making me stop because they feel like they are about to pee. Trust is an issue. I have always said ‘who cares if you pee’, but believe me, you won’t. I recently started seeing a 58 year old woman who had never had a g-spot orgasm or anal orgasm before I did them to her, and being multi-orgasmic, she swore I gave her at least 100 orgasm throughout the night. All of them that I knew how to do. She comes clitorally just from playing with her nipples too. But am going to try the deep spot next. Believe me when it comes to the g-spot, it is an incredible orgasm for women, they just have to trust you and make them understand they won’t pee, and they will be screaming your name all night. My wife never would get past the point of the pee feeling, her loss. Other women I see have and had incredible orgasms. And some squirt like a hose. This one 58 year old said I was the most sensual and erotic man she’d ever been with in her entire life. I just can’t understand men who won’t bother to learn all the many ways you can pleasure a woman, cause I love doing it. I played with this woman for 9 hours straight, and in return, get the most incredible mind blowing orgasms from her blowjobs that I have ever had in my life, no matter how I came in the past, and did many 3 somes with 2 bi-chicks too. In order to be the best lover a man can be, you have to read, learn, be gentle, gain their trust, reassure them, and do it. They’ll never forget you or ever want to let you go. And if you don’t know how to do good oral, you shouldn’t even be with a woman. And I’ve given clitoral orgasms from doing oral on their assholes, the clitoral nerves go all the way back there, it sometimes is just a mind thing for a woman to get past, and also vaginal type orgasms with your finger in their ass too. Thanks David.

  87. Dean says:

    Hi, I jsut bought your book on The Secrets of Female sexuality. Found it to be a wounderfully informative reading,in that being said i found some of my ways of thinking were completly backwards. Your information on dirty talk and the deep spot have worked wounders in my relationship. I was amazed on the results on the reaction i got from my girl freind with the deep spot method thank you for opening my eyes. Dean

  88. mike says:

    If you haven’t yet found or shown your women what it feels like to feel the DEEP Spot you and her are missing something very special. She will go through the roof, she will leave a very noticeable wet spot on the bed or in your hand. I have even had some squirt lots all over my arm and bed.. its truly amazing they will be begging for more i promise..

  89. Jesper says:

    I wanted to share my first application of your principles, it wasn’t that crisp an execution, but hey, I hadn’t yet realized that thing with the clitoral dependency, and, well, sometimes you kinda have to see something works before you believe someone. Also, I think it’s OK to get a true story that isn’t perfect.

    A little background. I dug myself into a hole recently which culminated in a huge fight couple of weeks ago with my wife through many years. Huge blunders on my part. Entirely one-sided idiocy, and I took such a deserved, unilateral beating. I needed rescue and turned to you. So I chiseled the 4 things a woman needs into my mind and just started at the bottom and worked my way up. I was in a position of impossible odds and nothing to lose. You know what: it felt good doing the 3 pre-conditions for a succesful relationship, still does. Love the woman.

    When The Day finally came last Saturday I planned on doing either the Welcomed method or the Deep Spot. So we started fooling around and all was good until she screwed up my initial plan by being so horny already that she went down on me first. That usually doesn’t happen unless there’s been more sex (foreplay). I can only conclude she was extra horny from the first three things that I had devoted my days to giving her since the quarrel.

    However, I let her do it because my experience tells me she gets so horny from giving oral(!), and it also allowed me to dirty talk so very much. Gave the volume and extra inch on the dirty talk. Could hear her gasping with exitement when I said the right bad things. Already there was my first “Oh … My … God”-moment. Couldn’t believe it. Loved her response.

    After the lovely oral I ended up mostly doing the Deep Spot on her and it was going real nice. I wavered a little strategy-wise and made a bit of a mistake, because I could hear she was close and I told her to come for me. I know, should’ve stuck to the plan, but at that moment something unprecedented happened. She literally commanded me to lick her – she’s said things like that before but never in that tone. Then she came and it was a powerful orgasm. Just shy of screaming W O, but it was good.

    Then we cuddled for a couple of minutes, lovely pillow talk, and I let her catch her breath while enjoying her varm embrace. Then we went on to intercourse and I gotta say that was the most slippery welcome I’ve had in a very long time.

    I admit, it got a bit hazy after that point, but she enjoyed it a lot and she might have come a second time. Can’t for the death of me tell with certainly. I said it got hazy at that time :)

    The bonus part was that I definitely had a wild, screaming orgasm (and I’m the man!). I was floored. This stuff goes both ways! Been smiling to myself the last couple of days muttering “oh wow” to myself.

    Anyway, I can’t remember when we had sex like that to times in a row. Yet we just did.

    OK, not “perfect”, but when the family had dinner my wife wanted to make a toast due to her New Year’s resolution where she’d decided to toast and be grateful about one thing each and every day (a good, scientific way to increased happiness, by the way). When the kid left in the middle of it to go to the bathroom my wife said that “well, there is one thing I could toast to … wink wink.”

    Honestly, I was blown away just from that. When had that ever happened?! Holy … wow!

    Sunday evening we were at it again. No details this time, but she tends to be a bit worried and tired, trying to prepare mentally for next week, and she said “OK, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be as wild as yesterday”. After we enjoyed each other, bit less ambitiously than on Saturday, she said: “I’m really impressed you managed to turn me on again like that, two times in a weekend, what’s happening?”

    And I’m just a neophyte :)

    Thanks, David.

  90. Daniel says:

    Hi David I was wondering… will you make a video of how to stimulate the back of the deep spot? I must your work is awesome. I am in the processes of getting my life together and I can’t wait to try those secret weapons of horny destruction ;). Oh and are you going to put up a link to download the deep spot video? I would appreciate it very much.

  91. David says:

    Hello Mr. Shade, I have never let my gf come on the deepspot. But when I massage it it feels really good for her nevertheless. I always trim my nails very well before I go there but still she has complaints. (well OK I know you are not a doctor :))

    But my gf has a very strange thing. When I rub her clit and make her come. She does not get overly sensitive, today I gave her deep spot and g spot a thorough massage. And afterwards she said it was too painful inside. So I finished her outside. And she just had orgasm. Then after 10 seconds, i can softly massage her clit again. And make her come within 30 seconds. The second time she ejaculated. And so on to orgasm number 16 (all were ejaculate, I am talking wet wet wet towels here) I finished at orgasm 20.

    I am so boggled, because you tell the big advantage of the deep spot is this multiple thing. But my gf can do it with her clit. I hope it is my fingering technique (that means it will work on more girls :)) but I am skeptical and think it is only with her.

    To finish with the deep spot (pun intended) I never gave an orgasm using the deep spot. should I press harder and faster? Or isn’t there any secret?

    And by the way, Mr. Shade, you are a real hero.

  92. Benjamin says:

    Dave please i have an issue here my GF don’t always allow me to use my hands on her. and secondly she dont like using different position when i try she say no. pls tel me how to get her respond to sex just as i want it. pleas help i dont want to lose her to any man. thanks.

  93. Chuck says:

    Well David, after watching your Deep Spot Video I finally tried it and have been doing it to a girlfriend ever since. Thank you, as I knew of it, but the video gave me the confidence to where exactly I would find it, and find it I did. I have given multiple ones to her ever since. She has claimed they feel like a total body orgasm, feels like she is high, and also at times almost feels like an out of body experience. And actually gets light headed at times after having them. Often give her a number of them to the point where she gets so excited she begs me to stop so she can catch her breath. But I know she enjoys them like crazy, screaming my name over and over. And tells me I am the most amazing lover she has ever had. And with your advice I have become that man. Thank you David!

  94. Crystal says:

    As a highly sexual woman, I looove this video, and I now make a point of sharing it with any potential sex partner as early on in our relationship as possible because when done properly, it’s guaranteed to make me cum hard and sets the stage for really hot hard fucking sex play in any form afterward. Thank you David Shade, for this! It has revolutionized my sex life!

  95. stephen says:

    Waooo! it real worked to my GF she really screamed to death,i need another technique to perfect much on her.i love her soo much.Thanks Dave.

  96. Taryn says:

    If she feels like sqhe’s gonna pee that means she’s going to squirt. Tell her to empty her bladder beforehand then she will know for sure it’s ejaculate.

  97. francis says:

    My wife doesnt just enjoy making love with me and she easily gets frustrated and at times yels at me when we are making love could it be that she doesnt enjoy it and how best can i do for her to enjoy me more? i love her so much and wouldt want to loose her for this.

  98. Amy says:

    Can a deep spot orgasm be achieved with a toy while masturbating?

  99. Larry K Lawson says:

    this was great i have not given a woman this you get 5 star

  100. Daniel says:

    Hi David… can you please make this video downloadable, becuase I can’t go on the internet too often. I would really appreciate this very much. Thank you and keep on the good work

  101. Adam says:

    Approximately how long on average will it take for her to Orgasm? 1 minute? 5 Minutes?

  102. Devi Ward says:

    Great video, except..Astro-glide is a highly toxic product. I can’t believe you are suggesting that people use a lubricant with petroleum by-products in their highly porous and sensitive genitals. Product like these congest the genital tissue, and lead to desensitization and the need for more and more synthetic lubrication.
    The method you teach is valid and useful…please find a healthy product to endorse, or at least do some research regarding the product!

  103. David Shade says:

    Astroglide is not petroleum based. It is glycerin based (natural glycerin, not synthetic glycerin.) There have been many studies reporting various findings about various lubricants, and each person is invited to do their web research and make their decision.

  104. James says:

    Hi David,

    I tried this with to no avail with my current girlfriend. Before me she has never had an orgasm although she has been with many men. I gave her an orgasm on ONE occasion but have been unable to replicate the experience. I have read your books and the material makes sense, and although I am sincere I am not getting any response with your methods. What could be wrong? This girl has high self esteem, has a good relationship with her father and absolutely loves having sex with me… She doesn’t see the point in having orgasms btw… Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  105. alvin says:

    I tried the deepspot with a female friend and it is definitely the first time I have had a woman have an orgasm sointense her eyes rolled back into her head

  106. Daniel says:

    Hi David I am just curious about something….Is it possible to stimulate a woman’s g-spot and deep-spot at the same time? Keep up the good work :)

  107. Rosy says:

    Hey guys
    Iam so desperate to get my man to have me reach that top shelf! I dont think he has ever given a woman an orgasm, and he usually doesn’t last that long due to other things going on. How do i suggest him doing this to me? if we are about to get into it i cant just start talking, takes off the whole mood. I have fantasies of having an orgasm from him…im copletely obsessed with feeling this guy with me, help me help him david?

  108. Hey David

    What is the difference between the deep spot and the back deep spot orgasm? The back deep spot meaning when I have my middle finger in the womans vagina as far as possible but turned downward in the opposite direction. Is the back deep spot more pleasurable than the regular deep spot orgasm or is it the same?

  109. Michael V says:

    Hi David

    I seem to be having the same problem as James – the deep spot doesn’t seem to work on her, lube or no lube. Is there a specific mindset my wife needs to have for this to work? Is it possibly a timing issue?
    If you could point us in the right direction, it would help immensely. As you keep advocating in some of your material, “you MUST make your partner have a vaginal orgasm!”
    Keep up the great work David – you’ve helped allot already! :-)

    Thanks in advance

  110. ian says:

    hi david i could not view the video, could you re-send it please.

  111. Daniel says:

    Have you tried Having phone sex with her?… It would at least put her in the mind set that she can have an orgasm with you and can’t wait for those imaginary juicy details to come to life.

  112. Can we do the deep spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time??
    I plan to these technique tonight for the first time with my partner.

  113. Bo says:

    Nice article, refreshing webpage style, continue the great work

  114. Matt says:

    Nice Article. A question though, how far is this spot away from the g spot? I’m asking because for someone with shorter fingers, what can one do?

  115. John says:

    It would be very useful if you mention the common mistakes that men do trying the ‘deep spot’ method. I tried it with my gf few times both at the front & back end. She responded, but she says that the pleasure gets less intense with time no matter how differently I do it…
    Thank you

  116. Brandi says:

    My husband has been trying to help me a achieve a vaginal orgasm (which by the way I had no idea about!) for a few nights now without any success. I do have clitoral orgasms, but really want to achieve the full body ones!!!! He has tried many techniques, positions and toys…….what are we doing wrong???? Please help!!!!!

  117. Alejandro says:

    My girlfriend had orgasms before me, with other men in her life, but when I do her the deep spot, she enjoys it a LOT, but when she is about to have an orgasms, she STOPS me, really really stops me, she just closses herself, I already told her to trust me, but, I dont know exactly what to do! PLEASE help me David, this keeps bugging me for days!

  118. BlueSuja says:

    Amy; “Can a deep spot orgasm be achieved with a toy while masturbating?”

    I want to know the answer to this too. I can’t reach with my hands so I have to use a toy.

    For the record I’m clitorally dependent and trying to wean myself of this curse, it is very hard, I get close to achieving my goal but then I have to pee or my arms get too stressed.

    I really don’t want to become dependent on a man to do this, I already have to put up with clitoral dependency which is horrible. There must be a way.

  119. chris says:

    how long dose ur finger have to be

  120. tommy says:


  121. if the g-spot and clitoris are already aroused is it still good to use the deep spot move? or should the deep spot move be started with?

  122. Abdi says:

    Hey David Shade

    As a warm up can I lick the clitoris and also give her a deep spot orgasm at the same time? will that make her orgasm much quicker and more intense then doing deep spot and welcome method separately?

  123. Nathan Toma says:

    excellent video, need more especially on clitoral orgasm

  124. Jenny says:

    Your “only date women with high-self esteem method” is ridiculous. MOST women have low self-esteem. Does someone who has low self esteem from trauma not “deserve” sexual pleasure? I am highly offended and think that you are no “sex expert” by any means. If your methods are as successful as you think they are, then you would be encouraging ways to help all women experience these types of orgasms, not just the ones who are “mentally healthy”, the ones who “deserve’ pleasure. You disgust me.

  125. David Shade says:

    Thank you for commenting at my blog. I appreciate your participation.

    > Your “only date women with high-self esteem method”
    > is ridiculous. MOST women have low self-esteem.

    You don’t have much confidence in women. Most women have a pretty good self-esteem.

    > Does someone who has low self esteem from trauma
    > not “deserve” sexual pleasure?

    Who is to say anybody deserves pleasure or not? Only the person can make that judgement for themselves.

    > I am highly offended and think that you are
    > no “sex expert” by any means. If your methods
    > are as successful as you think they are, then
    > you would be encouraging ways to help all
    > women experience these types of orgasms,

    I often help women to find their way to pleasure and happiness. I even have a program for women to help them in that aim by helping women select men who will be right for them and treat them with respect. We have also given complimentary non-expiring access into our VIP Inner Circle online forum where they are enjoying discussing with other women and with my male clients. It is a very understanding and nurturing atmosphere.

    > not just the ones who are “mentally healthy”,
    > the ones who “deserve’ pleasure.

    Again, no one can judge if another person deserves pleasure. Only the person can make that judgement for themselves.

    > You disgust me.

    I can’t please everybody.


  126. Denise says:

    Is there a way I can stimulate my deep spot myself? I kind of want to surprise my boyfriend with a vaginal orgasm.

  127. John says:

    Hi. I am a Scandinavian living in Asia with an Asian wife. Our age is 60 and 58. For a few years we have had much fun with the g-spot orgasm, which we
    thought was the ultimate orgasm a women could get

    For quite a while I have known about the squirting / a spot / deep spot orgasm, but had actually never really understood how it worked. Thought it was a hoax or something like that

    Last week my wife came back from a ten-day trip to Japan and I decided it was time to try out the deep spot technique. I told my wife what I was going to do and along we went

    First I gave her a g-spot orgasm – she does not need clitoral stimulation first to be “pumped” up. After that I tried out the a spot – deep spot technique. After a short while she got another orgasm with a fine squirt that hit my finger like a flood

    I asked her what she thought about the deep spot orgasm, and she said, that this was the VERY best orgasm she has ever had – and more to this – the orgasm actually continued to last 2 hours (correct, two hours). It stopped only when she went for a shower

    However, the technique she now prefer is massage/stimulation with my finger doing “circles” instead of the above technique – just thought I would let you know – maybe somebody could try different techniques, each women may like a different way of stimulation

    Good luck to all – do try it out – it is really powerful – my wife told me that she want to marry me one more time, so she has two marriage certificates on me …. (ha ha, that was a joke)

  128. Yoann says:

    David, thanks a lot for the video. I’m one of your client. I’m giving incredible orgasms to women using the G-spot. They react quickly to it. However I have a challenge with the deep-spot technique: they don’t show any signs of pleasure, so I stop. My middle finger is only 3,1 inches long. In Give Women Wildest Orgasms you wroted that the deep-spot is about 3,5 to 4 inches inside the vagina. Do you have any solution? I really would like to give better orgasms to my girlfriend! Thanks a lot, and I would be happy to give you a testimonial.

  129. oswald says:

    Isn’t that what an erect hard penis do when at controlled thrusting, deep in and out of the vagina?

  130. rachel t says:

    My husband and I are pregnant with our first child, before pregnancy I had amazing deep spot orgasms but now, I am afraid if he goes too deep or pushes on my pelvic area he might hurt the baby. I need to know for sure is it safe to have sex and orgasms the way we used to without hurting our baby? Please Reply soon my hormones aren’t making the lack of orgasms any easier! lol

  131. David Shade says:

    Hi Rachel T,
    I am not a doctor, and thus cannot give you medical advice. Please check with your doctor. He has probably had the same question asked of him many times before. Personally, I know a number of women who have enjoyed an active and fulfilling sex life right up until the day before delivery. But that is NOT medical advice to you. You have to ask your doctor.
    Congratulations to you!

  132. Nnobadi says:

    My girlfriend has a tilted cervix. How do I stimulate the deep spot without hurting her?

  133. Mona says:

    Hi David,
    I was wondering, is there any way that a woman may stimulate the ”deep spot’ ‘ on her own? I’ve only ever experienced vaginal orgasms while on illicit substances in my early adulthood. Of course, I dont use those anymore, and I haven’t been able to orgasm since, unless I touch myself. any tips?

  134. Sonya G says:

    Stumbled on this article. First off guys, dont be fooled by this fake info. I’am a woman and yes there is a deep spot that feels great and can create some nice orgasms. But the truth is, you absolutely cannot reach it with your fingers. And most normal women really dont want you poking around down there with your fingers like some mad man trying to find gold. Rubbing the goods is fine, but no finger poking! Thats only for porn actors. The only real way to reach this deep spot is with your penis. If your only the smaller side, reaching this spot will be very difficult if not impossible, sorry :( Thats the hard truth. Average size guys however can teach it just fine. Guys with huge penises sometimes dig a little too deep and that can be painful. And remember that every woman is different. Dont listen to this crap. Enjoy your sex, and be open minded. And dont copy what you see on porn. Thats for show.

  135. Ladd D says:

    This is a reply to Sonya G. I am a client of David Shade myself (I have purchased, The Secrets to Female Sexuality, Cure Nice Guy, Give Wild Screaming Orgasms and Hot Phone Sex.) and at first I also disagreed with the whole concept of fingering and phone sex and such things like this because I figured that just put her in certain sexual position and it would do the trick. But I have decided to learn the facts about orgasms and women’s pleasure in which I am total believer of. Basically my pleasure is in pleasing my woman. I have been enlightened not just from David Shade only, but from others as well as medical books. But it was ultimately through David Shade’s materials and teaching that I have gotten a complete story that puts everything I else I have learn into prospective. Not just orgasms but sexuality in general. No doubt David Shade is the real deal!!!!!!

    For starters I agree that porn is a very very bad place to learn sex and sexuality (visit Shelley Lubben Website!). Period! In fact throughout the years I have developed bad views from watching a lot of porn.

    Secondly the Deep Spot is all the way in back of the vagina on the front wall around the cervix. The deep spot is about 3 ½ to 4 inches in the front wall of the vagina, if fact it is called the deep spot because it is deeper than the G-Spot (which about 2 inches in the front wall.) So you CAN actually reach the Deep Spot with your fingers and penis, if you know what to look for and how to position yourself. (I hope you viewed the David Shade Deep Spot Video!)

    Lastly, with the right guy who is a leader, educated, and have the passion to please, he can show you (Like Me ;). Overall remember babe, female sexuality is mental, knowledge is power and vaginal orgasms in intercourse is our main priority.

  136. chuckie says:

    Sonya G need to meet up with a MASTER LOVER like me!!!

  137. Lee S says:


    Is the Deep Spot ALWAYS approx. 4 inches inside the vagina, or is it deeper in certain ladies?

    Also, I understand that the vagina can expand when aroused. Would this mean that the Deep Spot would go deeper and become harder to reach?? Or does it remain the same?

    Also, is there a specific feel to the Deep Spot, similar to how the G Spot is distinctive of the raspberry texture?

    Many thanks

  138. I guess I am a little older than your Young Studs but the women I date find experimenting very exciting. The same old thing is now not what they crave.

  139. Franco says:

    I take it that the penis is also adequate for stimulating the deep-spot (given it can reach)?

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