Far too many men suffer from performance issues. They either can’t get it up or they come too early.

Has that ever happened to you?

The big pharmaceuticals love that you have erectile disfunction and are happy making billions of dollars selling you pills.

The porn sites love that you have premature ejaculation and are happy
making millions of dollars selling you distractions.

Well in my work teaching men how to be Masterful Lovers, my clients issues with performance issues disappeared.

And since there are so many men who suffer from performance issues, I decided to put all my secrets together into one program.

I call it “Sexual Power”.

Here is what Eric from Pittsburgh had to say:

“I used to have performance issues with my ex-wife. She never
had an orgasm with me during our 6 years together, even though
she was easily able to have them by herself.

She used to call me her “minute man” because intercourse
rarely lasted longer than 1-2 minutes. There were times when
it lasted 30 seconds or less!

I learned about Masterful Lover about 1 year ago, and my
current girlfriend is the first girl with which I have had
plenty of time (3 months) to practice these new concepts.

With my current girlfriend, I do not have this problem. I now
last longer during intercourse, and she comes every time that
we have sex. Sometimes, I have to focus on coming because
otherwise I feel like I can last all night.

My girlfriend constantly tells me that “I make her so horny”
and “I get her so excited”, and I love hearing that from her!

Anyways, I love your programs and they have truly changed my
life and my confidence with women.”

This is from Ken in Denver:

“After being a loner in my early twenties, I finally had
blossomed and was dating girls I liked and having sex with
them. The shitty thing was once we slept together, they’d stop
returning my calls.

I knew I had a premature ejaculation problem.

I’d last 2 or 3 minutes and when I blew my load early I could
tell they thought I was a loser. That’s when I bought your
material and made sure I applied it. The next girl I was with
? one I REALLY liked – was a different story.

I was way more comfortable, and I lasted a lot longer. In fact
she was a screamer and came so hard she passed out! She knew
she’d get off multiple times and I no longer felt this intense
pressure. I could just relax and enjoy the experience of
bonding with her and being with her.

Eventually I got so good at these methods that I could control
when I came! ?The best night ever was when SHE came about 30
seconds after we started having sex. She was like “Oh, oh no!
Oh… I’m sorry, I’m coming… sorry!

SHE was the one who had a premature orgasm! How cool is that?
I hope other people listen to you because honestly, sex is so
much more fulfilling once you have this stuff down.”

And here’s an email from a woman in Texas:

I would love this book for a Valentine gift for my man.
Is your “Sexual Power” available in book stores near
Thank you,

Is Laura frustrated with her man’s performance?

Don’t let me hear from your woman!

My book is an instant download, and it’s only available from my website at this link:

Sexual Power <– Get it here

Results may vary from person to person. There are no claims about guaranteed results.

Get it up and keep it up and…
Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



Brad P Pickup Mansion

As you know, I’ve spent a year and a half in the Brad P Pickup Mansion in Hollywood. Well I just came back to the Mansion to spend another year. And one of the rooms is available!

The Mansion is a program in which students move into this huge house in the hills overlooking Hollywood and get intensive training for one full year.

Brad and the coaches are great. They know what they’re talking about, they see exactly what we’re doing wrong, they know how to fix it, and we all get better all the time. And these coaches have skills that are phenomenal. I regularly see them do their magic.

As for Brad P himself, he has been rated in the pickup community as the best pick up artist in the world. I am out in the field with him on a regular basis watching him work, and he is a Jedi Master.

And I have met many of the women he dates. They are absolutely stunning. Drop dead gorgeous. As you know, women in LA are beautiful. Well Brad’s girlfriends are at the top.

I’ve gamed with all the biggest artists, and I can tell you that Brad P is easily the best pickup artist in the world. And more than that, he’s the best coach. By far!

Plus, he’s a man of integrity. I’ve had many business transactions with him in the tens of thousands of dollars, and I’ve never had to sign a contract with him. It’s all on a handshake. I trust him fully. I can personally vouch for him.

And in the Mansion, there is one last room available! Get it while it’s still available! Learn all about the mansion by viewing this video:

Video of Hollywood hotties naked in the hot tub at the Mansion! <— Click Here

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



I recently interviewed one of my clients. He went from a sex-less marriage and his wife cheating on him – to now having a young hot young woman who wants sex from him all the time.

He was married for 7 years. His wife seemed to be perfect for him. He was a nice guy and thought he was doing the right things.

But the sex became less and less frequent. Then it became rare. Then she cheated on him.

In this interview he shared what he did wrong. He sees it clearly now as he looks back.

After the divorce he spent hundreds of dollars on worthless relationship books.

Then he learned about Masterful Lover. Then his entire life changed. He became empowered. He had all the power.

Then a woman he had known for many years noticed that he was completely different and she pursued him.

He started an exciting relationship with her.

With his new power, she became highly orgasmic and she wanted sex from him all the time.

His relationship with her proved that women love sex, and when the sex is good, women want sex all the time.

And then his ex-wife wanted him back. But he didn’t want her anymore! Life had become so much more fun.

And finally, a young and very hot woman in his social circle started pursuing him. She’s 23. He’s 40.

Before she met him, she never had a vaginal orgasm and never had an orgasm with a man.

But he gave her all sorts of orgasms right away, including vaginal orgasms in intercourse!

Now she can’t get it enough. She wants it all the time!

In this interview my client revealed:

  • The mindset a man must have to be successful and why women are so drawn to it
  • The most powerful thing you can do that will make a woman crave sex all the time
  • The one secret about women that changes everything for a man

This interview will be emailed to all VIP Inner Circle members on February 1, 2014.

To get this interview, join my VIP Inner Circle before this Friday night, January 31, 2014, at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Join here now:


Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade



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