Who else wants the secret to non-stop sex?

How To Get Your Woman
To Beg You For Wild, Kinky,
Rip-Up-The-Sheets SEX Every Day!

"It's Like Having Your Own Personal Nymphomaniac!"

From: David Shade

Dear Friend,

One of the most common questions I get goes like this...

"David, your stuff is great! My woman tells me I'm the best lover she's ever had. But I can't seem to get her to do the really wild stuff like you do. What am I missing???"

As I thought about it, I realized out of all the men around the world I have helped in the last decade, only a handful of them get their women to the point where they will do almost anything sexually taboo like threesomes or acting out their wildest fantasies.

This really bothered me. I know my stuff works, and at least a some guys are living a sexual lifestyle that would make a rock star jealous. On the other hand, I want ALL my clients to have this kind of wild sex!

Add to this the fact that every year I receive over 9,000 emails, letters, and phone calls from men and women asking me to help them have better sex and more exciting relationships. I'm telling you this because it didn't take me long to notice something very important...

Both Men AND Women
Have Fantasies About

My point... They both want the same damn thing!

Now, this might not be news to you, but I can tell you from my experience, most guys don't think women want sex and they couldn't be more wrong.

Women are frustrated! Women want hot sex, yet it rarely happens. And it's not just women... the majority of people are unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Otherwise sex wouldn't be the #1 topic searched for on the Internet, and my inbox wouldn't be overflowing with requests for help on a daily basis.

Here is a small sample of emails I get almost every day from frustrated women. (Note: names withheld for privacy reasons. Originals on file and available upon request.)


How do you tell a guy, without hurting his ego, that he needs to learn how to please you sexually? Been dating this great guy for a couple of months and love to be with him but he doesn't seem to have any idea of how to please a woman except through intercourse.

I know it's a sensitive subject so do you have any suggestions on how to tactfully tell him to study up on sex techniques?




My boyfriend doesn't want sex as much as me. And when he does he wants to "make love" where as I want to be "fucked like a slut"! I want to fuck every night! As often as possible! He wants it maybe once a week (if that!)

What is wrong with him? I'm worried that I'm going to cheat on him. I love him and everything else in our relationship is great. We've been together for 6 months




I've been with my man for nearly two years. When it comes to our lovemaking, he is very quick. There is no foreplay before and after. I'm not able to take much more of this I'm at my wits end and with no clue as to what to do, please help!




How do I get my lover to get kinky with me, he has professed that he is scared of hurting me. But I NEED that kinky stuff!


So I had to ask myself, how is it that if both men and women constantly fantasize about wildly exciting sex... it rarely happens?

Here's what I've figured out over time, men and women each have a unique set of problems which get in the way of having great sex. The sad thing is, these are problems which are easily solved once you know what to do.

What Blocks Men From Having Wild Kinky Sex: What Blocks Women From Having Wild Kinky Sex:

Like you saw above, women want sex. And I've got news for you... women are much more sexual than men. Fact is, they are highly sexual creatures who have been having deep, dark erotic fantasies starting way back when boys her age were more concerned with comic books and Hot Wheels cars.

Women LOVE to fantasize and dream about steamy sexual encounters. This is why romance novels as a category outsell all other books year after year.

But with very rare exceptions, most women never act on their fantasies. Why you ask? For the simple reason they can't find a man who they can trust to be secure enough to not freak out when she let's herself go wild. She fears he will think she is a SLUT!

Every woman secretly desires to be 'slutty' with her man,
but no woman wants to be labeled a 'slut'.
Big freaking difference!

Do you know how to unleash her deepest sexual desires?

Thus most women keep their true sexual nature locked up, hidden away. All the while she's hoping and dreaming of meeting a man who can lead her in the bedroom so she can surrender and let go.

And most men, having been culturally trained to be 'nice' to women, can't get past their own social conditioning to be enough of a 'bad boy' in the bedroom to get her to let her 'inner slut' out.

Bluntly this results in a lot of sexual frustration for men and women, and it sucks!

Now, I understand that it's easy to be skeptical. Our culture bombards us with the message that 'Good Girls' aren't sexual creatures. Frankly it's a load of horse crap.

But here's the thing, if you don't believe women are sexual... they won't be (for you). Oh, you'll find women to have sex with, but she won't do much more than 'normal' sex.

All those fantasies you've had about the wild, fun, freaky bedroom gymnastics... they will never happen.

Even more important...

If you don't keep a woman sexually satisfied
she'll dump you like week-old garbage
or even worse... she'll cheat on you!

I learned the hard way, but at least I learned. Some men never get it, and end up with a string of dead-end broken relationships.

Look, I don't expect you to believe me... read these letters. I get these all the time from women. (Names withheld for privacy, all originals on file and available on request)


I have a long term relationship with a man, I'm talking decades here. Just as you describe some men, he is THE most wonderful man to have except for sex. Not only is he a mediocre lover but he has no sex drive either. Needless to say, I've had to look elsewhere for a man that can actually talk me into orgasm very quickly and over and over again. I'm tired of cheating but what can I do to make my man be more interested?




I'm semi-happily married to my husband with whom I share many interests but he lacks any style in the bedroom. He has not been able to bring me to orgasm ever in eleven years of being together.

I have bought toys to help and he actually gets jealous of them. I did tell him I like dirty talk and all the other things I know I like.

I have been chatting with another male friend who sounds like he knows very well how to please a woman and tells me all the things he would do to me. I have been very tempted to be with him but know it's not really going to help my situation at home.

Then sometimes I think having a lover to satisfy my needs on the side is just what I need. This other person is only looking to sexually gratify me, nothing else.

I'm wondering if their is something else I can do to convince my husband to take my subtle clues I need him to be more interested in satisfying me. He does oral for maybe three minutes then wham bam thank you mam.

I'm VERY frustrated all the time!! Help me because I'm soooo tempted to take this other man up on his offer.




I've been with a "man" for the last year and a half.. and the sex has been, well, so so. No foreplay. I have to initiate it all. I have to be the one to talk dirty ALL the time(and EVERYWHERE).

His motto for the last year and a half has been how much he wants to "please" me. Needless to say, it's become very boring, arduous and sometimes painful for lack of foreplay. I've even sent him a copy of this newsletter.. that did not go over big!

Am I right in dumping him?


My point? I want to hammer home that Sexual Satisfaction is extremely important to women! And they will look elsewhere to get it if you don't give it to them. They will leave you, or cheat on you, and worst of all, they will lose respect for you. Any relationship is a lost cause at that point.

But, it doesn't have to be that way. And that's what this is all about. In fact, when you know how, you can get any woman to go so far outside the box of everyday sex, she'll think she's in her own steamy romance novel.

The irony is, what men want most in a sexual relationship has been right in front of you your whole life! Unless you live in a monastery, you are surrounded by women in your daily life. And...

Women secretly fantasize about meeting a man
who knows how to bring out her Wild Sexual Side!

They dream about this stuff all the time. Frankly what women fantasize about with doing with such a man would shock you!

Like I said earlier, the problem is you don't know how to bring it out of her. And here's the thing... it's not your fault. How do I know? Simple, I was the same way for many years.

I was in my mid 30's and had to go through a painful divorce to shake me up enough to discover the truth about female sexuality.

My first big clue... my wife left me to have sex with a 'bad boy'! (Truth is, the guy did me a huge favor. Because of him I got out of a marriage that wasn't right for me)

That was the kick-in-the-pants I needed, and I set out to learn all I could about women, relationships, and sexual pleasure so I would never have to go through something that painful again. Over 17 years of research and experimentation with all things sexual between a man and a woman, and 12 years of teaching men how to give women incredible pleasure.

I dedicated the last few years to working out a way to solve the bigger problem of how to get men and women together to enjoy their mutual sexual fantasies, no matter how kinky...

Of how any man can lead any woman to open up sexually and do ANYTHING in the bedroom...

Of how fantasies can become real in the context of a relationship, fantasies like threesomes, anal sex, BDSM, swinging, and more.

I have now created a system to make this happen. I call it...

Satisfy her sexual desires and she
will return the pleasure with such
enthusiasm, it will make you blush!

The Bring Out Her
Inner Slut System

I spent the last 3 1/2 years working on a way for men to bring out the inner slut inside EVERY woman, to turn her into the wild uninhibited sexual creature she craves to be and you fantasize about.

I wanted to come up with a way to have men get what they want and women get what they want. A foolproof system that would lead to a powerful and exciting sexual relationship. The kind of breathtaking relationship very few people ever experience in a lifetime.

I first introduced these new methods at an intimate seminar in Tampa with some of my top clients. I wanted them to field test it before I released it. The success stories I got back were awesome, and what's really cool is how fast they came in.

This BOHIS System has two key components...

Bring Out Her Inner Slut Manual:

This is must-reading for any man who seriously hungers to understand what women want from a man sexually (but will never, ever tell you)

You'll find a detailed breakdown of women' hidden sexual desires... their most secret steamy romantic cravings... plus an uncensored guide to their physical and emotional 'hot buttons'.

Everything in the BOHIS System is designed to give you an almost unfair sexual advantage with women!

This is exactly the kind of "Sexuality & Relationship Manual" women have been secretly praying you would discover.

The secrets revealed here will have an immediate and dramatic impact on your life -- giving you a simple and easy way to finally understand what's going on deep inside a woman's mind.


Guaranteeing that your life is filled with
intense sexual pleasure and white-hot passion!

Any woman who becomes your lover will be astonished at how you satisfy her unspoken needs. (She'll think you are reading her mind) You'll instantly become the "dream guy" she's always longed for.

Plus, you will finally know how to consistently satisfy a woman's deepest sexual needs, while she returns the pleasure with a intensity that will both surprise and delight you!

Let me warn you up front about one thing... there are sex acts described in this manual which will likely go beyond the boundaries of your own fantasies. In other words... outside of your comfort zone.

How far you want to go is up to you. I have clients who have requested the super kinky stuff because in their relationship they are ready for it.

I'm telling you this because I've held NOTHING back.

* Taboo * * Spanking * * Constraints * * FMF Threesomes * * BDSM *

* Play Parties * * Sex In Public * * Swinging * * Strap Ons *

* Erotic Photos * * Role Play ** MFM Threesomes * * Home Made Porn *

* Domination * * Sex Toys * * Role Play * * And More!*

IT'S ALL IN THIS SYSTEM! With explicitly detailed step-by-step instructions on how you can lead your woman into having these Wild & Kinky experiences... with you!

Plus I'll tell you what to expect in these new situations and how to deal with it so you can seem like a 'pro'. Your woman will follow you as long as you are confident, dominant, and lead the way. This will allow her to feel safe and excited at the same time.


This stuff is LETHAL. Your woman is going become wildly crazy about you. She is going to fall madly in love with you. You and her are going to have an amazingly exciting and successful relationship.

It works.

It's powerful.

Any guy can do it.

Women LOVE IT!


The Bring Out Her Inner Slut Seminar:

This was a special event attended by my advanced clients. Men traveled from as far away as Italy, Hawaii, and Dubai to attend.

It was the first time I laid out the major elements of how to bring out a woman's Inner slut. It was a chance for me to present this information to a group of men and couples who already had the core fundamentals of being a masterful lover and who would instantly be able to put what I taught into action.

I recorded that seminar and the audio of me explaining this revolutionary system is available to you for the first time as part of the Bring Out Her Inner Slut program. You'll also get the full printed transcripts so you can read along and make notes.

I'm including it as part of the system for two reasons, first you'll get audio recordings of the seminar so you can listen while you are in your car, on airplanes, or commuting to work.

Second, there were many questions asked and answered that day. Chances are these are the same questions you will have after reading the system manual, so you'll find them answered here.

Here's what you'll discover in the complete Bring Out Her Inner Slut system:


I wanted to make sure there is no stone left unturned for you. Like I said... foolproof system if you follow it. Here's a letter I got from one of the men who attended, about a week after the seminar.

Inner Slut


Thank you for doing this product, Bringing Out Her Inner Slut, because I think that's actually allowing women to be women!

I just wanted to say that, first of all I have two Bachelors, a Masters degree, I'm a film producer and a professional writer, so I think I qualify in the smart category. And I have to say that I am so happy that you do this work.

God bless you because the world needs you. I think you should be mandatory reading material for all boys starting at 18 years old and moving up there and what you're doing is amazing.

And thank you for doing this product, Bringing Out Her Inner Slut, because I think that's actually allowing women to be women. And it's so necessary. So thank you. I cannot wait to explore it further and I'm so glad we had this opportunity today to hear about it and see so many receptive to it. It's just so exciting.


Macarena Lovemore - Hollywood CA



The info is downright lethal!

Another great piece of work, David! The info is downright lethal and I TOTALLY agree with your hammering home the point for guys to use these techniques only on high self-esteem women.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to proof read such a wonderful manuscript. It was a masterpiece; plain and simple, and was by far the most enjoyable work I've ever edited. Your customers are going to be very pleased with this book. You really outdid yourself on this one.


Steve Thomas - Los Angeles, CA


This stuff really works!

This stuff really works! My boyfriend's tried it on me, the whole thing and it all works.


Elizabeth - Miami FL



Here's What You Get:

Instant Access - All Download - Nothing Shipped In The Mail



Your Investment

BOHIS Manual $297 Included!
BOHIS Seminar recorded in Tampa
4 hours of MP3 Audio
$195 Included!
BOHIS Seminar Transcripts $195 Included!
Quick Start Guide $29 Included!
Value if purchased separately: $521  


Your Investment only:





I fully stand behind this program. In fact I'm going to make you an extraordinary guarantee:


60 days to the most erotic thrilling sex
of your life -- or you pay nothing!"

When you order Bring Out Her Inner Slut, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Within the next 60 days, you and your lover must begin to experience the most erotic, passionate heart-pounding sex of your lives, or you may send it back for a no-hassle, no questions asked 100% money-back refund.

You have nothing to lose, yet a lifetime of greater sexual pleasure to gain. So click the button below and order you copy today!

Order Now!

Yes David! Send me my copy of
'Bring Out Her Inner Slut'

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Give women incredible pleasure!

P.S. - Remember, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason (or even no reason at all) I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

P.P.S. - This is exactly the kind of "Sexuality & Relationships Owner's Manual" women have been praying you discover. You've read the letters from women on this page, and heard what they had to say. They want this.

There's only one thing... wishing, hoping and dreaming won't make it happen. You actually need to take action and do something different. Start by getting your copy of Bring Out Her Inner Slut today!

You Don't Have To Believe Me...
Check Out What These People Have To Say!

I can definitely say that I've gotten
more than my money's worth

I'm Bob and I've actually flown in from Italy. I've come a great distance and upon initially signing up for the seminar I almost got a little bit of buyer's remorse there. I was kind of worried that I might not get everything I was paying for, but in retrospect after the thing, is after learning everything that I learned today, I can definitely say that I've gotten more than my money's worth.

Highly recommend it to anybody who's out there considering purchasing a David Shade product. I purchased several in the past.

What I've gained out of this is, in the areas that I wasn't necessarily sure how to apply that stuff, I can definitely walk out of here and feel like I am able to apply these in those areas. I've learned a couple new things today.

I think that the strongest thing I've learned is talking with other people who agreed with me on this, that the women here who are in the audience today actually assured the effectiveness of the material. And you can see some of the women who actually tried it. A lot of them hadn't, but apparently it's effective in addressing all the needs and desires that they have. I'm highly impressed and I'll definitely be purchasing other products.


Bob - Italy



This stuff is just so mind-blowing!

Man, I just gotta say, it's a... this stuff is just so mind-blowing that when I'm hearing it, a lot of it, honestly I'm just thinking, "You've got to be kidding me. This is unbelievable."

But as the day goes on, I kind of reflect back to the times when I've had experiences with women where they said, "Oh my god, that was incredible, what you did the other night." I didn't know why. I didn't know how to repeat it.

And so that I knew that was true. So that's why that happened and I guess his other stuff must be true too. So that's what has me really excited about this.


Sean - Boston MA


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Very comprehensive, well researched and the references that you present are just fabulous!

I'm AJ. I'd like to thank you. You're a fabulous speaker. I followed your work since 2004 and I've been inspired to continue studying. You share personal experiences.

Your work is very comprehensive, well researched and the references that you present are just fabulous.

You've answered everyone's questions. I've had a great day being with you again and look forward to your continued work to research on this great topic of women love sex and feeling really great.


AJ - Atlanta GA



The first time I picked up his manual I found things like "deep spot" that's not even taught in medical school or medical textbooks!

I'm a retired obstetrics and gynecology physician, retired in Florida. And I'm very practically oriented.

For a man who is not a psychologist to provide a service that is so practical and at a level, even hypnosis, that can be used without getting trained in hypnosis is remarkable.

The first time I picked up his manual I found things like "deep spot" that's not even taught in medical school or medical textbook.

He's honest. He is practical. It works for me and I can say he's a real person. You can speak to him on the telephone or email, trust him, any of his materials and you'll be hooked on it.

In your materials you're giving the listener, without going to medical school, the anatomy you need and how to deal with it in a very practical way.


Alan - Retired Physician, Florida


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What was really important for me was the attitude on how to treat women and how to be a man!

I'm an airline pilot from Miami.

I've been using David's material for several years with great success. Not only the techniques which are very good, but what was really important for me was the attitude on how to treat women and how to be a man.

That really was an eye opener for me and contributed greatly to my success and I'm very happy with his material.


Bob - Airline Pilot, Miami FL



"The Ultimate/Advanced Sexual Power in Practise"

I purchased BOHIS and DSSJ, and I have to say that they are truly eye-opening programs. I am very glad that I purchased these. Many phenomena, which I have seen, like post orgasmic waves and after sex weeping, were covered there. I also realised very clearly what the concept of love means. Yes truly, a whole concept of love itself, and what it really takes.

Along with "Select Women Wisely" program these are the ultimate weapons for masterful-lover. I highly recommend these programs to anyone who is serious with ML affairs.

It's worth every penny! I believe if something is worth anything then it's worth the whole price. So to me it's not the economical issue. Well, I am not a millionaire either ;)

I have been practising ML for about 1,5 years now, and I have to say that now start to be ready for the most advanced stuff. There is a learning curve for everything. I have been holding back some techniques because I have seen the true power behind these techniques.

So even some men can be intimidated about practising some of the most advanced concepts. Belief systems must chance radically before a man is ready to use (and handle) the ultimate sexual power. I certainly have been practising self-improvement very regularly to chance my belief system.

If it took for you David several years to improve yourself, it would take it for others too. But thanks to you for us it's easier because we already have your field-tested concepts of ML.

I think a title like "Using Sexual Power" or "The Ultimate/Advanced Sexual Power in Practise" or something like that would give more information about the topic of these programs.

Perhaps truly advanced ML-practitioners are quite rare, because these programs can give even more sexual power than a man is ready to handle. As I said, I am getting ready after a constant belief system chance work. Social condition is very powerful also, and it has to be breaking first. There are so many wrong beliefs about sexuality in western culture. And that is a sad thing.

These programs gave me even more information than sales page promised.

Thanks to You David about introducing self improvement material like yours :D


Matti P. - Finland



"I never saw her with such gleaming eyes :-)))"

I learned so very much based on the BOHIS program - especially to lead her step by step to a higher level of arousal - and I never saw her with such gleaming eyes :-))) after we had outstanding sex.

In BOHIS and "Be The Fucking Man" I understood for the first time on a deeper level what leading really means. I am still learning from it. I was absolutely surprised about the content. There are still a lot of mindsets to be changed to become real for me.

The audio CDs are extremely helpful. Thank you very much. Your material is unique and outstanding.


Björn S. - Germany


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