Secrets of Hot Phone Sex Revealed!

Discover How Simply Using
Your Voice And A Phone
You Can Give Your Woman
Wild Screaming Orgasms!

Better Than Any Sex Toy,
Better Than Any Previous Lover,
Even Better Than Her Own Fingers!

Finally A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Master Of
Dirty Talk, Naughty Narration, And The Forbidden
Erotic Fantasies Women Desperately Crave


Give Women Hot Phone
"Discover what to say to make her moan"

From: David Shade
Monday, 7:31 AM

Dear Friend,

If you have ever wanted the women you have sex with to say you are the best lover she's ever had, this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

My name is David Shade. I'm 59 years old, bald, skinny, and a nerd (I have two degrees in engineering). This is not the stuff of action heroes or romance novels!

Yet, women consistently tell me I'm the most amazing lover they have ever been with, and the orgasms they have with me are mind-blowing and earth-shattering. Even when these women have been with much younger men, more physically attractive men, and men with a bigger penis.

Learn how I'm doing it - and how
you can too - by reading this letter

The truth is that age, looks, and the size of your johnson have nothing to do with the kind of orgasms a woman experiences. It has all to do with knowing the real secrets to giving women massive pleasure.

You see, there is one thing all sensual women crave from a man during sex, and sadly most men are afraid to give women what they desire most. I'll tell you what it is in a minute, first let me tell you how I accidentally figured it out.

Way back in 1992, I found myself divorced and alone. I had custody of our two small children. After I put them to bed at 9:00, I was stuck at home and lonely as hell.

I couldn't go out and meet women, and this was before Internet dating sites, chat clients, and text messaging existed. So I turned to the telephone as a way to get the human contact with women I was missing.

During late night phone calls with women I never met
the secrets were revealed to me

I answered personal ads and left my contact details. When the women called me back, they didn't know me. This was before caller ID and totally anonymous, and allowed the women to feel totally safe with me. I later realized the safe space was an essential piece.

By choosing wisely, I was able to find women I could get rapport with very quickly, even though we were complete strangers.

It wasn't long before I figured out how to quickly engage each woman's passions to the point where on the very first call, fully 80% of these women would have wildly erotic phone sex with me!

And all of these women were attractive, educated, professional women.

I was lethal. The phone would ring, and I knew that within one hour, another woman that I had never spoken to, would be screaming in orgasmic ecstasy.


It became easy to give women knee-buckling orgasms
after I figured out the formula

I know it sounds bizarre. It surprised me! I couldn't believe how simple it was to rock a woman's world, after I figured out the formula.

It became almost routine. I usually had to work the next day. So I'd be getting women off while I ironed my shirts. I would literally be having phone sex while I folded my laundry.

I was having a blast, and women were calling me all the time to indulge in this kinky behavior. They would share their fantasies and beg me for more.

I had stumbled on something amazing here and I wanted to understand why these women were able to have such a powerful orgasm with a complete stranger without any physical touching.

What was so different about narrating sex that drove these women wild? The answer was obvious once I figured it out, but like most men I had been blind to the most important need a woman has during sex.


The accidental discovery that let me give women
orgasms using only my voice

After I started dating again, I met a woman who was very sexual I really enjoyed. Geography kept us apart most of the time, so I gave her pleasure with my new found phone sex techniques.

She loved it! It made our relationship better, and it was so much more fun than the "Hi, how was your day" type phone calls.

One night I was feeling mischievous and decided to try something new just to see what would happen. I decided to tease her by not letting her touch herself.

My plan was just to keep her excited for a long period of time before I gave her permission to touch herself so she could orgasm. Instead what happened shocked us both.


For the first time ever I made a woman
orgasm during phone sex -
without her touching herself!

She had a raging orgasm! It hit her hard and it took awhile for her to get her breath. I'm not sure who found it harder to believe, her or myself.

I didn't sleep that night trying to figure out how it was possible for a woman to orgasm with no physical touch.

Just to be sure this wasn't a fluke I did it with her again and it worked again. I did it with another woman, and it worked again. Then another. I could consistently repeat the successful results every time. I still didn't know why, but I was excited. I was about to learn the secret that changed everything for me.

This Woman Orgasmed Just By Listening!

David, I listened to your 'Phone sex' series, which is just magic and, guys take note, this stuff is amazing! I came (well thinkoff because I wasn't touching myself) numerous times just by listening to your examples and they weren't even being done on me!

Jennifer in Canada


For a woman to truly enjoy sex...
you must engage her erotic mind

Suddenly it all made sense to me. I understood why phone sex was so effective. Why women like really dirty talk in the bedroom. Why women enjoy it so much when I narrate fantasies for them.

This one secret, gave me the keys to the kingdom of wild sexual adventures with every woman I meet.

Gateway to her erotic mind
The gateway to her secret fantasy erotic mind

Listen, if up till now you didn't have any idea about this... it's okay, women rarely tell you because they don't want to hurt your feelings, or more commonly women don't even know it themselves. And you're definitely not going to learn it in school, church, or at the dinner table with your family!

By learning how to powerfully engage a woman's erotic mind I've developed some of my most powerful sexual techniques, and have led women that normally lead boring routine middle class suburbia lifestyles into having amazingly kinky adventures.

By leveraging the unlimited potential of a woman's erotic mind I developed the following advanced techniques for giving a woman pleasure:

  • The Thinkoff
  • Orgasm On Command
  • The External Orgasm
  • The Extended Orgasm
  • The 1-Hour Orgasm
  • Instant Orgasm
  • Sexy Dirty Talk
  • Rapid Fire Orgasms

My sex life was off the charts! Women loved me and couldn't get enough. It wasn't long before other men noticed, and began asking me what I was doing that had women more excited than cats when they hear a can opener.

So I began writing about my discoveries. The Internet was taking off, so I joined forums where men talked about women and began to post reports from my sexual explorations.

These writings were such a big hit, I later created books. My writings became legendary to men all over the world.

There was just one problem... men who read my books would only focus on the physical techniques. They would ignore the part women craved the most, to inflame her fantasies and engage her erotic mind.

Then it came to me... the best way to teach men how to do what I do would be to give them real examples of me giving a woman an orgasm. And the best way I know to learn how to use your voice to get deep into her mind is during phone sex.

Give Women Hot Phone

Learn Phone Sex techniques
refined to lethal effectiveness from
1000's of hours experience with hundreds of women.

Listen, there's no better way for you to easily learn how to use dirty talk, naughty narration, and erotic fantasy than on the phone.

So for the first time I'm providing real world examples of me leading a woman through progressively more advanced types of phone sex scenarios I've developed and refined over many years.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn on this program:

  • The 3 Things you MUST do before a woman will have phone sex with you.

  • How with a single WHISPER you can make her explode in ecstasy. (I promise you, no other man has ever done this for her)

  • Simple ways for you to establish rapport, connection, and build the trust a woman needs to have phone sex with you.

  • The 9-step sequence of pleasure that leads to her Instant Orgasm on your command. (It's not only possible... it's easier than you think)

  • How you can give women the gift of Multi-Dimensional orgasms.

  • The sneaky way to get her to imagine doing the 'naughty' things you haven't yet done in the bedroom. (And she'll have an orgasm while thinking about it)

  • How you can quickly discover her most intimate sexual fantasies. (She wants you to know, she just won't volunteer them to you)

  • How you can quickly create a safe space for her to unleash her sexuality with you.

  • Be the first man to give her an 'external' orgasm. (She'll be shocked and amazed... then beg you for more)

  • An easy way for you to become a Master of Dirty Talk that turns women on.

  • The never-fail statement that always leads to phone sex.

  • The foolproof Secret Sharing technique guaranteed to open up the floodgates of her desire.

  • The 2 things a woman needs to know about you, before she'll tell you what her DEEPEST DESIRES are. (When you do this, she'll give you the keys to her kingdom)

  • The 15 words that get her juices flowing every time. (It works like magic)

  • How to know when a woman is ready for phone sex. (It's easy to spot when you know what to listen for)

  • Why Dirty Talk on the phone is even more potent than in the bedroom.

  • The single most critical point where men screw up, and how you can easily avoid this trap.

  • How you can lead a woman you've never met from unknown to orgasm in less than 1-hour using just your voice and a phone.

  • Get women to share their DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS with you in a matter of minutes. (it's not only easy, you'll find out just how kinky she wants to be with you)

  • The 3 essential stages of phone sex. (Just like real sex, you can't start with intercourse)

  • How to smoothly move into phone sex on any phone call. (You won't get stuck in 'fluff talk' and waste your time)

  • The TRINITY OF WETNESS - guaranteed to get her panties soaked. (She'll need a towel under her once she takes them off)

  • How you can make your phone sex so NATURAL... it seems like it 'just happened'. (She'll never know when to expect it)

  • 2 things you can say in casual conversation to get her fantasizing about touching you.

  • The truism about women you can leverage to DOUBLE HER EXCITEMENT!

  • 5 quick & easy steps to go from small talk to dirty talk

  • Little known ways to link every ounce of her pleasure to your voice. (Do it right and you can make her come simply by whispering in her ear... even in public!)

  • The Holy Grail of Phone Sex Orgasms! (When you give her this gift, she'll tell all her girlfriends you are a sex god)

  • 4 powerful outcomes you get from phone sex you absolutely can NOT get from regular sex.

  • Transcript of all of my narrative in a spiral binder.

  • And much much more...

She begs me for sex
because she needs it everyday!

David, You are the MAN!

I bought your phone CDs a while back and when it came time to use them I knew just what to do, and it happened just as you described. I use similar talk in person with my woman and to say that she is satisfied is an understatement.

Before she met me she had a long term boyfriend who had to beg her for sex to get it once a week, and she never experienced vaginal orgasms.

In the two weeks we've been seeing each other she's not only become vaginally orgasmic but she comes many, many times during intercourse and begs me for sex because she needs it everyday.

She thanks me everyday for expanding her sexuality! All this from listening to your phone CDs and your interview.

Your teaching has made a huge impact on my confidence with women. I know that I can give any women an experience that she will remember for the rest of her life, this is very far from where I started.

Thank You!

Scott, a graduate student in Maine

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Download the MP3


For the first time ever, I have recorded complete demonstrations of these techniques so you can learn exactly how I do it. And I explain what to look for, why it works, and the step-by-step methods I use to make it easy for you to do this with any woman.

If you want specific examples of the techniques, this program will bring them to life and make them crystal clear for you. This program will make everything fall into place.

But there's more, because I've laid out for you...


The never before revealed secrets to
extending the length of a woman's orgasm

In 1992 a research study by Bohlen demonstrated it was possible for a woman to have an orgasm that lasted as long as two minutes. This defied commonly held beliefs that at best a woman's orgasm lasted 20 seconds.

When I first read this study I gave myself the challenge to figure out how to make this happen for the women in my life. And since I had figured out the secret to any woman's pleasure was in her erotic mind, I turned to Phone Sex to make it happen.

The good news is... I cracked the code and figured out how to consistently triple the length of a woman's orgasm from 20 seconds to one full minute. And then two minutes.

The even better news is, for the first time I'm revealing my secret method so you can do it too. Listen, there's nothing quite like hearing a woman's orgasm go on and on. And I leave it to your imagination how grateful she will be when you give her this gift.

And it gets even better...

I'll show you how it's possible to
give any woman an hour-long orgasm!

Once I made it happen, I went for something no one believed possible... an hour long orgasm! Not only did I get a woman to orgasm for an hour, I've done it many times with many women.

But this is only possible when you know how to engage her erotic mind. There is no way you can do this just using physical touch. This is the really advanced stuff that will have your woman worship the ground you walk on.

I'll not only explain how you can do this, you'll hear me do this with a woman on the phone so you can know it really works.

I'll let you in on a little known fact... all women are capable of this kind of orgasm. It just takes a Masterful Lover to show her how.

One more thing, and this is important...

No Special Skills Or Previous Experience Required

You may be thinking that it must require a special kind of man to do these things. Nope, it doesn't. If you can get a date, you can do it. You can do everything I've described in this letter.

Listen, I'm a regular guy myself. I had the same fears, misconceptions, and doubts just like any other guy. But 23 years ago, I devoted myself to figuring this all out. I was absolutely amazed at how easy it is. And it has been extremely powerful on women.

You may be thinking that this stuff is too good to be true; that it's not possible to do these things, or maybe only 'special' women really want this.

I totally understand, because when I started out on this 23 years ago, I had no idea these things were possible. It totally surprised me when I started "trying stuff" and found out how powerfully women responded.

That's why I have included something special for you:

"Why Women LOVE Phone Sex"
A Special Interview with Anne

I realize I have made some bold statements in this letter, and especially about what women desire and long for during sex. And frankly if you aren't sure if you believe me yet, I won't be upset.

However, I do want you to understand how powerful a woman's erotic mind is, so I've added in this extra bonus interview with a woman named Anne who I have had phone sex with many times.

If you did nothing else but listen to this interview, you would gain insights on women even Hugh Hefner doesn't know.

Here's just a sample of what Anne reveals for you...

  • Why women desperately desire Dirty Talk from their man

  • Hear in her own words how phone sex leads her into sexual realms she never thought possible

  • How women are very explicit about their sexuality and sexual needs with their girlfriends. (And how well their current man is satisfying her)

  • The key difference between a sensual man and a guy who's horny

  • The one quality in a man that turns women on the most (Hint: it has nothing to do with your 'unit')

  • The #1 thing women HATE to do after sex! (And how it instantly dooms your relationship.)

  • Why really good sex is like Chocolate.

  • Learn what women really talk about when out of earshot of men

  • The truth about why women are attracted to Bad Boys, and how you can do it even better.

  • How phone sex enhances all other sex and makes the relationship so much better.

  • Full transcript of my interview with Anne in a spiral binder.


I also used some of the fantasy aspects in person and had a great time guiding both of them to levels neither had ever reached before including about a 1 minute "O" from the second one


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing "Hot Phone" CD set. I received them early in the afternoon and listened to them pretty much straight through.

I phoned two women that same evening. The first has always been very unresponsive and I had never been able to initiate Phone S-x with her... I not only initiated it, I took her way far into it (probably 30 minutes worth) with lots of moans and gasps.

The second gal is much more responsive (in person anyway) but I'd never tried Phone S-x with her before. I took it way past where I did with the first... all the way to the Big Screaming "O"... and then found out that it was totally hands free, which blew my mind and impressed the hell out of her.

I also used some of the fantasy aspects in person and had a great time guiding both of them to levels neither had ever reached before including about a 1 minute "O" from the second one.

All in the first week.

Fun Stuff !!!

Darrell Wilson in the U.K.

Now listen to this sample audio clip of Anne. But Be Warned! This is Intense. Do NOT play this if anyone is anywhere nearby.

In this audio, I extended her orgasm out to a full minute. It's easy once you know how. But I'm not going to tell you how I did that; I am only going to play her side of the phone call. (I took the artistic liberty to add some background music to the sample. Totally awesome when blasted through the stereo!)

Enjoy hearing the results of what is possible!

Listen To An Actual Phone Sex Orgasm

If you can see this you have Javascript turned off.
Hot Phone Sex Sample Orgasm
(Download the MP3)

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to give your woman the same kind of massive pleasure? Now you can!

Listen, if you've read this far, chances are you know this is something you want. But what if it doesn't work. What if you get it and decide, it's just not for you?

Well, I've got you covered. I understand there are a lot of bullshit con-artists on the Internet, so here is my assurance to you that I stand fully behind my program


My 3-Point Quality Pledge To You

1. No Fat, No Filler

Just pure content. I'll teach you the same techniques I use with every woman I date to give them wild screaming phone sex orgasms. Every minute is valuable on this information packed audio program.

If you think I'm wasting your time, send it back for a full refund.

2. Full 60 day No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try this program for a full 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, or even no reason, send it back to me for a FULL REFUND. No question asked and no hassles.

If you aren't happy, I don't want your money!

3. No Defects Allowed

If any of the media I send you is defective, just contact me and I'll have it replaced immediately at my expense.


BONUS: Field Tested Success Secrets!
A 2-Hour Recorded Seminar

I've recently decided to throw in over two hours of new material from my one-time-only Hot Phone Teleseminar event. I wasn't going to release this, but I got so much good feedback from guys who attended, and so many requests to buy a copy I realized it would be crime to hold back.

This event will never be repeated, as I had four awesome guest speakers join me. Each of these men shared their own personal experiences using the Hot Phone material, including never before released secrets that they had only shared with me.

These men give you fantastic advice on how you can easily use Hot Phone techniques with any woman. And they tell you of their own discoveries in applying this material to get women literally ADDICTED to their voice.

You'll hear stories about how hard it is to break up with women when they have these kind of experiences. And they even reveal how they used the techniques with their own women, including the 'intimate' details. They hold NOTHING back!

I can't thank them enough, I had a blast at this teleseminar, as will you. I could have easily sold these separately, but I'm including with this program to help you make phone sex work for you. Especially since one of my guests reveals his amazingly simple secrets for getting almost DAILY practice with women he doesn't even know!

Here's just a taste of what these men shared at this event:

  • A super simple way for you to PRACTICE phone sex WITH MULTIPLE WOMEN any time you want, even if you can't do an approach or get a date! (It's so easy, you'll smack yourself for not thinking of it on your own.) [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • The EGO CRUSHING MISTAKE that will cause her to lose all sexual respect for you. If you do this, she'll find a new lover... fast. [Disc 2 Track 7]

  • The 3-step STATE CHANGE SEQUENCE to go from no-sex to phone-sex. [Disc 1 Track 1]

  • A foolproof COVERT TEST you can use to know "It's On!" and she's ready to get very kinky with you. [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • An EXTREMELY NAUGHTY fantasy most women have, but will never admit to you. Plus how you can leverage this to give her earth shattering orgasms. [Disc 1 Track 2]

  • The THREE PILLARS OF MASCULINE ENERGY that allow a woman to be led into highly erotic adventures. (WARNING: When a woman has this in a relationship, it is VERY difficult to break up with them because they fear they will never experience it again!) [Disc 2 Track 2]

  • The most important activity AFTER PHONE SEX. If you leave this out, she won't want to have phone sex with you again, no matter how good it was. [Disc 1 Track 3]

  • Five Simple Words that will make your woman CRAZY WITH LUST during phone sex. (This is David's secret weapon) [Disc 1 Track 6]

  • The easiest yet most overlooked way to find WOMEN WHO LOVE phone sex. Complete with a step-by-step guide to go from first contact to phone sex in 30 MINUTES OR LESS! [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • How to use 'PUSH-PULL' in phone sex to get your woman to do the kinky, taboo things you want to do in regular sex. [Disc 2 Track 6]

  • A SNEAKY way to get any woman to divulge her most EROTIC FANTASIES for you to use during phone sex.. even if you just met her. [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • IMPORTANT: What to do if she doesn't HAVE AN ORGASM during phone sex. Screw this up and she won't have phone sex with you again. [Disc 2 Track 3]

  • How you can easily make her inner most fantasies become so vivid and alive in her mind, she'll CUM ON THE SPOT (and love you for doing it). [Disc 1 Track 6]

  • The most overlooked 'SENSATIONS' in phone sex, and why you must NEVER leave these out. [Disc 1 Track 6]

  • Why great phone sex is like GREAT FOREPLAY. [Disc 2 Track 3]

  • How (and why) to use phone sex techniques to give women Instant Orgasm On Command BEFORE you try it in the bedroom. [Disc 1 Track 6]

  • SIX IMPORTANT STRATEGIES you can use to make your phone sex lethally effective. [Disc 2 Track 2]

  • Ever met a woman with rules like "no sex before the 3rd date"... learn how to use your phone sex skills to get her to BREAK THE RULES. [Disc 1 Track 8]

  • When you can do these three things, women will tell you traditional sex with other guys isn't as good as the orgasms you give her with ONLY YOUR VOICE! [Disc 1 Track 10]

  • How you can covertly set "ORGASM TRIGGERS " during phone sex that work anywhere. Anytime. (She'll be delightfully surprised when you fire the trigger and make her explode!) [Disc 1 Track 6]

  • The CARDINAL SIN OF PHONE SEX. Do this and women will instantly hang up on you. (Learn what to do instead that gets her juices flowing) [Disc 2 Track 2]

  • A fun game women enjoy, you can secretly use as a BRIDGE to phone sex that makes it so NATURAL, she'll think "it just happened". [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • How you can give women a POWERFUL SEXUAL RELEASE they can't get in regular sex. [Disc 2 Track 3]

  • The 6-word phrase that SECRETLY means "I'm READY for phone sex... NOW!" If you don't know it, you'll blow it when she says it to you. [Disc 1 Track 5]

  • What if SHE WANTS TO LEAD for awhile? Here's how to handle it. [Disc 2 Track 7]

  • Asking the wrong questions will kill her mood. Learn which questions work best, and which ones to avoid. [Disc 1 Track 5, Disc 2 Tracks 2-3]

  • Full transcript of the entire teleseminar, every word, in a 3 ring binder.

These two bonus audios are worth $100 by themselves.

But you get them FREE when your order Give Women Hot Phone Sex!

Here's What You Get In This Program:

  • The Secrets Of Leveraging The Power of A Woman's Erotic Mind For Her Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

  • Actual Unscripted Recordings Of LIVE Phone Sex Calls

  • The Foolproof 11-Step Method For Successful Phone Sex That Results In Orgasm Every Time

  • Unrehearsed Authentic Screaming Female Orgasms

  • 3 Full Hours of 'How-To-Do-It Audio

  • 9 Real World Examples of Phone Sex Techniques from Opening to Orgasm, Including:
    • Basic Vanilla Phone Sex
    • Being Extra Naughty
    • Extended Orgasm
    • The Thinkoff (no-hands orgasm)
    • Instant Orgasm on Command
    • Hour Long Orgasm
    • External Orgasm
    • ...and more

  • Foolproof Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Make Everything You Learn Work

  • Interview With Anne on Why Women Love Phone Sex

  • 2-Hour Bonus Recording "Field Tested Success Secrets"

  • And My Most Advanced Phone Sex Technique Taken To The Extreme:
    • To Thinkoff Or Not To Thinkoff
    • Leveraging Her Existing Fantasies
    • You Donít Even Have To Describe Sex Acts
    • Her First Vaginal Orgasm - By Phone!
    • And My Ultra-Powerful Top-Secret Technique: Super-Position!

More than five full hours of High Octane super-powered techniques to bring out that raw primal ruthlessly expressive sexual inner animal in your woman. Order your copy now!

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Special Bonus! My Stellar Online Game!

I've got a method for getting girls that has women begging for it.

I'll do my magic and then I'll meet them for a drink and within one hour we're back at my place doing the nasty.

It's lethal and I've been perfecting it for over 23 years. I'm a trained killer!

So listen up, I'm going to reveal to you the keys to the kingdom of perpetual moisture.

Here's how it works:

First two facts...

Number 1: Female sexuality is entirely mental.

Number 2: Lead her mind and her body will follow.

In fact, her body will beg to follow.

So here's what I do...

First I'll chat with women online. (I'll show you my stellar online game.)

Then I'll talk to them on the phone. (I'll share what I say to them.)

And while we're on the phone, I'll use a script I created to lead her mind. (I'll show you the script word for word.)

She basically goes into trance.

At this point, I've captured her mind.

Then I escalate her mind, and her arousal sky-rockets.

Then by simply leading her mind with my voice, with no touching whatsoever, she has an orgasm!

She has NEVER experienced that before! She didn't even know it was possible!

Then she thinks I'm a god or something.

And then... she begs for it.

So the following night we meet for drinks.

And she's already so wet that all I have to do is chat for a bit and take her straight back to my place for smooth entry.

It's like having a secret weapon!

In fact, sometimes we meet that night. Recently I was out of town and did my magic on a girl I met online, and 3 hours later we were in my hotel room doing it.

Yes, this stuff works. Really really well.

I reveal my secret weapon in my special bonus called:

"From Online To Thinkoff"

I am including it here with this program. You can only get it here.

You will discover:

- My stellar online game that gets 'em hot

- My secrets to dominance in emails and texting

- My conversation topics for phone calls

- My money line that puts them into trance

- My secret script that leads her mind

This secret weapon is so deadly that you're going to be a lady killer.

This special bonus is an instant download, so you can start reading it right away.

Here's What You Get In
Give Women Hot Phone Sex...

Value If Purchased Separately
Your Investment
Give Women Hot Phone Sex Manual. PDF
Recordings of 10 Real Phone Sex Sessions from Start to Orgasm. Hear how David Shade gives wild screaming orgasms so you can do it too! 3 hours MP3 Audio
Field Tested Hot Phone Success Secrets Teleseminar with David Shade & TOP "Hot Phone" Alumni. 2 hours MP3 Audio
Hot Phone Success Secrets Teleseminar Transcript. PDF
BONUS: My Secret Weapon Taken To The Extreme: The Advanced Thinkoff! PDF
new Trouble Shooting Teleseminar - Answers To Common Questions & Challenges. 3 hours MP3 Audio
From Online To Thinkoff - David Shade's stellar online gaming system for getting women from online dating sites for thinkoff! PDF
Total Value of Included Materials:
Your Low Investment:
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check Yes David! Send me my copy of
Give Women Hot Phone Sex

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There is nothing more effective for giving women orgasms than to engage the fantasies in her mind. And there is no better way to learn how to do that than phone sex.

You have an opportunity to learn skills and secrets only the best lovers know, master these and you'll be in the less than 1% of men in the world. The men women secretly desire to find, and are afraid to leave. When you are such a man, no woman will ever cheat on you.

But it won't happen unless you take action. Now. Today! Women want a man that knows what he wants and can make decisions. It's time to be that man.



David Shade


P.S. Remember, I guarantee my material 100%. You've got a full 60 days to put my material to the test. This gives you plenty of time to prove to yourself just how easy it is to give women massive pleasure and wild screaming orgasms.

If after 60 days, you aren't 100% satisfied, just email me for a full refund. You've got nothing to lose!


Listen to what some satisfied customers have to say about this program:

She said "I'm super horny now"

I gotta give you props on the new material. Got it this Tuesday and used it that evening. Well naturally it worked like a charm. I forward this e-mail from the lucky girl for your reading pleasure.

"Hi Patrick. So...are we still on for our little phone sex date thingy tomorrow night (whatever you want to call it - the thing that is making me really hot right now just thinking about it)?? I really hope so cause I'm really horny right now and will be even more horny by the time tomorrow night rolls around... I hope my roommate isn't planning on staying home tomorrow night cause that will just be weird for her... lol. Yup I'm super horny now. Okay enough of that I got to go now. I have so many dirty thoughts going around in my head...ahhh. So talk to you tomorrow night"

Thanks again David,
Patrick S in Canada


"You could have knocked me over with a feather when it worked!"

I always had an interest in pleasing women but the majority of the material that's available is crap. It took a strong desire & a little bit of dumb luck for me to find David's material.

When I read the advert for Give Women Hot Phone Sex, I thought it was bullshit. My long distance relationship was getting a bit rocky so I put aside my doubts, bought the book & CD's, absorbed the information and started putting it to good use & getting good results but I still thought that the whole 'ThinkOff' thing was some work of fantasy from a crappy romance novel and I'd been a sucker to hand my money over to some guy making outrageous claims on a website.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when it worked! You could have knocked my woman over with a feather when I kept giving it to her.

So, there are the guys who never get it, the guys who get it and are willing to be educated & there are the Masterful Lovers.

Matt H, Chicago


This literally IS groundbreaking

One word: "OUTSTANDING!"

There isn't anything I can say to make you believe what you are going to hear on these CDs.

This is much more than a phone sex product. This is actual recordings of David Shade doing the things that he teaches you to do in his Manual.

David Shade is the Seymore Butts of Phone sex.

The first CD is the first time ever this kind of product has been produced. It is amazing. The second CD will make your jaw drop. And the third CD will totally blow your mind.

The biggest things that really grabbed my attention were; instant orgasm on command, thinkoff, and the continuous orgasm! That was incredible! And you actually hear it!

It's one thing to read about it, it's another thing to actually hear it. And it's all there, fully explained, step by step. That's why it should be way more than it is.

When I say this is groundbreaking, I mean this literally IS groundbreaking.

I'll give it "five orgasms way up!"

Grant Stevens in Michigan


Hearing you guide a woman to orgasm without touching herself was an incredible eye opener

Your phone program not only gave me great insight into phone sex technique, but it also helped me better understand some of your other work. Hearing you guide a woman to orgasm without touching herself was an incredible eye opener. I realize now what is possible. I realize now that my imagination and my ability to engage her imagination is the most important thing I can do to give my woman complete sexual fulfillment.

The best part is not all of the amazing orgasms I have given women since I have studied your work, It's that I am now coming from that place of clarity and power. I am more centered and balanced in my life.

Thank you, thank you.... and again.... I thank you....!!! For the passion you have for sharing your knowledge and experience.

David B in Georgia


I'd explain these things to my friends and they would all look at me like I was exaggerating

Thank you David,

I enjoyed the CD Set immensely. The information and examples you provide are outstanding. I felt like a kid on Christmas finding out he got just what he always wanted!

I've always been great with my tone and conversation in person and over the phone. I've given a woman the "think-off" before with what I've mastered through my own experience, long before I knew about your stuff. I'd explain these things to my friends and they would all look at me like I was exaggerating. I was very delighted to find out how easy it is to extend a woman's orgasm.

The info in that CD set, combined with some material I have where you and your girlfriend discuss bisexual women, have altered and affirmed my mental state about acquiring partners in the near future. It's great that you've provided such thorough, honest, and accurate information.

Life is both beautiful and abundant once you approach it with the mind-frame of a giver.... this is the true core of what you teach, and the information is pure because of it.

Thanx for such a great product,

Will in Chicago


Warning: this is advanced material!

David Shade's books changed my life. Seriously. I had no idea that women were so sexually responsive. Such material is simply not available in bookstores; it's too powerful.

As the books provide the "what to do," David's new series "Give Women Hot Phone Sex" provides the "how to do."

Step-by-step, David demonstrates many of the concepts he pioneered, using recordings of actual conversations with a willing partner!

Warning: this is advanced material! If you are ready to shave months if not years off your learning curve, you can't afford to miss out.

David Clare - California


I am simply blown away!

Hi David,
I have received the CDs and what can I say... I am simply blown away! You are once again breaking new ground. With this CD (and your other materials) you have converted the art of masterful loving into a science.

This is absolutely incredible stuff, so incredible that I was actually getting turned on whilst you were talking!!! I am 100% straight so this was somewhat unnerving.. LOL.. but it just goes to show that if I am getting turned on whilst listening to a pre-recorded CD of a scenario that I am fully aware of, the ladies you have phone sex with must be exploding with sensual delight... what incredibly powerful stuff... the mind boggles.

You have definitely done the whole of MANkind an incredible service. With your materials there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for any guy to not give his woman/women the most pleasure they can handle.

Jay R in the U. K.


outstanding in content and presentation

David- I received the CD set. They are absolutely outstanding in content and presentation. You are truly courageous.

Richard M in Arizona


Now I know how to structure a phone sex session

Just finished listening to all the 3 cds. It's awesome. The whole conversation, from the start of the phone sex session to the end, completes where you left off in DeAngelo's interview. Now, I know how to structure a phone sex session, ie, romantic, sensual and then sexy and downright dirty.

N.M. in Singapore


Your CDs blew my mind as to what is possible with a woman

I have received the CDs and they are a real eye opener. I appreciate hearing you in action. It was an eye opener. The thing about it is that when you got real raunchy with your language with the women, I thought "Oh my God she is going to get offended and hang up" but she just kept listening and enjoying every bit of it.

Your CDs blew my mind as to what is possible with a woman. Thank you. I have learnt so much from you.

Eddie C in Australia

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