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"Is Your Woman Having
Instant, On-Command,
Hands-Free Orgasms?

If The Answer Is No, Then
What You Read Here Could Save Her From
Running Into The Arms Of Another Man…

There's absolutely nothing like the confidence in knowing you can finish what you start.

Sex no longer has to be a race to the finish because you're paranoid you're going to go limp at any minute…

Or you're going to blow your load minutes into sex.

No more suffering from embarrassment and humiliation.

And no more leaving your woman horny and disgusted...

Desperately looking for another man to fulfill her sexual needs.

Those days are in the past.

Or Are They?

Being able to have a normal sexual relationship with your woman is just the first step.

Keeping the sex white-hot and predictably unpredictable is the next crucial step to keep her eyes - and body - from wandering to some bad boy who enthusiastically turns her body into his sexual playground…

And keeps her in the world of never-ending orgasms.

I should know.

I thought my wife and I had built a beautiful life together until the day I walked in the front door…

And heard her screaming in ecstasy while being mercilessly screwed by her co-worker.

After my wife left me with our two kids, I became a single dad. I was alone, lonely and horny. I struggled to find female adult companionship.

Then I discovered a way to meet women - the only two things I needed were a phone and the personal ads.

In record time I was having passionate, erotic phone sex with woman after woman.

And that's not all.

I actually began to…

Give Women
"Hands-Free Orgasms"
Just With My Voice

That’s right…

Using the formula I’ll share with you in just a moment, I talked women into moaning, groaning, screaming, breathless orgasms…without ever touching themselves!

And since these experiences were so good for them, I was easily able to “upgrade” to real-life sexscapades in the bedroom.

Soon other men began asking me what I did to get these striking, sensual women to follow me around like the pied piper.

They weren't having anywhere close to this type of success with women, and practically begged me to share what I was doing.

So I decided to reveal the techniques I had been using to unleash the sexual beast lying dormant in the women I was meeting.

I took every little thing I've uncovered about how to sexually satisfy a woman and keep her coming back for more, and put it in a program I call "Give Women Hot Phone Sex".

Now I have to warn you:

What you're going to see and hear with this program is RAW and UNCENSORED.

This program is loaded with material so incredibly filthy, you'll never find anything like it – not even on late night TV or even in your favorite porn magazine.

Hell, it makes the 2am soft porn on Cinemax look like a Disney movie.

But trust me when I say…

Women have never met a man who could come close to doing what I'm going to teach you to do to them. You're going to turn the woman in your life into an insatiable sex beast.

Here's what I've put together for you…

Module 1: "Give Women Hot Phone Sex" Quick Start Guide

This 5 minute guide is the ultimate road map, packed with ingenious tips to help you get the most out of this program as quickly as possible.

You'll get a brief overview of the entire program so you can hit the ground running. I've even given you the individual track name for each mp3 so you can go right to the section you want to learn more about. Plus, I've included both beginner and advanced learning tracks so you can laser focus your learning.

Regardless of whether you're a beginner or more advanced, this quick start guide will point you in the right direction.

Module 2: "Give Women Hot Phone Sex" PDF and MP3

With this module you'll get a 26 page manual highlighting the main parts of the program. If you're in a hurry you can read or skim this to get started.

But what you won't want to miss is the 163 minutes of audio. Tucked inside those 163 minutes are 100% live orgasms! You'll hear me engage in phone sex with a woman, and the moaning, groaning orgasmic results (all with her permission, of course!).

It doesn't matter whether you choose to read the manual or listen to real life orgasms while working, in the car, or at the gym. Once you're done you'll know everything there is to know about how to trigger breathtaking orgasms in your woman.

Inside you'll learn:

  • The three crucial things you must do to get your woman's juices flowing for white hot phone sex…
  • The two little words you can whisper in her ear to make her EXPLODE in ecstasy. I guarantee no man has EVER done this to her before…
  • How to command her to an instant orgasm in nine simple steps. Once you've got these steps nailed down, you can set her off any time – in fact, she'll beg you to...
  • How to give her a Multi-Dimensional orgasm. This is the single most explosive orgasm she'll ever experience… and YOU can be the first man to bestow this rare sexual gift on her...
  • How to use the power of her imagination to make her come by fantasizing about the "naughty" things you haven't even done yet. She'll beg you to make these fantasies come true…
  • What you must share with her to unearth the intimate sexual fantasies she's afraid to talk about but secretly WANTS you to do to her. (This cleverly disguised technique will allow you to discover and act out these fantasies with her, making you her sexual hero and impossible for her to leave.)
  • The amazing "Give Her A Cock" technique is beyond bizarre…and results in an orgasm every single time. If you want her to forget every man before you, you have to try this…
  • 15 magical words that will have her wet and horny. You'll create a firestorm that will have her ready to move straight from the phone to the bedroom…
  • The secret to avoiding the common screw up just about every man makes…and keep her coming back for more. (Pun intended)…
  • The unsuspecting trick that will give you a stunning peek into her closet of dirty little secrets. It only takes minutes to uncover just how kinky she's willing to be with you…
  • The amazing "Trinity of Wetness" will have her nothing short of drenched. This alone will change your sex life forever...
  • How to naturally transition from a casual conversation into phone sex – before she knows it she'll be in total submission, shaking uncontrollably with monster-sized orgasms…
  • Two sneaky sentences that will not only consume her dreams with fantasies about touching you…they'll make it impossible for her to keep her hands off you when she sees you…
  • Why playing it cool during phone sex is the absolute worst thing you can do…and how just three sentences can activate her primal desire for you…
  • Five quick and easy steps to go from no talk to the dirty, filthy talk that will her wanting you right here, right now...
  • How to make her come in public. You'll blow her mind and soak her panties with the intense orgasms you give her at the store, the movies, out with her parents. She'll become addicted to the way you're able to please her with just your voice, at the drop of a dime...

Module 3: "Give Women Hot Phone Sex Teleseminar" PDF and MP3

The hits keep coming with two more mp3s and 95 minutes of pure sexual instruction, together with the 36 page transcript so you won't miss one thrilling word.

With this teleseminar you'll find out:

  • How to practice phone sex with as many women as you want, whenever you want…even if just the thought of talking to a woman makes your knees buckle!
  • How to avoid the tragic mistake that means the loss of her sexual respect...and an unbearable penalty for you...
  • The three unbelievably easy steps that will seamlessly transition you from casual conversation to screaming orgasms. Follow these steps closely to cash in on a TREMENDOUS payday!
  • What to say 10 minutes into your conversation that instantly reveals if she's ready to have kinky phone sex with you...
  • How to use the unbelievably down and dirty fantasy most women have to give her the most amazing orgasm of her life. (Once you realize almost EVERY woman has this fantasy, you’ll NEVER look at them the same way again…)
  • The three types of masculine energy that allow her to feel purely sexual…and make it impossible for her to imagine ever leaving. If you're worried your woman's heart is starting to wander, you want to pay close attention to this…
  • The single most important activity to engage in after phone sex to guarantee another session with her slutty alter-ego...
  • Five simple words to cement into your memory – use them and you'll have her screaming in reckless abandon with just the sound of your voice…
  • The super easy, step-by-step guide to finding women who will engage in phone sex…and how to have them wet and squirming in 30 minutes!
  • The amazing "push-pull" technique that allows you to turn the taboo fantasies you act out during phone sex a reality in bed…
  • What if she doesn't have an orgasm during phone sex? Here is the one critical step you must take if you want another chance – get this wrong and you can kiss her goodbye!
  • The unbelievable technique that will make her fantasies so vivid and intense, she'll come right on the spot!
  • How to give her an instant orgasm on command in person. Use these specific techniques to give her one over the phone first...and make it a slam dunk to do again in the bedroom!
  • Six do or die strategies that will have her calling you to initiate phone sex, and helplessly pleading with you for the real thing!
  • How to use your new-found sexual prowess to get her to break her own strict rules about dating and sex – she'll never know what hit her…
  • Three sexual experiences that will forever ruin her for traditional sex with other guys. If you ever go your separate ways, she'll never again be sexually satisfied the same way by another man…
  • How to set "orgasm triggers" during phone sex…and set them off anytime…anywhere…when she least expects it…
  • WARNING: Whatever you do, don't call her this unless you want her to hang up on you and permanently delete your number from her phone…
  • The six-word phrase that means "I'm ready for phone sex…NOW!" Once you hear it, you can skip all the casual conversation and go straight for the sex talk that will leave her shuddering…

Module 4: "Give Women Hot Phone Sex Trouble Shooting Teleseminar"

You'll get three mp3s with 64 minutes of trouble shooting audio, chock full of answers to the most commonly asked questions and challenges like:

  • The best way to give her an instant, extended vaginal orgasm…
  • What the "tipping point" is and why it's absolutely crucial to get her there or else you'll be doomed to struggle…
  • How to feel confident and ready to lead on the very first call with a new woman…
  • Can you give her an orgasm with thinkoff first before you give her one physically?
  • What should you do when something goes wrong while you're talking dirty to her?
  • How do you keep the mood going after you say something that offends her?

And There's More!

Damn, you're a lucky devil – as if that's not enough, I've thrown in a couple of bonuses for you. I call it the "Thinkoff aka Hands-Free Orgasm" Bonus package. In this package you'll receive the "Advanced Thinkoff" PDF and the exclusive "From Online to Thinkoff" Gaming PDF, which can only be found here with this program.

"Advanced Thinkoff" PDF (Bonus) and "From Online to Thinkoff" Gaming PDF (Bonus)

"Advanced Thinkoff", or "Hands-Free Orgasm", is a method I've developed that escalates phone sex with a woman to sex in the bedroom (or wherever we end up.)

As a matter of fact, using this advanced method, within an hour of meeting a woman for a drink…we're screwing hard back at my place.

It actually started innocently enough. I was having phone sex with this incredible woman, and decided not to let her touch herself. I was just going to tease her along for a while before I gave her permission, but instead…

She Came So Hard,
She Lost Her Breath!

I've spent the last 20 years since that eye-opening episode perfecting this unique method, and now I'm going to hand it over to you.

I'll reveal…

  • My online game that gets her hot, wet and insatiable for you…
  • What to say to lead her mind down the path to dirty talk. You'll receive the word for word script that works every time…
  • How to lead her with your voice, with no touching at all...straight to an orgasm!
  • The secrets to showing your dominance through email and text messages – women love to be lead, and she'll have no doubt you're the one to lead her…
  • The priceless line that puts her into a virtual trance…

You'll Be The First
and the Last Man
To Ever Do This To Her…

"Give Woman Hot Phone Sex" is unlike any other program out there. When you're finished, you'll be able to not only keep her satisfied…she'll be enthralled with you and what you can do to her body…anxiously awaiting the next time she hears your voice.

And the last thing she'll be thinking about is another man.

Let me just remind you again of what you'll discover when you order "Give Woman Hot Phone Sex":

  • The secrets of using the power of a woman's erotic mind for her enhanced sexual pleasure
  • Actual unscripted recordings of LIVE phone sex calls
  • The foolproof 11-step method for off-the-charts orgasmic phone sex
  • Over 5 full hours of how-to-do-it audio
  • 9 real world examples of phone sex techniques from hello to orgasm including:
    - Basic Vanilla Phone Sex
    - Being Extra Naughty
    - Extended Orgasm
    - The Thinkoff (Hands-Free Orgasm)
    - Instant Orgasm on Command
    - Hour Long Orgasm
    - External Orgasm
  • Foolproof step-by-step instructions
  • Why Women Love Phone Sex interview with Anne
  • And my most advanced phone sex techniques taken to the extreme
  • All available as an instant access digital download you can download to your computer or phone

So let me ask you…

Knowing that no other man can possibly take your place…

That every part of her (and I mean every part) will belong to you…

That you can bring her pleasure like she's never imagined before in her life…

With just the sound of your voice…

What is that worth to you?

I can tell you from experience, it would have been well worth the thousands of dollars I paid for my divorce.

The average divorce in the US costs anywhere from $15,000…to $50,000…to even $100,000. And this just covers the cost of therapy, attorney fees and real estate costs.

You can't even put a price on the emotional toll it places on you.

But by keeping your woman happy, you could avoid paying these astronomical costs. Not to mention drowning your sorrows in Jim Beam.

To keep her deliriously happy and sexually satisfied, you'd only have to pay $665 if you purchased these products separately.

And that would be a bargain!

I charge $500 for one hour of private coaching, and you're receiving over 5 hours of detailed audio in this program alone.

That would be over $2500 if I were to privately coach you on "How To Give Women Hot Phone Sex"!

But as a customer, you're not going to pay anywhere near $2500…or even $665…

No, today, and today only, I'm offering you this break-through program for over $500 off the regular price.

Here's What You're Getting (Instant Access Digital Download) Value If Purchased Separately Your Investment
Give Women Hot Phone Sex Manual $75 Included!
Secrets of Giving Women Hot Phone Sex On-The-Go Audio Training. (MP3 Audio) $80 Included!
Recordings of 10 Real Phone Sex Sessions from Start to Orgasm. Hear how David Shade gives wild screaming orgasms so you can do it too! (MP3 Audio) $100 Included!
Professionally printed transcripts of training audio $40 Included!
Hot Phone Sex Quick Start Guide $25 Included!
BONUS: Field Tested Success Secrets Teleseminar with David Shade & TOP "Hot Phone" Alumni (MP3 Audio) $75 Included!
BONUS: Professionally printed transcripts of the teleseminar $40 Included!
BONUS: My Secret Weapon Taken To The Extreme: The Advanced Thinkoff! (Hands-Free Orgasm) $55 Included!
NEW BONUS: Trouble Shooting Teleseminar - Answers To Common Questions & Challenges. (MP3 Audio) $75 Included!
BONUS: From Online To Thinkoff (Hands-Free Orgasm) $100 Included!
Total Value of Included Materials: $665
Your savings if you order now: $568
Your Low Investment: $97


Wow, $97

I don't want you to feel any hesitation, or any doubt about what I'm offering you today.

So I'm giving you my:

My 3-Point Quality Pledge

1. No Fat, No Filler

You receive pure content.

I'll teach you the same techniques I use with every woman I date to give them wild screaming phone sex orgasms.

You won't want to miss a minute on this information packed audio program.

But if you think I'm wasting your time, let me know, and I'll give you a full refund.

2. 60 Days No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try this program for 60 days.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, or even no reason at all, send it back to me for a FULL REFUND.

No question asked and no hassles.

If you aren't happy, I don't want your money!

3. No Defects Allowed

If there are issues with any of the downloaded material I send you, just contact me and I'll have it replaced immediately at my expense.

It's Your Decision

Having normal sex with your woman is only half the battle.

If you want to keep her out of the arms…the bed…of another man…

You've got to do what other men won't.

Trust me, once you start giving her instant, on command, hands-free extended orgasms…

She won't even consider going anywhere else.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to fulfill her sexual fantasies…

And do what no man has ever done before.

You're going to get everything here for just $97.