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David Shade

Dear Friend,

How to be a sex god

When I first cracked the code on female sexuality, I was so excited I wanted to share it with anyone who would listen. After all, what guy wouldn't want to know how to be a ‘Masterful Lover' right?

So the first chapter of my original book, David Shade's Manual (out of print), told the story of how I hypnotized my girlfriend, had her hallucinate a penis, and jerk off till she shot cum on her chest.

This scared the crap out of a lot of guys, and they wouldn't read anything else. They never even learned the basic techniques like the Deep Spot. It made me sad.

I mistakenly thought it was an amazing example of the power of a woman's sexual mind. Turned out, It was a reality they were unprepared for.

So unfortunately I had to hold back on the really advanced stuff to keep from scaring guys who needed to learn the more ‘accessible' aspects of female sexuality and master those first.

But I knew that one day, I would have enough men who had learned and applied my methods, that I could open the floodgates on the secrets I had been holding back.

That time has come, and I have selected you as one of those men.


Masterminding Pleasure

Masterminding Pleasure

In the famous book Think & Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill) he talks about the power of the mastermind. Of people with a common goal focusing all their energies to accomplish more than anyone could on their own.

The concept of the Mastermind has never been applied to giving women pleasure... never that is, until now.

I'm putting together a very special group of men. Men who love women and love giving them pleasure. Men who are not satisfied with just good sex, and want to continue to find out what is possible within a consensual relationship. Men who want to do it all, including the really advanced stuff.

Men who can accept hypnosis, bondage, and swinging are an important part of the ‘playbook' for truly Masterful Lovers.

This will be one of the greatest on-going experiments on giving women sexual pleasure in history, but the secrets we discover will ONLY be for the members of this group. My Inner Circle.

And it gets better, I'm going to finally tap into my library of...


Underground Sexual Knowledge

Underground Sexual Knowledge

I've managed to tap into quite an underground of sex experts in the last few years, thanks to my work.

It turns out that I was not the only one who realized most sex books & videos were filled with the same regurgitated bullshit.

I have secretly been interviewing these people over the last year and a half, and have built up quite a library of raw, uncensored, NO BS audio on human sexuality from people who ACTUALLY GET LAID!

These are not some politically correct academics whose only knowledge of sex comes from surveys filled out by ill-informed coeds who need to pass psych-101.

And... I've got more to tell you, but I'll get to that in a minute

Since you have been hand selected as one of my top clients, you already know my methods are effective... lethally effective. If you weren't already using my techniques, you wouldn't be reading this invitation.

But I realize you may have doubts as to how good ‘it' really get for you. The answer is, as fantastic as you desire.

And if you know me, you know I often say “don't believe me just because I say something”. Instead I want to you to trust your own experience (so far), and the experiences of others.

I am results oriented. So should you be. And when you get results, you know that it just keeps getting better.

Like Scott Miller in Maine, who gave his woman her very first orgasm using ONLY NIPPLE stimulation! He sent me this letter:

Dear David,

You are the MAN!

I bought your phone CDs a while back and when it came time to use them I knew just what to do, and it happened just as you described, I use similar talk in person with my women and to say that she is satisfied is an understatement.

Before she met me she had a long term boyfriend who had to beg her for sex to get it once a week, and she never experienced vaginal orgasms.

In the two weeks we've been seeing each other she's not only become vaginally orgasmic but she comes many, many times during intercourse and begs me for sex because she needs it everyday.

She thanks me everyday for expanding her sexuality!

All this from listening to your phone cds and your interview with David D. You're teaching has made a huge impact on my confidence with women.

I know that I can give any woman an experience that she will remember for the rest of her life, this is very far from where I started.

Thank You!

Scott Miller

Or Colley Foster in Arkansas who gave his woman multiple, extended, ejaculatory, vaginal orgasms ON COMMAND! He sent me this letter:


I got your "Give Women Hot Phone Sex's" CDs. You have given the world something truly revolutionary. I really mean that. It will cause a revolution in the way people enjoy sex for years to come.

And it all applies too in-person, when you are in the bedroom with your woman.

A few days ago, using what I learned from your "Give Women Hot Phone Sex" CDs, I gave one of my partners multiple, extended, ejaculatory, vaginal orgasms ON COMMAND.

I can't help but think of how each one of those characteristics were thought to be impossible at one time. Seriously, multiples were once thought to be a myth (and still are for many people.) Extended orgasms aren't even known by most people. (She came for a minute and a half to two minutes each time.) Female ejaculation is still denied by many physicians.

Most people believe (incorrectly) that the clitoris is always involved in female orgasm. Hell, even female orgasm itself was once probably thought to be a myth.

And to top it all off, she came when I said "Come Now!" And she came very, very hard. These techniques blow age-old beliefs out of the water.

Thank you for blessing us all.

Colly Foster


I could go on all day telling you stories like this, but I don't need to, you have your own experience and can trust your gut to know that there are no limits except the ones you create for yourself. (And part of my job... is to help you smash through those self imposed limits).


What You Get As A
VIP Inner Circle Member

Here's all the cool stuff that I've got lined up for founding Members of my new VIP Inner Circle...

Monthly interviews with ‘underground' sex experts


You won't find anywhere else where people share what they do in the bedroom with such candor. These are no-holds-barred interviews, with no censorship. My guest experts hold nothing back.

The only way you could possibly not learn something from these interviews is if you have your mind closed tighter than a duck's butt. How do I know? Because I learned something at each of these interviews.

Chances are you won't know any of these people. You won't hear me interview Dr. Ruth or Dr. Phil.

Nope, my guest experts come from the Sexual Underground that is known only to a few.

They are people like me who realized that most sexual materials are either a lame excuse at soft porn or written by some college professors who have never done more than missionary position in their life.

In some cases I have interviewed Masterful Lover Alumni to share the amazing results they have been getting. In some cases it is women who found out this amazing lover they are with has all my materials, and they call to say THANKYOU.

I have enjoyed every interview, and I know you will too. You'll want to listen to these over & over for fresh new ideas on how to spice up your sex life.

Who knows... maybe one day I'll be interviewing you about how amazing your sex life is!

Monthly Inner Circle Newsletter

IC Newsletter

Each issue will have material ONLY for the Inner Circle eyes, and there will a ton. You'll want to save these for later reference.

In fact, I recommend you set aside time when you get it to read it twice. Once to read through all the killer content, and once to take notes on the highlights and then create an action plan with the top 3 things you'll want to ‘experiment' with your woman. Now, doesn't that sound like fun?


David Shade's "Push The Envelope" Love Lab Report

David Shade's "Push The Envelope" Love Lab Report Usually my research is kept private, sometimes for years, until it eventually makes it's way into a program or seminar.

Thing is... I have a ton of really advanced stuff that I may never put into a program. It's just too edgy for men who have yet to grasp the basics of Female Sexuality.

Listen, if frank discussions about my latest research in my Love Lab are ‘unsettling' to you, then maybe you are not ready for my Inner Circle. It's not for everyone.


Featured Masterful Lover Success Stories

Featured Masterful Lover Success Stories I have received thousands of Success Stories from Masterful Lover Alumni over the years, but I have only shared a handful in my free newsletters.

I will be featuring the Best-of-the-Best. Being featured in the Inner Circle Newsletter is like winning a medal at the Sexual Olympics.

With permission from the author, I'll feature one of the top stories each month, along with my commentary so you'll be able to apply the key discoveries immediately.

There is a ton of gold to be mined from the experiences of others.

The other great thing about these stories, you'll see these are normal men and women, similar to yourself, who simply made a choice to have an extraordinary sex life. Then they applied my methods, and got results.

One of the reasons I love the Success Stories, is it acts like a kick-in-the-pants when you can see how other men are easily applying my ML system.


Coaching Corner: Tough Cases And How To Solve Them

Coaching Corner: Tough Cases And How To Solve Them The coaching corner is where I help out one of the ML clients with a particularly tough situation. I'd be lying if I said everything goes perfect when you apply my methods. Hell I encountered many roadblocks myself. After all we are dealing with humans interactions here.

Listen, because I've been in virtually every ‘stuck' spot I can help debug what happened and what to do to get back on track.

And sometimes that means tough love. I'm not going to bullshit anyone, like I said earlier I am interested in results.


The Erotic Advisor: How You Can Keep It Exciting!

The Erotic Advisor: How You Can Keep It Exciting! The Erotic Advisor is a totally new concept I have been developing based on feedback from married men and men in long term relationships. This will be about keeping it fresh, exciting, and unpredictable. But any man will benefit from this, and I think it may become a Inner Circle favorite.

Remember one of the main reasons women cheat is boring sex. When you know how to keep it exciting, no matter if it's been 7 weeks, 7 months, or you are near the infamous 7-year Itch... it won't even cross their mind to find another man.

I'll be sharing ideas from the Masterful Lover Alumni Experts as well, and might even have some of my top clients as guest columnists.


Sex News & Product Reviews

Sex News & Product Reviews

Each month I'll go through current news related to sexuality, filter through the bullshit and pass on what is useful.

I'll point out when you should pay attention as well as the misinformation that can screw you up.

I'll also review any new sexual products, videos, books, etc. and give you thumbs up or thumbs down.


Private Members-Only Forums


I've been working on this for months. A special place where you can go to meet, share, and learn from other men like yourself.

This is a highly secured area so you can speak openly without worrying about being ‘googled' and discovered.


Online Coaching From My Personally Trained Experts

Online Coaching From My Personally Trained Experts

I have a group of hand-picked personally trained ML Experts who will be available as online coaches for all active members.

You can get your questions answered... often within 24 hours or less, and be fully confident it is the same advice I would give you.


David Shade's Seminars

Seminar Discounts

All active Inner Circle members will get a special “member's only” rate for all my seminars.

Members will pay the lowest rate for seminars (up to 50% savings) and have a special members only session not available to other attendees


First Shot At New Product Releases

All active Inner Circle members will get first shot at all new products, way before anyone else, including newsletter subscribers.

From time to time, you may get to ‘beta' test parts of products in development so I can get feedback on how to make them better.


Members Only Inner Circle Live Tele-seminars

Members Only Inner Circle Live Tele-seminars One of the biggest benefits to being in the inner circle is we will spend more time together. When I have something exciting to cover that just can't wait, there will be special teleseminars and online video broadcasts. I'll have systems so you can ask questions during the event and when possible will make a rebroadcast available for you.

There will be more added as we move forward. I want this to be the BEST and most advanced sexuality resource for men on the planet. And I want your ideas too. There will be a place on the member forums for your suggestions and feedback.


Join My VIP Inner Circle
And Get These Special Bonus Gifts!

Patty Contenta How A Woman Can Tell If A Man
Is A Good Lover

($47 Value)

Featuring: Patty Contenta of Sensuality Secrets

Patty Contenta teaches women how to be more sexy and desirable for the man in their life. She specializes in working with housewives who want to spice up their marriages. A lot of very happy husbands are her biggest fans.

In this frank interview, Patty shares about her own sexual journey and how she discovered ways to tell if a man was going to be a good lover without ever having to sleep with him. This is invaluable information and, you'll discover what she looks for are the same qualities I teach men to have to be Masterful Lovers.


Casey & Kristen The Wild Erotic Adventures
Of Casey & Kristen
Includes the Remote Think-Off Method
($47 Value)

Kristen went through her share of lame lovers and lousy boyfriends. But it didn't take long after meeting Casey to let her other relationship fizzle. Why? Simple, because the first time she and Casey were together she had "multiple orgasms and they were strong!"

She "liked his dominance" and as she reveals in this candid interview "I felt completely submissive to him and that's one of my top fantasies."

Find out how Casey did it (so you can do it too), and what it's like for Kristen as a woman to be with a man who knows how to lead her to open up her sexuality.

Hear Kristen describe what she has experienced!


Hot Phone Sex Hot Phone Sex Teleseminar
($75 Value)

I consider Phone Sex to be my Secret Weapon. On this teleseminar I share with you why it's my secret weapon and how to use phone sex to give women powerful orgasms. And you'll discover how I use phone sex to screen for HIGHLY RESPONSIVE women!

Also on this nearly 2-hour event, I answered questions from Inner Circle Members and showed how to deal with the most common sticking points and challenges.


Radek & Loise How Couples Can Have
An Off-The-Charts Sex Life
Interview with Radek & Loise

($47 Value)

If you passed Radek and Loise on the street, you would think they are a 'nice' average couple. Yet they have an amazingly HOT sexual relationship that gets better every day. They are having more wild & sexy fun than 99.99% of couples since adding in Masterful Lover methods.

This is one of my favorite interviews because it shows what I teach is possible no matter who you are, how long you have been with your woman, or how old you are.

The stories they tell are so incredible, most people would think it's fantasy. But, men and women who are 'insiders' in the Masterful Lover world will know them to be true.

For example, as Radek and Loise were walking home from the night club, Loise was so turned on that she had to stop and have an orgasm - and she squirted right there on the street! Listen to Loise describe it in her own words:


Sexual Power And Influence Teleseminar Sexual Power And Influence Teleseminar
How To Be The Dominant Man
Women Love In The Bedroom

($75 Value)

2 hour audio recording of me answering the most burning questions submitted by Inner Circle Members about leading in the bedroom, erotic influence and sexual dominance.

Also includes how to solve biggest challenges guys have with bedroom dominance, whether it be a brand new relationship or bringing erotic dominance into a long-term marriage of 21 years.

And a step-by-step outline of a sexy evening with your woman with you leading from start to finish. Do this with your woman and you'll be amazed at the response you'll get from her.


How To Use Sexy Dirty Talk How To Use Sexy Dirty Talk Teleseminar
($75 Value)

Discover why every man needs to talk naughty to his woman during sex, and how to use it to get her turned on fast. Dirty talk is lethally effective for getting women hot, because it uses her mind to amplify the sensations she is feeling.

I go over step-by-step how to start using dirty talk with your woman no matter if it's your first date or long time mate. Also included are is a 'troubleshooting' section where I answered questions from Inner Circle Members.


Patty Contenta What Women Find Attractive
About A Masterful Lover

($47 Value)

Featuring: Marni Kinrys of Wing Girl Method

Marni Kinrys is the owner and creator of The Wing Girl Method. Her company offers men a female perspective on dating straight from the source, a woman.

In this interview, Marni focuses on what a woman wants from a man sexually, and why a Masterful Lover is so exciting and fulfilling for a woman.


Patty Contenta Secrets Of Female Sexuality Teleseminar
Includes How To Do The New Sexual Technique
"The Primal Press"

($50 Value)

This was a special live event done for the release of the all new revised edition of my best selling book, The Secrets of Female Sexuality.

On this eye-opening teleseminar I was able to go into topics in the book in much more depth since there was no worry about offending anyone with blunt talk about sex and sexuality.


Here's How This Works...

The Inner Circle is a monthly program and membership dues are $37 monthly, and frankly it's a hell of a deal at that amount.

Your credit card will be charged the membership dues of $37 each month. You can easily cancel at any time by contacting Customer Service by email. No hassles!


Membership Is Limited To Those Who Are
Serious About Being Members!

Why? Because I want to keep the online forum an intimate tight knit group who people who respect each other and work to help each other improve.

So I'm inviting you to join, if I can trust you to...

1. Actually be an active member of the Inner Circle program, listen to the interviews, read the newsletter, post on the forums, ask my coaches questions, and most importantly... Field Test what you learn with your woman.

2. And I can count on you to give me your honest feedback on how I can make it better.

At only $37 per month, it's a pretty damn good deal.

It's simple to order, just click on the big read button below. It will take you directly to the shopping cart.

Then enter your desired online forum username and follow the instructions. You'll have immediate access to the private forum and all the bonuses.


Emailed to you in electronic download version.
You Can Cancel At Any Time.


"This is one of the best things I've ever purchased!"

David, I'm puzzled as to why you'd only charge so little for this service. This is fucking incredible. I've learned so much just by browsing these threads in the last couple of days, and it's only the tip of the iceberg.



We Save Marriages

In the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum, we save marriages.

About half of our forum members are married men. They want to be better lovers and better men to make the marriage better. In some cases, they have to do something soon because the marriage is in trouble.

One example is John in Florida. He's been married for 12 years. The 'intimacy' was pathetic. His wife was rarely in the mood.

Imagine how frustrating that is.

We immediately started working with John. Improvements started right away. Before long, everything had changed. Now his wife can't get it enough! Now she initiates all the time. And she is more in love with him than ever.

John wrote everything he did and everything that happened.

I asked John if I could copy it here, and he said he would be honored. Here it is...

My wife and I have been married 12 years and our relationship is great outside of the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, however, is another story. I had never been able to give my wife a vaginal orgasm.

Sex was something she GAVE me as her present to me. She was deciding when we had sex and would grace me with her generosity. My wife would RARELY if EVER initiate.

I never turned down sex because she initiated it so seldomly that I wouldn't dare risk passing it up and having to wait for the next time she was in the mood.

I cannot BELIEVE the kind of boring lover I was. It is a miracle that our marriage survived 12 years at all.

I was clueless not only about HOW to please a woman but that women actually liked sex and wanted to be pleased in the first place.

In hindsight, I should have joined the VIP Inner Circle right away. I was afraid of the VIP forums. This forum was for Masterful Lovers and I was a clueless novice. But David, Matti, Lena, and all of you were so welcoming and helpful.

The more time I spent learning the mindset of a masterful lover, the more I realized how much of the advice men receive outside of the ML community is UTTERLY WRONG, DANGEROUS, and OUTRIGHT RIDICULOUS.

The more success I find with David's materials, the MORE ANGRY I get at all the OTHER PEOPLE that have led me astray over the years. They meant well, but in hindsight their advice was RIDICULOUS and did more harm than good.

I even ran across one article entitled something like "The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm". I would read other articles or see videos on YouTube from respected sex experts with impressive credentials and a ton of letters after their names explained that only some women have vaginal orgasms.

Then one day I found these materials by this guy named David Shade. An ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (what the fuck?) with no formal sex therapy background, no medical schooling, no formal education at all in the field of sexology. He claimed with FULL CONFIDENCE that ALL WOMEN are capable of vaginal orgasms.

There was a time when I felt like giving up. That was back when I kept trying the deep spot and my wife felt nothing but pain and I began questioning not only myself but the entire Masterful Lover philosophy.

I don't know why but I took David's word on faith and decided to try his teachings. David's teachings go against conventional wisdom. He teaches things that are in direct contrast to everything I thought that I knew. I was doubtful but I persisted. And then the MAGIC BEGAN in my marriage of 12 years.

Breakthrough after breakthrough happened in my marriage. Everything changed.

Oh my god.....did it.

Amazing stuff!

Unbelievable stuff!

Vaginal orgasms EVERY TIME we have sex. Orgasms on Command. Orgasms through my voice alone. Hypnotic orgasms. Nipple orgasms. Whisper orgasms.

"What the FUCK did I just do?" was my reaction. Over and over and over and over again. Amazing results. Repeatable results. Un-fucking-believable results.

Now my wife tries to initiate all the time. She wants me to "give" her sex. I "take" her any time I want, and she loves it.

What a change from before my ML learning. I went from BEGGING for a blow job and having her GRACE me with her pussy out of the kindness of her heart and pity... to HER begging to suck my cock and HER begging me to fuck her.

I have come so far from those early days of skepticism. The most amazing things have happened and my marriage has been completely transformed.

These are actual forum posts from John. You can talk directly with John through the forum.

When clients get coaching from me, they get results. My coaching works. Period. And I get $500 an hour for it.

But John didn't have to pay that. You see, there is a very affordable way to get coaching from me...

In my Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum, clients get online access to me for only the small membership fee.

I appreciate their trust and belief in me. Thus I give them my best. I spend more time in the forum than I do in anything else I do in my business.

Clients post about their situation, and I reply with advice and guidance. Also replying are my coaches and my top clients.

Every person in the forum that asks a question gets my full attention. I will go back and forth with each client for as long as it takes until they have achieved their goal.

I did the math, and by the time it's all done, every client has received thousands of dollars worth of my coaching. The online forum is where things get changed.

Some people think the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle forum is only for advanced clients. No, it is for all levels.

Yes the advanced clients are members, and they are great role-models, but we also have many novice clients as members. And in these cases, the advanced clients are very helpful to the new clients.

One of our new clients is a man who goes by the user- name "Chief". He has been married for 28 years. He had serious issues in him marriage.

For one thing, his wife was not having vaginal orgasms.

You know that I have told you that all women are capable of having vaginal orgasms. They were all born with a vagina and a brain, and thus are all fully equipped to experience vaginal orgasms.

You also know I have told you that if you don't get vaginal orgasms in intercourse working, you have nothing. If she is not having vaginal orgasms in intercourse, sex is all about you, not about her. Given enough years, that gets old.

We started working on Chief right away. He received massive amounts of guidance from me, my coaches, and top clients.

And finally, on his 28th wedding anniversary, he saved his marriage.

I asked Chief if I could copy his latest forum post here, and he said he would be honored. So I'll let Chief tell you how it happened...

Last night was amazing. I am super charged and thrilled at the outcome. It was a struggle getting to this point. But I gave my wife three vaginal orgasms in the span of about ten minutes!

Why was everything so hard for many months and then finally last night it was easy? My answer is: She was finally able to surrender to me and let go.

It was a convergence of many factors that transformed me into a man she could surrender to. And thanks goes to all the guidance from the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle forum.

For months I was amazed when folks in the forum talked about their experiences and the successes they had. I could not imagine these truly amazing things could come so easy for some and yet the simplest things eluded me for months.

My wife and I have had some very serious problems through the years. Since this site deals with sex I'll mention that I had two serious issues that absolutely drove me crazy and led to many bad years. One issue was size (mine is small), the second was severe PE.

I made my wife suffer for these. I did not ever talk about it; seek help or anything. I just stewed in my own misery. I felt extremely inadequate.

I started my Masterful Lover journey for one reason, to try and cheat proof my relationship. But good things come from selfish motives sometimes. Now I'm more concerned with her pleasure and providing the four things she needs for happiness. Being a man!

Yesterday was my 28th wedding anniversary. What happened? I used a lot of emotional talk, mixed with some dirty talk this time, and then I began massaging her deep spot.

Right on the border between the deep spot and the g-spot is where she responded the best. After one minute or so I could tell she was very excited. I inserted a second finger and within two minutes she started her very first vaginal orgasm of her life. Very impressively I might add. This went on for about thirty seconds.

Next I said something like: "You need to be f***ed now don't you?" She sort of nodded her head yes. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I entered her. On the second thrust she began to have another orgasm, or perhaps the first one never really stopped. I don't know for sure. Her arms wrapped tighter around me.

I began whispering into her ear, "keep coming" and various other items of dirty/emotional talk. Usually I don't whisper dirty talk, but tonight was more emotional so I whispered into her ear.

This orgasm died down after about thirty seconds or so, but I still felt light fluttery contractions for the next five minutes while I proceeded to penetrate her. Not hard, more like a medium casual pace. Just normal missionary.

She also started to cry as I was doing her (sort of a turn on).

After about five or six minutes she began to experience what I'm calling her third vaginal orgasm. This began with medium contractions. Anyway this triggered something in me and I felt my own climax approaching. I told her I was going to come and her own orgasm became stronger and then I came deep inside her and this caused her to go wild with heavy contractions.

She hugged me for quite a while, eyes closed, thighs sort of trembling. She's never done that before.

My wife has an after sex ritual where she grabs the roll of TP and looks for puddles and cleans them up, wherever they may be. I know everyone is going YUK! She put off this ritual and just sort of laid there.

I cuddled with her and asked her how she felt. She said "I don't know!" Honest to god. Well this is getting long, so need to wrap it up. We bonded and we slept.

Wasn't that a beautiful success story? I love it. We are so very proud of Chief, and so very happy for him and his wife.

This is the kind of stuff that makes my job so fulfilling. And it's the reason why I work so hard helping people in the forum.

The Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle online forum is where results happen.

You too can be part of it, no matter what skill level you're at. Everyone in the forum attains their goals.

And you get online access to me for only a small membership fee. Everyone wins.


Emailed to you in electronic download version.
You Can Cancel At Any Time.

One more thing, and this is important...

Since you have ordered Masterful Lover products before, you know I always provide a one year money-back guarantee. However, this is a very different critter, since it is a monthly membership program.

I struggled with what to do for such a program. Thing is, If I allowed a money-back guarantee there are a-holes out there who would abuse the system.

If you don't like it, you simply tell my customer satisfaction center and they will stop your membership. And you get to keep everything I sent you.

It's the most fair system I could come up with.

And you know I'll bust-my-butt to over-deliver on quality, so I'm betting you'll see the value of being an Inner Circle Member is way more than the $37 monthly membership dues. I'm confident you'll want to continue on as a member.


Give women incredible pleasure.

Your friend,

David Shade



Here's What People Are Saying About
David Shade


My girlfriend told me how much she likes that I am leading her in bedroom. She is telling me every time after we have had sex that she hasn't ever been coming like she just did.

She once said that it's not fair that she has 20 orgasms during intercourse and I have only one. Well, I told her that her orgasms gives me a great pleasure and its mutual satisfaction that she is having multiple orgasms. I haven't seen happier face before.

~ Matti P. in Finland

Just wanted to say you're products are awesome. I've learned so much from you it's unbelievable.

Keep up the good work man. Loyal follower.

~ Angelo Tasetano
Bronx, N.Y.

Man, I'm 49 years old! How do you think it feels to get calls from 20-somethings who want good sex and can't get it from their boyfriends / husbands? I can tell you, it feels awesome.

You say in your material that you don't teach pick-up. Well I've found that if someone masters your material they don't need to learn pick-up. I'm fully convinced that women know a masterful lover the minute he walks into a room, and they will pursue him relentlessly. It's all about exuding sexual confidence.

~ Brad Kline

You have helped me out tremendously.

By the way, my girlfriend couldn't be happier and she is doing everything that I like, and doing things she said she would never do (anal and loving it.)

You have changed my life for the better with this new knowledge. I have recommended you to all my friends to buy your programs.

My girlfriend thanks you too.

~ Russell Sanders

David Shade distinguishes himself from the rest in that he focuses such great detail on seldom discussed and often misunderstood subjects such as dirty talk, role playing and fantasy, dominance and submission, and threesomes - among others.

His explanation of the mind-body connection, and its relationship to these topics often unfairly tabooed by society, initially really challenged many of my misconceptions and limiting beliefs about them, but ultimately helped me to open myself up to a reality of powerful possibilities.

~ Daniel Gordon
Fort Collins, CO

I always feared that the girl would laugh at me if I said anything sexual, but usually the opposite happens and they get more turned on.

I'm hooking up with my ex-girlfriend, and now that I'm more vocal I get responses from her I never expected. Her nails will claw into my back when she used to just lie still like a dead fish.

~ Stu Stevens
McLean, Virginia

I have been able to teach my 20 year old girlfriend how to enjoy getting lost in passion and constantly horny because of David Shade.

Thank you David for helping men to quickly skip years of trial and error and find within ourselves all of the tools we need to break through every boundary of sexuality.

Words simply cannot express how close my girlfriend and I have become due to me taking the time to study your philosophy. Sexual confidence AND better relationships guaranteed!


~ Tim Lyden

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I'm 36 years old and have never had any problems with my sex life. But when I got divorced and started dating again my perspective changed - instead of just WANTING good sex I wanted to GIVE women GREAT sex.

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~ John Dilkins
London UK