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  1. Mar says:

    Joe Van Wyk.

    Giving a women a clitoral orgasm is basic, and she dont need your help with it, she can do that herself, what a women cannot self do is giving her vaginal orgasms through intercourse. You must master this art. You can get the power of erotic hypnosis by Mark Cunningham. so that you can conditioner her for no clitoral, but penetration vaginal orgasms.

  2. joe Van Wyk says:

    No offense David, however I repeatedly given clitoral,g spot, and the best in the world, the deep spot! I want your input on squirting orgasms! I believe I bring women there 100 times over, but they are either afraid to mess my sheets, which I am all good with! I have many sets to replace dirty sheets.Or too inhibited.

    My question to you (and I NEED an answer to completely reassure her/them women that it’s fine, let go!) For god sakes, I want it more for them,I swear!

    BUT what am i TO EXPECT FROM THE EJACULATE? Clear expulsion? Sweet or bitter taste? Watery or sticky? And a hundred other ?’s! How much should be released?Little or not so much!

    Props to you for making me the lover I am now, BUT I WANT TO(are you ready for this?) Make her lose TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL control of her “functions!”

    I can and always nearly make her so she cannot speak for 20 minutes after we have just 4play! Then I f#&k her retarted for lack of better words!

    Help me Dave, you are the guru!


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