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  1. Charlton says:

    David I can’t seem to download anything my blackberry device probably isn’t compatible with the format of the tracks or free mp3s and the video on top of this page. I need help. Can you help me out,please.

  2. David Shade says:

    Thank you, Jedi, for your kind words. And I’m very happy for your success!


  3. The Jedi says:

    Guys, if you’re watching this video, debating as to whether to invest in one of David’s programs, seriously, don’t even hesitate. It will be some of the best money you could ever possibly spend in your whole life.

    And, ladies, if you’re watching, bring it up to your man. Let it be his idea. Tell him the things you want to “unlock” together and point him towards David’s stuff. Yeah, he’ll wish it had been his idea at first. But, in the end, you’ll both be eternally grateful to David like I am.

    I own pretty much all of David’s programs. He didn’t put me up to this. In fact, he has no idea I’m even posting this comment.

    The things David says in this video (and in ALL of his material) are 100% spot on when you’re dealing with a secure, emotionally healthy woman.

    My girlfriend is an “Ideal Woman” by David’s definition, great relationship with her father, vivid sexual imagination, intelligent, self-confident, and believes she deserves to be happy (and HIGHLY sexually satisfied). She is SMOKING HOT and VERY confident and comfortable with her sexuality. Women don’t get more sexual than my girlfriend (in a healthy way), and I am here to tell you that she absolutely LOVES the sexual power and dominance I bring to our sexual relationship. She has said many, many times that she has never experienced a lover like me, never felt the things I’ve made her feel. And, when those comments are following her 4th, 5th, 6th squirting orgasm in a row and she is laying there in a pool of her own wetness, out of breath and mind fucking blown, I know she’s not lying.

    Guys, do yourselves, and more importantly, the women in your lives a huge favor, step up to the plate, and join us Masterful Lovers.

    Did you ever want to have some sort of superpower as a kid like being invisible or having x-ray glasses? Something that would give you an “unfair advantage”? Well, that’s exactly what this is.

    My girlfriend told me that I have “ruined her for all other guys”. (Which is just fine by me because I’m not letting this little lady get away!!)

  4. Ernest says:

    what an eye opener to most of us David I realy congratulate you and admire your experience. I can see why thre are so many spoiled relationships.thanks DAVID VERY SOON i hope ,I will buy or order that helpful book

  5. dg says:

    It’s interesting that one could actually make the comparison of how easy it for a hot woman to pick up a guy in a bar and how easy it is for a guy to cum during sex. As a guy, it’s something we take for granted, but our insecurities usually lie elsewhere. Seems like the same thing for women. Helpful video, David.

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