The Masterful Lover Manifesto

As a subscriber to my emails, you probably know by now that Masterful Lover is very different from everything else you’ve read.

And that is because Masterful Lover is based on truth from reality.

And as a result, it’s the only philosophy that really works. Which was the whole idea in the first place.

To sum it all up, I present to you now…

The Masterful Lover Manifesto:

  • The idea is not to get sex, the idea is to oblige her need for really good sex. Yes you’ll get sex, but that idea alone is limiting.
  • The idea is not to keep her satisfied, the idea is to keep her constantly horny. Yes you’ll satisfy her. Over and over. But keeping her always satisfied is boring. The idea goes way beyond that.
  • The idea is not to give her orgasms, the idea is to have absolute and complete control over her orgasms. Yes you’ll give her orgasms, but that’s not enough.
  • The idea is not to dominate her, the idea is to see that she has that sexually submissive experience that she craves. Yes you’ll dominate her, but keep in mind the why.
  • The idea is not to ruin it for all the other guys, the idea is to empower her. Yes she’ll have more options, but you can be rest assured that she’ll be completely focused on you.
  • The idea is not to please her, the idea is to give her the environment in which she gets to savor the experiences of pleasing you. Pleasing her to try to get things is supplicating. Lena tells us that a woman’s greatest need is to please her man. Oblige her need.
  • The idea is not to be a better lover, the idea is to be all the man you can be. Yes you’ll be a better lover, but you do all this for you, to celebrate being a man.
  • And finally, everything you do is for the purpose of increasing her responsiveness to you. Period.

Becoming a Masterful Lover is a matter of taking on the correct belief systems, getting the correct knowledge, and becoming a real man in every sense of the term.

You become a Masterful Lover by consuming the training material one at a time in the order listen on my products page:

Masterful Lover Products Page < --- See it all here Give women incredible pleasure, David Shade




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