Two Foolproof Methods To Give Women Orgasms

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  1. Phil says:

    David, I just started getting your information a couple of days ago. Now, I know why I'm divorced! LOL Thanx for this stuff! Powerful info for any man that really wants to please his woman!

  2. DavidShade says:


    I too had a divorce. It was the driving force behind me learning how to give women pleasure.

    The good news is, I've done all the hard work and waded through all the nonsense published about sexuality to find out what works. With just the two techniques in this video, one finger, and the attitude that you want to give women pleasure instead of getting sex… your relationships will be amazing.

    Women don't want to leave a man who can make them sexually satisfied because it's so damn rare. It's why they go for badboys, even when they get treated like crap because badboys are jerks.

    Add in a guy who treats women with respect and can connect on an emotional level, and can give them orgasms that take her breath away… she'll think she's been transported into a romance novel.

  3. john says:

    the videos dont play smoothly they are breaking up whats up? john

  4. DavidShade says:

    Hi John,

    Not sure. I'm having my Tech Guy look at it.

    One suggestion, hit play then pause. Let the video load for a minute, then hit play. Might help to let it load into the buffer.

  5. I've listened to the video around 2:30pm and, now, 5:30pm and I haven't had any problems. I have fast internet speed… ? Maybe a factor?

    I doing some research on why women cheat on their husbands. I don't trust polls because, well,… women lie too… or maybe they don't really know why. There's a popular theory that women cheat for emotional reasons. I'm not so sure I believe that. So, I wanted to ask you…Why do YOU think women cheat on / divorce their husbands?

  6. DavidShade says:

    Hi Steve,

    I don't teach pickup. I have many friends who are much better at teaching men about attraction. My focus is on what you do after your close the deal. How to have incredible sex in the context of a relationship.

    Being more sexually confident will help your meet and attract women. But I don't teach techniques for that.

  7. James P says:


    This looks similar to a “G Spot” stimulation only perhaps deeper. Please explain the difference in location and technique. Great information!



  8. DavidShade says:


    I think that women cheat on / divorce their husbands because they are not getting one or more of the four things that a woman MUST have:
    1) to feel special
    2) to feel a deep emotional connection
    3) to feel feminine and sexy and beautiful
    4) hot passionate sex.
    All of this is explained in detail in my book “The Secrets Of Female Sexuality”.


  9. Carl says:

    The ONLY reason people cheat (men & women) is because THEY WANT to.

  10. Roger says:

    Please send vidio.

  11. Sirius says:

    Wow! Great! It is strange though. I have given my woman orgasms in her clitoris and using the deep spot. And she always orgasms during sex. Though her orgasm during sex she says feels the same as the clitoral one. And when I give her the deep spot it is stronger and longer though not the same feeling during sex. Strange. Still great though!

  12. DavidShade says:


    Women cheat on / divorce their husbands because they are not getting one or more of the four things that a woman MUST have:
    1) to feel special
    2) to feel a deep emotional connection
    3) to feel feminine and sexy and beautiful
    4) hot passionate sex.
    All of this is explained in detail in my book “The Secrets Of Female Sexuality”.


  13. DavidShade says:


    It is similar to “G Spot” stimulation only deeper. The G spot is maybe 1 1/2 inches in along the front of the vagina, while the deep spot is maybe 4 inches in along the front of the vagina. For deep spot stimulation, you can usually press the tip of your finger fairly hard against the front of the deep spot. She will love it!


  14. ladorian says:

    Yes, that was some good stuff

  15. jb32 says:

    Hey Guys,

    Loved the video and just want to say can't wait to try it out. Keep up the great work.

  16. jeffscottjd says:

    Outstanding work, David. I appreciate your efforts. I employed your tactics on my new girl last night and this morning and she screamed wildly. She said she had never felt such a deep emotional connection with anyone before, and she's 30. I felt like a King. Act like a King to be treated like one. Just as you say, I treat her w respect and dignity outside the bedroom; within the bedroom, she gets incredible pleasure from me and quivers whilst simply dry humping me. It is incredible to share this w her. Thank you.

  17. Tonya says:

    Wow, this is so enligtening and so true , I 've been married for 18 years and want so much more and have considered finding it somewhere else!

  18. Banks says:

    I viewed the vedio and would like to try the techniques

  19. david says:

    Iam grateful to have gotten this site,now iam asking;how do i get my wife to qick and multple orgasm?Can i get videos on my e-mail ddress for the better postures ;i want to save my marriage.

  20. Jack Gordon says:

    The illustrations are particularly useful, they show exactly how the techniques should be applied.

    We men cannot know too much about women`s respomses. We have been kepti ini ignorance for too long. But now, thanks to David |Shade and these videos we can go forward with confidence and rreally give the womeninour lives their birthright – wild, screaming orgasms.

    Thank you, David Shade and your collaborators.


  21. DavidShade says:

    Hello David,

    First thing, this is important… “better postures” (which I assume means better positions) will not save your marriage. In fact positions don't mean squat when it comes to giving a woman orgasms. Now I'll admit, they can be fun, but learning positions won't give your woman orgasms.

    You need to learn to give her clitoral and vaginal orgasms like I showed you in the 2nd Sexual Power video. Plus, you need to have respect, trust, and be emotionally vulnerable to your wife.

    Great sex is important to a relationship, but it is only one of the four things a woman must have:

    1) to feel special
    2) to feel a deep emotional connection
    3) to feel feminine and sexy and beautiful
    4) hot passionate sex.

    All of this is explained in detail in my book “The Secrets Of Female Sexuality”. (available on Amazon.com)

    Make sure she can orgasm with the Welcomed Method and the Deep Spot. She will be amazed and love you more for it. Connect and bond with her and you will have the kind of happy marriage most folks dream about.

  22. DavidShade says:

    Thank you for the kind words Jack.

    I look forward to hearing your success stories!

  23. DavidShade says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Outstanding work yourself! It's good to be the kind isn't it?

    You and your woman have taken the first steps on an amazing journey. And the really good news is… it keeps getting more and more amazing. She will be open to trying ANYTHING as long as you take the lead and she feels safe. And the emotional connection is a key part. Always re-bond with her after a powerful sexual experience. It grounds her and makes your relationship even stronger.

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  24. bob says:


    I just signed up for this and luckily my girlfriend was around to try the deep spot method. Now, she has come before (from intercourse), but on the deep spot method, she felt like she had to – pee! She didn't like it. Yet, I just reviewed the video and found it to describe what I had done. So either my girl is uniquely built, or it is not quite foolproof, or you have hereby found a fool greater than you thought could exist.

    The welcomed method did its work easily ;) My girl, my relationship and Me say “Thank you, David!”


  25. DavidShade says:

    She felt that she had to pee because in actuality she was about to ejaculate, which also means she was about to orgasm. I describe in detail, and at length, how to handle this situation, including teaching her how to squirt, in my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”. Sign up for my f.r.e.e email newsletter to read more about that.

  26. Bill says:


    I just used your “two foolproof methods” on the last two sessions with a woman I get with on a regular basis. She's hooked, and stated no man has ever made her feel the way I have. Needless to say, I will be a daily reader of your material. She is now the one planning the next get together. Give them multiple orgasms and they won't leave you alone. By the way, we are in our 40's and acting like we are in our 20's. Thanks a million for the great tips.

  27. Hawk says:

    Hi David.
    I have the Masterful Lover manual and have used it to amazing success. I've made women cum, over the phone, with just the sound of my voice! I learned early in life to be a good lover, but your manual has improved my skills and continued my education.
    I really enjoyed this video as a supplement to the manual. Hearing you walk through the Welcome Method and The Deep Spot, and seeing the illustrations are like being in the class room with the teacher.
    Just a thought, maybe you should re-release the MLM as a video. No need to cut me in for 10%, just a occasional product, or seminar would suffice. Lol!
    Thanks for your work.
    You're trully serving, and helping others improve their lives.
    Continued success.

  28. AA says:

    JUST one word EXCELLENT

  29. deepak says:

    i am not able to see the video

  30. DavidShade says:

    Hi Deepak,

    I just tested the video and it's working fine. We tested these videos on Mac and windows, and using Firefox, Safari, Flock, and IE browsers. The only thing I can guess is you might need to update your browser to the latest flash video plugin.

  31. DavidShade says:

    Hello Hawk,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been considering using more video in my programs and how best to do it. Good to know you found value in it.

    And I love that you have had great success giving women orgasms over the phone. It's pretty damn cool when they orgasm just from your voice isn't it?

  32. Moe says:

    Dave i'm trying to get your book/s…from where can i buy them?

  33. Ziggy says:


    Do you use this method each time you have sex or just the once to awaken the vagina?

  34. DavidShade says:

    Certainly you use the deep spot to awaken her vagina. After that, variety rules and increasing her responsiveness to you is the goal. It can be used in foreplay to give her a powerful vaginal orgasm, which makes her even more responsive to a vaginal orgasm in intercourse. Always variety and always increase her responsiveness to you.

  35. DavidShade says:

    Hi Moe. Sign up for my f.r.e.e email newsletter to read where to get them.

  36. Fredrik, Sweden says:

    David, I've been reading and practising your material for about two years now. It has given me and my women terrific experiences and myself a new and powerful self confidence which I can now se much clearer that many men lack. Fantastic stuff. The things you teach, along with some other dating and pick-up advice, should in one form or another be taught to kids in 7th or 8th grade in school. Just imagine guys if you'd had this knowledge in your teens when you started dating girls.

  37. jeff keller says:

    you need to show couples especially females experienceing the use of these technicques & her pleasures given by her male partner

  38. brandy says:

    Women like this in the beginning of sex before penetration. Please lubricate her up and you will not force way in but love your entry and so will she.

  39. simon says:

    The video clip stop half way of the show. would appreciate the full video

  40. Rick says:

    In using these methods.. my partner keeps pulling me up on top before any orgasm..seems to fade slowly away and she doesn't let me return at any point…. having difficulties I'm guessing now-with pleasing her totally..!

  41. DavidShade says:

    Hi Rick,

    You must be the one in control in the bedroom. You are allowing her to take control and she's not getting the full benefit of the techniques for orgasm you have learned.

    Women like to be dominated by their man in the bedroom. You need to step into that role. She will love your more for doing so.

  42. DavidShade says:

    Hi Brandy,

    Yes, lubrication is important. I recommend Astro Glide.

  43. hyena says:

    thanks for the good job.You are really teaching good stuff for those who care to know. please kindly give more staff on how to make women orgasm more and more.
    Till then great time.

  44. niiokai says:

    i wish to know all ablout sex power

  45. DavidShade says:

    I am happy for you, Brandy, he does it for you.
    But also, not to fool anyone, there is overwhelming evidence to the fact that size is not the determining factor in causing women to have orgasms. Consider the countless examples of women who are bored with their big sized man. But if he works for you, good; the idea is that couples are happy and satisfied.

  46. NeoAnderson says:

    Could u get some more pictures or diagrams or drawings please plse that be really awesome and how could learn alot more about this and were?

  47. James says:

    Hey, that was a great little video! REAL how-to-do-it content instead of the typical thinly disguised sales piece. I accidentally did something very much like the deep spot finger technique on a gal seveal years back, and was surprised by her wild reaction. But I just figured she was highly sexual so it never dawned on me what it was that set her off. Now I know…

  48. henry rosado says:

    Does it really work…Lets see

  49. Tim says:

    how do I get my wife to have anal sex?

  50. DavidShade says:

    You will find the answer fully explained at length in my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”

  51. bzyexec says:

    Your advise is exactly RIGHT ON! My fiance was married twice before and she tells me that no one has EVER satisfied her as I have. I'm not bragging but by focusing on her pleasure I achieve the ultimate sexual pleasure. She has done things I did not believe were possible! Your advice is exactly the right word – she says she has never expereienced a vaginal orgasm nor has she ever been able to have multiple orgasms until I was able to show her how. We have amagnificent relationship and I must admit – she is sometimes overwhelming. I hope other men will listenm to your “words of wisdom” – the secret is to focus on her – on her pleasure – on her achieving the “BIG O” – you can then guarantee you will achieve nervana!

  52. DavidShade says:

    Now why the hell would you pay for it when there is an endless supply of women that want it?
    And what do you think it does to your self-esteem when you pay for it?
    And what the hell makes you think she is interested in you impressing her?

    Go out there and find a woman who would appreciate it, and give HER incredible pleasure.
    There is a continuous supply of unfulfilled women. It seems a man's job is never done.


  53. Maurice says:

    My fiancee tells me that I'm not pleasing her. She tells me that she don't feel anything when we have sex. What do I do now?

  54. DavidShade says:

    Don't get married! She will some day find a man who does please her.

    Get the sex working right first. What is it worth to you?

  55. Pam says:

    Hi, about a month ago I was in a situation where I got fingered and he hit my deep spot! OMG I had my first orgasm! IT WAS GREAT! Now I want it all the time

  56. noname001 says:

    Wow sound real. im going to try it with my GF. Thanks for the advice

  57. anthony says:

    bring it on

  58. rob says:

    thanks 4 the help

  59. Robert Buhl says:

    I am glad that I have had the chance to discover and listen to all of the quality advice and learn new ways of pleasuring women. Thank You Much , Bob in Detroit

  60. Adi says:

    David, i'm curious to know if the deep spot technique works on virgins…

  61. brian says:

    well i gotta tell ya, I dont want to admit it but…when it comes to the really good part of sex w/ my wife, I am so hot to trott that I have to stop or the game is over before she even gets a chance to score? My dad used to say …'just think about baseball' but when I do all I can think is 'home run'! any suggestions?

  62. paul says:

    ok im sold ….ive already purchased two things one which teaches another is all flf on hypnosis but i have heard rave revue about your work ….. how much is all the info including hypnosis,making girls come from voice over ph… etc all the techniques! no offence but i get annoyed with your lay out it should be more user friendly for me to know how to purchase hahaha ,…….

  63. DavidShade says:

    Subscribe to my free email newsletter. In the newsletter I tell you where to purchase my products.

  64. DavidShade says:

    Move your thinking to giving her orgasms instead of you not having orgasms.

  65. ntapechela says:

    send me videos on dirty talk and g sport/deep sport

  66. mb says:

    Is it good to masterbate your wife often

  67. empress says:

    very helpful tips, I've been trying to achieve these orgasms for years now and lately I've become obsessed w/ it now that I've seen this footage I can share it w/ my husband and hopefully I will reach my goal!!!

  68. robert says:

    I think that more men need to watch your stuff. I just started watching it and agree with you a lot.

  69. robert says:

    I have never try it . But thank for the info.

  70. sylvester Brown says:

    Great stuff wish i new this years ago

  71. todd says:

    want my wife to want sex all the time i am around her

  72. enenche says:

    i need your assistance so that i can satisfy my wife in bed

  73. hanksjr says:

    very insiteful, Thanks

  74. paul says:

    thank you

  75. Mukesh says:

    Thank u
    so much…

  76. razeen says:

    hy bro i like to receive information from you.


  77. rock_hard123 says:

    all updates,and newsletters i may need,send them to me.

  78. PaulRingo says:

    David, thank you very much for this information. I had heard you a while ago in a podcast with Juggler. I guess I was to involved in myself that I ignored you.

    I ignored my wife for a while. I'm to blame as I realize now how dumb I am as to wome sexuality. Now I can sense that we are going right into a Divorce.

    When things have gone wrong with one woman for so long. Can they change with the same woman? I don't want to loose her.

  79. steven says:

    used the vaginal type last night before reading this last night she squirted all over the place she said what the hell was that I said that was your first female ejaculation.i think she may be a bloke cos she just shot her load then rolled over and went to sleep but she did say it was the best night sleep she had ever had.lol

  80. jay says:

    this stuff is great

  81. Rob says:

    ha the second one ive already done cus i thought it was kinda obvious afer knowing that the G-Spot ia normally 3 inches in


  82. le champignon says:

    with the second technique, isn't this in fact stimulating the G spot? if it is, it is a good explanation of how to stimulate this elusive spot in a woman's vagina. i think the videos are great and non intimidating? keep it up. i look forward to others.
    le champignon

  83. kermit says:

    Is Astroglide necessary or will this work with natural vaginal lubricants? Also, can the tongue be used in the same manner as the finger?

  84. anna marie says:

    wats up im playin with my pussy

  85. jay says:

    thank you man these tips have saved my relationship and we have never been closer.you really are a god send!!!! please please please keep them coming.jay

  86. Adam says:

    My main issue is confidence. I am terorfied every time hat she will feel that im inadequate and all i want to do is give her multiple orgasms every time we are in the bedroom. I would like to know more about the deep spot technique.

  87. Unnee says:

    I am not good in sex always my wife is un happy. Due to sexual life we have some family problems. My penny is not functioning properly. reason why it is not getting strong and long duration, could advice me what shall i do in the future. I am 47 years old man

  88. gb23 says:

    im goin to try it tonight we'll see

  89. Bart says:

    I lick my wifes pussey an bring her to multa orgasms.trouble is Iwant to suck her juce afterwards.but she pushes me away.How do i keep her wanting tunging an sucking her ??Bart

  90. tinechris says:

    I just have to cvote you on this one!: “You must be the one in control in the bedroom. You are allowing her to take control and she's not getting the full benefit of the techniques for orgasm you have learned.

    Women like to be dominated by their man in the bedroom. You need to step into that role. She will love your more for doing so.”

    I think that what you are saying here is quite dangerous. As a “teacher” or “preacher” you have a responsebillity. Saying to men searching for answers to “control a woman” by dominating her could quite easly be mistaken.

    I my self like for men to be confident and often to be in control( i also like to be in control my self and be “the main pleaser from time to time), but to say that you should not allow a woman to have controll, take it from her and just keep doing what you want is not a good way to go. The point should be to conect with the woman and make her trust you (becouse she can offcourse!) and then wow her with youre tricks! Not to force her to see your way by making her an object to please wether she wants to or not. Do you agree or is all this talk about deep emotional connection
    just bullshit to cover up a sexist teaching?

  91. DavidShade says:

    Hi tinechris,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate when people post their true honest thoughts.

    I agree with you completely that in the bedroom men need to be confident and in control, while at times letting the woman be in control. This is referred to as consensual exchange of “who's driving”. There will be times when neither party is “driving”, such as when they simply both get lost in the passion. That's all good, and that's another discussion, but let's talk about giving a woman her first vaginal orgasm of her life.

    It does not mean to not allow a woman to have control. Actually, both people are ultimately in control at all times simply by virtue of the fact that either party can just walk away from the situation. But then nobody benefits.

    It does not mean the man should keep doing what he wants just because he wants to exercise control. That isn't going to give her orgasms either.

    For a framework for discussion, let's take a generic example of a woman who has been married for 20 years. She has never had a vaginal orgasm. It happens to be a very large percentage of married women. What the couple has been doing for years hasn't worked. He hasn't been able to give her a vaginal orgasm, and she hasn't been able to give herself a vaginal orgasm. As I have said many times, if women could just do it themselves, they would. But in a large percentage of married women, as much as she would like to have a vaginal orgasm, she hasn't.

    So something else has to happen.

    Two things mainly have to change: 1) a different technique must be used because the same old in-out hasn't worked for all those years, and 2) women sometimes unknowingly thwart success for completely understandable reasons just before it could have happened.

    Now to look specifically at the post that you are referring to, where Rick wrote: “In using these methods, my partner keeps pulling me up on top before any orgasm. Seems to fade slowly away and she doesn't let me return at any point.” Rick could very well be a man trying my technique to give his wife her first vaginal orgasm.

    What sometimes happens when men use the deep spot technique to give his partner her very first vaginal orgasm, is usually one of two things:

    1) The woman will feel like she has to pee and tells him to stop. In actuality, it means she is about to ejaculate, which means she is about to have a vaginal orgasm!

    2) The feeling of pleasure is so good that the woman cannot handle it and tells him to stop. That goes back to issues related to deservedness and other things, which I discuss at great length in two of my programs.

    Sometimes she doesn't tell him to stop, but instead insists that he make love to her. It is a way of saying “stop doing that” which doesn't bruise his ego and which doesn't require her to explain her objection to what he was doing.

    I explain in detail and at great length how to handle all of these situations in a win-win manner in my program “Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms”. But the part that men have some trouble doing is following through with what obviously is working. If she is about to have a vaginal orgasm, but she tells him to make love to her, then he stops doing what was going to work and goes back to the same old same old that has never worked.

    So at that critical moment, I tell men to be in control. Keep doing what might actually work, even though she might want to go back to what is familiar.

    In order that his woman will follow his lead at the critical point, he absolutely must do all the other things in the relationship that are critically important that I have told him he must do. Such things include treating his woman with the utmost respect, meeting the four things that a woman needs to have in a relationship, nurturing a deep emotional connection, building trust, etc. I write about these things at great length in at least two of my programs.


  92. Charles Bennett says:

    Great stuff, thank you.

  93. chazmartin says:

    Help a brother out

  94. marc says:

    Hey Dave, Awesome material!
    I have been sexing a female friend for some months now, in fact our first time she had a multiple, her first at that, woohoo!! Her exact words were “Damn,, i never exploded at that magnitude!” I loved that :) This was done using the taoist thrust method and varying strokes along with soft and ruff sensual massage and dirtytalk. Anyhow got some questions:
    Now that i helped her get intuned with her inner sexual beast, whats the chances of infidelity on her part? what i mean is, i feel i love her cause we connect on all levels but as i see other chicks i think about sexing them. Are most women wired diffrently meaning, are they tied to the orgasms we give them and somthing in them makes them want to be exclusive to us or would they wanna get up and feel free to fuck the next dude more so now, like we would the next girl ? And also are their any more stroking methods(with penis) for her to acheive wild screaming orgasms?

  95. jimy says:

    iam just new to this programe, and i like to learn more about it.


  96. superp says:

    the video seems to stop everytime at 4.56 , not sure why!!

    is it me or the videos thats the problem…

    really enjoying the video, thank you david, need this infor more than i thought!!!!

  97. DavidShade says:

    I have had similar trouble with flash videos using Firefox, but they work okay with IE.

  98. DavidShade says:

    If you think about “sexing other chicks” don't be surprised if your “female friend” senses that. For that reason, and the fact that you don't refer to her as your girlfriend, she may very well start thinking about other men.

    As for orgasms, the more orgasms you give her, the more she is going to want to stay with you. Don't ya think? I find it hilarious when men think that if you bring out a woman's sexuality, that she is going to run out and be sexual with all the other men. Hilarious.

    As for thrusting methods, how many could there possibly be? Taoist thrusting is an extremely good method. To vary things, I recommend that you vary things using the words you say to her while trusting, the situations in which you do thrusting, the context in which thrusting takes place, etc, etc…

  99. ksaenario says:


  100. ajaa says:

    Hi i met a guy recently, he is very nice but in bed he is totally hopeless. No wonder he's never married. I really want him to know whats woman really want in bed.

  101. tom says:

    thought guys already knew this ?!

  102. wilter says:

    think you i lean a lot from those video

  103. hector says:

    tnanks so much! it was very helpfull..i learned a lot about this…

  104. Fouglas says:

    Thank you for the teaching about the deep spot. I hope to make use of that with my wife.When I get her to bed again, I am sure she will pleasantly surprised.
    But as you have said in other material, I have to get those other three needs for her fulfilled before we get to bed.

  105. cibring says:

    I love it. I ve been trying to teach my partner how to do the clit thing for a while now he still wants to do the flick motion and the very light touch gave me an orgasm out of this world and i would like to experience this every session because it is hard for me to get one vaginally i must try the other one very soon thanks……

  106. kdashz says:

    Hi there David,

    Firstly, I would love to tell you about how much your products have helped me, totally clueless until not so long ago when I discovered your products (Hot Phone Sex, GWWHSO and even the Manual). This is the second time I've written to you. The first time, I asked what would happen if the girl you were seeing were deaf and mute. Now I've moved on from her and gotten myself a fantastic girlfriend and just like a true textbook case from the book, she enjoyed everything I gave to her from the start and we are still going at it like rabbits simply because I can make her cum in any way possible, just with my voice, my fingers, my tongue, my tool, toys etc. We have been dating for almost 5 months and we're still loving every minute of it, including the mind blowing sex and the relative ease we have at giving each other simultaneous orgasms (a rare feat even for a master like you, you say!).

    However, as she and I both noticed and she pointed out, her body is getting less sensitive to the stimulation that is given to her over time. As we recall, the deep spot method caused her to go ballistic and writhe all over the bed for me now requires a good 4 minutes of dirty talking and constant stimulation to get her off, and her ability to go into the continuous orgasm state has decreased in frequency over time. Her nipples have gradually also lost their initial sensitivity although they still respond extremely well. Is there something else I should be doing to engage her highly erotic mind?

    I would like to hear your advice! Thank you so much David!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Lasting Relationships!

  107. frank says:

    i want to know more on how to satify a woman sexually am relly nenjoying the tip

  108. rick fowler says:

    that was good lots of good free fun to have in the bedroom .

  109. Hottie_69 says:

    I am new to this site and I am lookin for some hot fun, can I get it from here? LOL

  110. galen says:

    i hope this helps me

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    this is good info think

  113. fcain64 says:

    great info thanks….

  114. rwhiz says:

    WOW !!!!
    I have asked myself “What the hell have I been doing for years with women” the answer unfortunately was learning s-l-o-w-l-y. Watching your clitoral and vaginal orgasmic videos….I did not know this.
    I can't wait to do this to my girlfriend, over and over again.
    Count me in!!!

  115. prettylee says:

    i am a women 32 years old and never had a clitirol or vaginal orgasm. how can i have both types of orgasms on a regular basis. please help. Oh, i for got to mention i haven't had sex in 9 years too because of not being able to have any type of orgasm especialy vaginal orgasms. can you help me?

  116. johnpeterman38 says:

    maybe youshould show some vidos on this andsted of jeet talking on thiscant learn buy you talking on this lest see awomen having a orgasms dont toke a bout it lests see some ladys

  117. DavidShade says:

    Hi John,

    There is a video demonstrating the deep spot on this blog, and also at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZOHXxdjDzI

  118. DavidShade says:

    Hi Johnston,

    You are correct about that. And my video on the Deep Spot does cover the importance of well trimmed finger nails. You can find it on the blog here, and also on YouTube as The Official Deep Spot Video.

  119. DavidShade says:

    Hi John,

    With what you have learned, you don't need luck. Just be the man and take the lead. I'll be looking to hear your success stories soon. :-)

  120. farniack2 says:

    I will appreciate your assistance

  121. Stephen Lewis says:

    Hi i just watched your second vid, my wife has sexual hangups from previous lovers so i'm going to try this technique to see if it helps. Will let you know soon, thanks Dave look forward to the next video.

    Bye for now


  122. Kevin says:

    Ok I’m going to try this the next time me and my girl mess around. Because we have been together for a good six months but neither one of us have had sex before and we both want to wait until marriage. But we do mess around and want to give each other pleasure. Now when we do mess around she says she enjoys me giving her oral sex but I know that she could be enjoying it a lot more. We both want to go as far as possible without having to go all the way. I want her to want me uncontrollably and I want to be able to give her pleasure that she would never imagine but I need to know how without having intercourse. I also want to know how to give her better oral sex as well. She has never really done anything sexual with any other guy before me and I want to make it so good that she cant even imagine someone else. We were friends for a long time and now are deeply in love. But i know that the only way for this to maintain is if i can just give her the pleasure that no one else can. So with that said Dave I really want and need your help, because again she says that she likes it but I think and know that I could be doing a lot better because, right now she does tell me at times that she wants me to do whatever i want to her, but i want her to be addicted and to get everything that she can get out of her orgasms. We are both in college and everything is going good right now. But i don’t want her to get bored so please Dave can you tell me and show me how to do all this without having intercourse? I really want your help.

  123. Princess says:

    I just discovered your site. I have always longed to experience orgasms with a man, but have only been able to do in through masturbation. Besides for these techniques, what supplements, herbs and/or food can you recommend for increasing sexual arousal in general? It is hard for me to get turned on and so easy for me to get turned off. It was easier when I was younger. What can I do/take to increase the blood flow? Thank you for your help.

  124. Tim says:

    Hey David,

    Do you have any tips for kissing? I am an inexperienced kisser and don’t want to embarrass myself or let her down.



  125. The first video is brilliant. I confirms that my conviction that the greatest sexual leasure for me is for my partner to experience intense sexual leasure, is acceptable

  126. michael says:

    Hi, David Shade. I have one question pertaining to the Clitoral Orgasm. Do I have to anchor the opening of her vagina? I mean is it required so she can get an orgasm?

  127. Hey David, I used the deep spot method today and made a girl orgasm very quickly, and she just melted, she loves me. I have to admit I didnt do as well on the Welcoming method, I couldn’t consistently find her clitoris and in the end she did it herself… Ive looked at anatomy websites and so on and I know that it is at the top of where the inner labia meet, but haha I dont have great eyesite and often cant see it!!!! I know you’ll be able to do this without looking, how do you find a woman’s clitoris consistently and fast? I am 21 years old and Ive had sex 5 times in 2 days holy shit you’re material is simply the best David, I have absolutely enourmous respect for you and your work, thankyou

  128. morteza says:

    hi david i am mori from uk . i sow the videos it was good experiance for me .im marrid 2 year my wife was vergin in that time.i tryed to dont make her lots of pain after 2 year now is dificult for here to com with intecors so she try to tuch her self while i put insid. and she fill not comfortable som time what advise you have for me tank

  129. LISA says:

    can women perform deep spot on themselves?

  130. Yes, but it did not cause a vaginal orgasm with just using the finger in the deep spot. After that I used clitoral stimulation and had a clitoral and vaginal orgasm/spasm at the same time…felt great. I was sore for quite a few days in my vagina and felt very uncomfortable – almost painful. I figured that the “vaginal” orgasm was really an involuntary spasm caused by an “irritation” of the vaginal wall or muscles caused by the stroking motion. I tried to copy that same method at other times afterwards to see if it would occur once more and discovered that the sensitivity in the vagina had lessened. Using the deep spot did not cause a “vaginal” orgasm/spasm again solo, or even with clitoral stimulation immediately following afterwards and a successful orgasm. I have no idea why it never happened again. Anyway, good luck and give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.

    The “vaginal” orgasm seems to be elusive once more. It is difficult to discern when mostly men tell these stories of how their ladies were pleased sexually like that. I would prefer to hear WOMEN say that it was successful for them. We know all too well what actresses we woman can be. I hope that these guys are being told the truth about the deep spot and not being pacified by their ladies who are trying to get around this method of trying to orgasm vaginally where there are virtually no nerve endings. Kind of like asking a man to orgasm by stroking his testicles for twenty minutes – maybe some can! However, I think the concept of trying to please their woman is a novel idea. For far too long men have been blindly lead down the wrong path with female sexuality, and in many instances been extremely selfish. David has the right idea in guiding them in their manner of approach. It has been long time coming….no pun intended.

  131. David Shade says:

    Yes, women can perform deep spot stimulation on themselves. Get a slender dildo with a curved tip. Experiment. Works wonders.

  132. David Shade says:

    Hi Lucas,
    I am glad the deep spot worked out so well for you!
    To find a woman’s clitoris in the dark, place your fingertip between her inner labia. Slide up slowly. If you get to her pubic hair, you’ve gone too far. Make like you were just teasing her. Start over. Slide up slowly. Just about where the labia meet at the top, you may feel a small bump. If so, that’s probably it. If she gasps when you touch it, that’s probably it. If she gasps more while you lightly stroke it, that’s probably it.
    Many women stimulate their clitoris by putting a little pressure on it and making a circular motion, like rolling bean. You can do that to get her warmed up, and to get familiar with it.
    Of course, you want to work your way to using the Welcomed method. That requires a great deal of concentration to remain right on the tip. Very light pressure and very short strokes. Women find it dreamy.
    As they say in Star Wars right before the big explosion, “Stay on target! Stay on Target!” Right before she comes, her clitoris may feel like it is getting smaller, or being drawn into the body. Stay on target!

  133. David Shade says:

    No you don’t have to anchor the opening of her vagina. In fact, I usually don’t. It is good to do on occasions, but many times you won’t be in a position to do it, which in itself is a good thing.

  134. David Shade says:

    Yes, it is entirely acceptable that the greatest sexual pleasure for you is for your partner to experience intense sexual pleasure.
    “A Masterful Lover derives no greater pleasure than pleasing his woman.”

  135. paria says:

    dear David
    i couldn’t see the video but i read some of the comments & i have to say i completely agree with you.
    orgasm in women depends on lots of factors,maybe they would get it through physical manipulation but not enough satisfactory to enjoy & remember it as a good memory.the most important part is to get love & respect & be emotionally impressed by whom you have sex with.
    previously i had a boy friend & i cheated him because i could never trust him & i always had a feeling that he cheats me,so finally i did it & after that i couldn’t continue our relationship & broke up,now i have some one that i completely trust . i love him so much & although he is not skillful in sex i enjoy it a lot …
    & i ‘m sure i would never ever cheat on him…

  136. Bryan says:

    I have used these methods with my wife for awhile now. They work very well. She always seems to need a few minutes after we have finished to stop her involuntary shaking. She always says that it was incredible and loved the experience. The only part I have a problem with, is , getting her to do it. We have been married for 5 years and it seems like she wants sex less and less lately. I know she is truly having orgasms, I have used the spincter touch method several times. Any suggestions. Brayn

  137. jamie says:

    Hey David,

    I use the clitoral orgasm technique on my girl, all the time and she loves it. However when i go to do the deep spot technique she says she is to tender when i put my finger in and seams to find it discomforting. What should i do?

  138. ralphy says:

    dear David i just turned 20 and me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and i really want to pleasuer her the thing is i have a problem i come very easy and i hate that cause i hate having to stop and fix myself so i need your help i want to give her the best sex of her life

  139. Travis says:

    David you are the man I mean these techniques are 100 percent guarenteed. I mean I had no problem using my tool but now I have a way to get a head start on my girl and she loves it. Its like her orgasms have increased 10 times and she looks at me like who am I and how am I able to make her feel this way. So thanks man for everything

  140. kevin says:

    im sure a lot of men can learn from this but for me the 2 things you showed i learned when i was 16 and 19 i was hopping to learn some thing new

  141. David Shade says:

    Good that she is having orgasms. Do you two now have children and she is still working full time? The stress can ruin her interest in sex.

  142. David Shade says:

    How hard are you doing it? Did you warm her up first? It is best to start with a clitoral orgasm and then let her recover and then go for the deep spot.

  143. David Shade says:

    I have given you two awesome methods to give her orgasms. Use them to give her multiple orgasms even before intercourse. Increase her responsiveness so that she orgasms vaginally very quickly. You can actually get her to the point where she will orgasm faster than you. But you will find with your increased confidence and emotional connection to her, that you will naturally last longer.
    Read Travis’ post right after yours.

  144. Justin says:

    I would like to say if you didn’t know this method already then your women should be cheating on you!!! David any well exp guy or girl know how to please the their partner.

    p.s. If your sex life sux or has become boring get some old fashion “SEX TOYS” women love foreplay..

  145. I just hope it works. Sounds good 4 stars.

  146. richard says:


  147. fred says:

    Thx for the tips. what I’d like to know is how to give my wife a orgasm over the phone. thx. since I’m away for a few months due to work and still want to keep her satisfied..

  148. Helloo David!

    So what you are saying in this video is that before deep spot penetration you must do the welcoming method? You can stimulate her deep spot after clitoral orgasm?

  149. tlady says:

    I just happened to stumble across this web site and this information is so very true. I use to think i was the only one in the group of women I know that would have a gushing soaked oragasm that would run down my husband balls and a– crack and still reach the bed and these methods are what he uses on me. I wonder if he found this website before I did:)It’s true guys, no matter how much we fuss or fight I can’t wait til its make up time and I can do what ever I desire to and with him with a clear mind because he is my husband and that’s also a key factor to the intensity, spiritually, imo. There is a difference because I had these type of orgasms before I was married but it’s something about complying with The Lords law that lifts a huge burden off your shoulders and between my legs too. Happy hypothosizing men!!

  150. al says:

    my wife use to want me alot now she siad she still wants me but is never in the mood what can i do just to get her in the mood she said its not me its her, i don’t know how to arouse her anymore please help.

  151. magdalena says:

    thank you David lover all the information am a lesbian we also need the help i want to learn as much as i can with all your tips so i can to give my gf the best orgasm of her live

  152. tillman says:

    my wife states that since the birth of our last child, her sex drive and wants have left and dont want sex any more.. 6yrs ago.. we still have sex but its to my binifit.. i want to help wake her sex drive up and i watched the video’s do you have any more video’s coming out or already out.. its all about my wife.. not me.. i want to help her become alive again..

  153. Rush says:

    I’ve always been able get a girl to have multiple orgasm without much problem ive gone over all of your material and many other peoples but i have a girlfriend now that can only have orgasms while i either hypnotize her (which she likes) or through clitoral stimultation she freaks out everytime she gets close to a vaginal orgasm even after we’ve talked it through many times i even tried to stop that during hypnosis. I think something in her sub conciouse mind will not let this happen please give me a way to change this

  154. Michael says:

    When providing deep spot stimulation which will hopefully lead to climax how long is the average time for the deep spot to be stimulated before orgasm is reached? How long should an individual wait before bginning other types of stimulation such as oral pleasuring?
    Any help on this subject is very much appreciated.
    One who is ready to learn and see the light!

  155. aaron says:

    I loved the vidieos and going to try on wife tonight. Hope it works.

  156. Jerald says:

    Hey, Dave,
    when Placing an order, for your book, dont you have an “e-book”
    or a p.d.f. file to be able to download your material?


  157. David Shade says:

    My products are shipped products. When I used to have products available as e-books (pdf) the men did not have as much success as the men who purchased the shipped version. So I only allow the shipped version. Now if you are concerned about what would happen when the plain wrapped box arrives at your house, then you need to fix that before you even have any chance at success.

  158. Martin says:

    Look I haven’t tried this yet so l don’t know how successful I’ll be with it, but this is some genius shit if it works Dave I love you MAN…lol

  159. kyle says:

    thanks for that i thought i had hit the deep spot before when i was just exploring but now i know where to go… i think u just saved my relationship

  160. curtis says:

    hey just lisened to your video an am going to try it hope you knw what your talking about be cause if this dont work i think me an my wife will be getting a divorce an i dont want that i will do anything to get the love back with her she is a great woman

  161. brandon says:

    question is the lube required? or its just an option?

  162. Nic says:

    I’m a female and have had the deep spot used on myself and yes I felt like I had to pee. Can you tell me how to release and have that terrific vaginal orgasm? You also mentionned squirting? What and how please? I’m afraid I’m going to wet myself I would hate to pee on him, how can I tell the difference? I like the feeling for sure but want to experience the full deal? Would love to hear what the top things guys would like to hear in the bedroom? During dirty talk?thanks

  163. Yvonne says:

    Hi David, Im a woman who has never experienced an Orgasam. Although I enjoy sex, and I Love my partner very much, It is Frustrating. I just want to release. Does Lubraction really work? I’ve had my Clit Messaged before by my boyfriend, but I get no effect from It at all.. I do know, that I do sometimes enjoy being Fingerd rather than sex.. Is that wrong? :-/ I really really want to experience the Full -Blown Orgasm for the first time. And I want It to be with him. How do I approch the situation? Cause he Isn’t crap In bed, he just needs to work on It alittle. Please get back to me :) thanks.

  164. Thumper says:

    Had heard alot about the female g-spot. My boyfriend and I have been watching your videos and trying them out. Didn’t know that I could get that weak after making love. Needless to say our sex life is getting better and better all the time. Looking forward to more videos in the future. Thankyou

  165. Freeman says:

    That is a good tip that you have given for free. But, believe it or not, I discovered this technique on my own by accident. I have actually made my woman squirt because of it. I enjoy doing this a lot. Sometimes I have to
    give her a break from it, because it takes so much out of her. Thanks for the tip anyway

  166. paul roti says:


    holy crap man…i’ve been divorced twice, my second wife is still in love with me, and my first wife still talks to me..i’m that a-hole bad boy that you were speaking about, and it gets me nowhere. i’m having a problem with the girl i’m with now. she is smokin hot, and tired of me treatin her like shit. and then i found this. you are the man, she is willing to give me another chance again, but this time i mean business. you have opened my eyes to the unkown.. i cant afford the package right now, but just the little you have shared smacked me in the face and opened my eyes… i feel like apologising to all the other women i have done wrong…thank you man…

  167. shawn says:

    Will a virgin be able to experience the same sensation? are there any techniqyes where i can use my tounge? thanks david..


  168. David — You have given mankind the ultimate gift WOMANKIND. To be honored for our gift of our maleness. What a true genetic reality for us to experience. So simple yet so fundamentally elusive in todays society. Thanks Jack

  169. Shawn says:

    Dave, First I’d like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the fellas. I have always prided myself on my “linguistic” abilities. I have been in a relationship with an awesome gal for quite a while now and we have decided toi tie the knot. However just the other night we were talking about our sex life and how it has become “routine.” I eat her, she gets off, I get on, I get off and we’re done. I just ordered your cd and am looking forward to using your techniques and spicing up our love life. I’ll keep ya posted


  170. hi david i have been marriad for five years now my problem is that my wife only reaches her orgasm when when shes in the mood for sex and that only happens aproximately once in a month.what should i do to put her in the mood everyday.

  171. Cool video…. I’m the first to comment this year haha…. thanks for the information i plan in trying it with my girl tomorrow

  172. lil lady says:

    could u send this video to my boyfriend? i would like him to see this but i know he wouldnt look at it if i suggested it please???

  173. Derek says:

    Me my girlfriend have some really intense sexual chemistry. We’ve been wanting to sex for a long time but she’s worried because she’s a virgin.
    Do you have any tips for when we do have sex for the first time? Can I use the deep spot method?
    Please help! We’re both young but we just cant wait!

  174. steevo says:

    hey david my girlfriend says she has never came before in her life and i have tried the tickling of the clit but cant seem to get her to squirt… what should i do??

  175. Larry K Lawson says:

    hey david i learn some thing that i did not know I will take your tips and do them on my girl, whin I see here

  176. David m says:

    Hi david iam having trouble watching the video it keeps stopping and starting what can I do

  177. JOHN says:


  178. David t. says:

    Cannot view video on my android phone n dont have computer… But ur 4 things are wat I try n make my girl feel all times

  179. Bruce G. Dunn says:

    What if I can’t reach her deep spot? She maybe deeper than I can reach with my fingure. -Bruce

  180. Sandy says:

    I’m 23 and have never experienced an orgasm. I have an amazing boyfriend who is soo attentive. We have tried everything. We have been together for over 4years now so we are comfortable to talk about everything. I tried downloading your video but couldnt please help. I rrealy enjoy the sex but I never orgasm.

  181. Grace says:

    I am so happy to know that so many other women are like me. Sometimes I felt like I was a unusually sexual. My boyfriend of 4 years tried to give me an orgasm by fingering me when we first started dating and after about 5 minutes I still hadn’t cum and he asked what was wrong with me. He said he had made hundreds of other women cum sometimes in just a few minutes so why couldn’t I? I was dumbfounded. The only thing that makes sense is if most of them faked it. As far as I knew nothing was wrong with me. I could give myself incredible orgasms, mostly clitoral but sometimes vaginal with certain toys. Occasionally I could come in under 5 minutes but most of the time it took closer to 15-20 minutes. If I was fantasizing it really helped speed things up. I hope more men start using these techniques. Remember guys…very lightly on the clit for the welcoming method. So many men rub too hard and it hurts. Lots of lube is good too. Now if I could get my boyfriend to try this out with some dirty talk…YES! YES! YES!

  182. shawn says:

    i rele hope this stuff works bcuz i have tried so many things to give her vaginal and clitoral orgasms but nothing seems to work

  183. randy says:

    Two Orgasms Up David. Thanks. I have bought your ‘SOFS’ book and it got me thinking on a new wavelength and I am much more confident in my over all actions as a man. I am waiting to make more cash online to be able to buy your ‘Wild Screaming’ soon. With these two techniques I am sure I will be able to make my ex-girlfriend cum like crazy. I am going to be meeting her up soon and from the material I’ve already learned and continually enforce I am sure I can get her into bed with me once again as before but now with better technique, Thanks a load Shade.

  184. Al says:


    I am trying the deep spot method with my wife, and she says that it is the best that she ever felt. However, she still can’t orgasm! She says she ‘doesn’t know what to do with the feeling…’

    Any ideas?


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