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Why Do Most Men Fail To
Turn On Their Woman?
It's Because They Don't Know
The TRUTH About Female Sexuality.

A Dirty Little Secret 'Polite' Society Hopes You Never Learn

A nympho in the bedroom...
"A lady in the living room..."


From: David Shade

Dear Friend,

Women want sex. In fact women LOVE sex! Even more than you do.

If that sentence shocks you, you're not alone. And not understanding these things about women screws you up in every aspect of dealing with women, from meeting them to long term relationships.

8th Best Selling Book on All of Amazon

On October 7, 2009, this was the 8th best selling book of all books on Amazon. Here is a screen shot:

Amazon Ranking of The Secrets of Female Sexuality by David Shade

97% of Men Don't Know How To
Give Women The Real Pleasure They Crave

All you have to do is ask women, and they'll tell you how rare it is to find a guy that really understands how to satisfy her.

And research shows that 70% of women rarely have vaginal orgasms during sex. That's just sad.

But if you've been frustrated trying to get women to have orgasms, there's one thing you need to know...

It's NOT Your Fault!

All the social conditioning had LIED to us, making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for men to please women!

Hi, my name is David Shade. I was married once. And after 8 years of marriage and two kids, she left me for a Bad Boy! My world was shattered.

I am a proper respectful "Good Guy", yet I was DETERMINED to figure out all those secrets that the "Bad Boys" seem to instinctively know.

That's right, those self absorbed inconsiderate jerks that women become ADDICTED to. Well, it's BECAUSE they are inconsiderate jerks that they fell upon the secrets. I will explain why that is! And I will show you how to use what they know.

I set out to find the TRUTH behind female sexuality, and I was going to use it to give women wild screaming orgasms! And over the course of 14 years, I did! Wow, did I ever...

I learned the REAL secrets behind female sexuality that SHATTER all the current beliefs. Things that society does NOT want us to know about. Things that women would NEVER tell us, but wished they could.

And I used that information to...

Give women wild screaming orgasms!

Now I teach men how they too can bring out their woman's inner Animal! Every time! And women LOVE IT!

Why do they love it so much? Because they finally get to enjoy EVERYTHING about being a WOMAN! And I'll tell you what those things are.

And I found out that by being a Good Guy, it was actually to my BENEFIT! And if YOU, a proper respectful Good Guy can know these secrets, you will have a MUCH more powerful effect on a woman than any self absorbed jerk could ever hope to. And I'll explain WHY!

She has ALWAYS wanted a Good Guy to make her feel the way a Bad Boy can make her feel. But she doesn't want to have to TELL a man how to do it. And interestingly, women don't even know themselves! In fact, if you were to ask women, you would be MISLED!

Discover what the Bad Boys are doing right...
and what they are doing terribly WRONG!

And exactly why that is. And I found out more secrets than any Bad Boy would ever know. In fact, I went WAY beyond that.

And I'll show you how it is not only straight forward, but what women truly RESPOND to! Discover all the things to do to bring out her inner Animal! Do all these things and your woman won't be able to get it enough!

From my many years of research and turning proper women into screaming ANIMALS, you will see into the secret sexual lives of women. Find out what REALLY happens in my latest book:

"Finally someone understood me"


I read your book 'Secrets of Female Sexuality' last evening and I can't thank you enough for the valuable information. It just blew me away... finally someone understood me.

I am a very successful business woman, and have many people (mostly men) working for me. I am in complete control, and I like that position, yet I have never understood why in other situations I don't want the control, I want to be led.

It finally became clear to me from the book that in an intimate relationship I want to be a WOMAN, and I want my partner to be the MAN.

I truly believe this book is the key to a successful loving partnership. If everyone out there would read this book, all the therapists would go out of business; no one would need them anymore.

This should be a mandatory read for both Women and the Men we so dearly love and appreciate when they are being MEN and allowing us to be WOMEN!

~ Jean, Maryland

  • The Shocking Truth about women's sexuality ALL men need to know (And most will have trouble believing)
  • The 4 things a women MUST HAVE to unleash her Raw Sexuality with you
  • Find out why married women cheat (And how you can keep a woman so sexually satisfied she'll NEVER even think about another man.)
  • The Dark Secret about her Sexual Needs she secretly hopes you WILL discover
  • Find out exactly why women are drawn to anything TABOO! (And the more taboo, the more they love it!)
  • The Critical difference between Acting 'Dirty' and Being 'Dirty' (You can either turn her on, or scare her away)
  • Learn how even conservative professional women get turned on about being a man's 'horny bitch'
  • Why women absolutely love to be TAKEN and RAVAGED! (Hard to believe? Just look at the popularity of the 'rape' fantasy.)
  • Finally understand how You can be the man that women CRAVE to be with. (it's so much easier than you think)
  • Discover why passing the barrage of 'Social Tests' will get you laid like a rock star. (Women 'test' you because they want to fuck you)
  • Learn how it's possible to easily extend a woman's orgasm out to an entire minute
  • You will know the TRUTH of why women LOVE dirty talk! Find out how women love to be such ANIMALS!
  • The Simple Techniques to bring our her 'Inner Animal' (but only for you)
  • How to be so good in bed, you will ruin it for all the other guys (Your woman will worship the ground you walk on)
  • Discover why women are FULL of contradictions, and why it works so well for them. (And you'll find out exactly how to leverage that to your benefit!)
  • Why you should NEVER think about getting sex from a woman (instead, find out the 'right thinking' that will get her to sleep with you)
  • Finally discover how you 'cock-block' yourself (and what to do to fix it so you never screw up again)
  • The #1 Thing she must have to open up sexually to you (if you only do this one thing, you'll always have great rip-up-the-sheets sex)
  • Find out just how very sexual women really ARE! And how when they are denied it, they get MAD!
  • Revealed... how to give a woman an orgasm without ANY touching! (You will blow her mind when you do this)
  • Learn what women REALLY long to feel (and how it is so hard for them to find that in a man)
  • The truth about why "good girls" love to be NAUGHTY! (And step-by-step examples of naughty you can do with them)
  • And Much Much More...

"I could never get my ex-husband to understand"

Hello David,
I purchased your book, The Secrets Of Female Sexuality. WOW. You know exactly what a woman wants and how it starts in the mind.

I could never get my ex-husband to understand how he talked to me made a big difference on my responsiveness in the bedroom (or any room). He didn't command the respect or trust. We were married for 23 years. Too long for an orgasm-less relationship.

I'm 53 now and for the first time in my life, I feel like a real woman. The man I'm having a relationship with now is a true masterful lover. He has brought out the tigress in me and keeps me wanting more and more. I can't get enough of him. He also can't get enough of me. He can make me cum just reading his emails, fully clothed, without even touching myself. His words get me all wet.

We are so playful together, just like kids. It is amazing. This past year, I have felt younger and more alive than I did 20 years ago.

Thank you David.


Does SIZE Matter?

I give you the REAL answer with actual data from the field, including emails from readers and testimonials from clients. You will have an entirely new perspective on that age old question.

I will show you the flaws in what society had always told you, and why social conditioning has previously held you down.

This information will break you free! You will understand why you are actually a very powerful force in her life, and the things you must do to make that a reality for her.

This information will totally turn your understanding of
female sexuality UPSIDE DOWN!

This is information that society does NOT want you to know. That's why it's called "Secrets." Information that VERY few men will EVER know.

Why do I know these "secrets"? Who am I to know all this? I really let it all out in this program. I share my personal heart wrenching story of how I got into all of this. And I show step by step exactly how I figured it all out.

Now I enjoy my time with attractive educated sexy women, giving them orgasms on command, hour long orgasms, having threesomes, and bringing out their inner Animal! You will understand how I found my true calling of teaching others.

Do all these things and your woman will NEVER let you go! In fact, when a woman has experienced all these things, it will be next to impossible to break up with her! Be warned, you MUST choose who you do this stuff to VERY carefully!

"all men should be 'required' to read this"


I started reading your book "The Secrets Of Female Sexuality" and I had to continue until I finished it. You are right on the money!!! The 4 things a woman wants is so true. When someone asks what I am looking for, I tell them just that.

The problem is, the majority of men think they are giving you that and they are soooooo far off. I am definitely going to recommend this book to my male friends as well as my female friends.

The reasons you describe why a woman goes outside her marriage really hit home. They are all so true.

I spent 17 years with a man who never once gave me an orgasm. I even let him make me think there was something wrong with ME. I realized he was wrong and divorced him.

But I find it difficult to find a REAL man. It gets old when a man tells you he is going to give you this amazing orgasm and then has absolutely no idea how to go about it... lol.

I truly believe every guy who seriously wants to have a great relationship with a woman read this material. All 3 of your books are very well written, and should be recommended to anyone who is interested in a fulfilling relationship. Heck, all men should be "required" to read this stuff. Sex therapists should be sharing your name with their clients. Had any of my partners had this information years ago, my life sure would have turned out differently!!

This stuff is awesome! You did a wonderful job at putting this together and I will definitely spread the word!!

Thanks!! Keep up the great work!!

Cindy in Michigan


Five Guest Chapters!

This new expanded version of "The Secrets of Female Sexuality" is basically the same book as the original version that came out 3 years ago, but with important enhancements. It is reorganized to convey the teachings better, it is greatly expanded to better illustrate the teachings, and best of all it now has five guest chapters.

That's right, five chapters written by people who I greatly respect. I asked them each to contribute to the book, and each give their unique perspective and teachings on female sexuality.

You will be delighted to hear that my mentor, Mr. Mark Cunningham, has contributed a chapter. And in his usual style, it's an awesome chapter! He lets it all out. He shares his teachings on what women are REALLY about, based on his 26,000 hours of clinical therapy sessions. No man understands women as well as Major Mark, and he shares his understandings with you.

You may have remembered and enjoyed the VIP Inner Circle monthly interview I did with Alicia Dunams. She was a runway model in Milan and poses for many women's fashion magazines. Well I asked her to contribute a chapter too, so you learn the reality of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. And of course she passed my test for high self-esteem and intelligent... she is a daddy's girl and a graduate of UCLA. And she is a very gifted writer! She tells you exactly what sexuality is for her.

And you remember Carlos Xuma from my 2009 Masterful Lover Super Conference. I have admired his work for some time, helping men find their own masculine presence. Well Carlos contributed an awesome chapter about being the Man. And it really hits home.

In my business, a number of very bright women have communicated with me, and some have contributed to the VIP Inner Circle forum. Of all the women, the one who has articulated the concept of Masterful Lover best is that woman you know as 'ThatQuietGirl' from the VIP Inner Circle forums. That's right, she has contributed a chapter, and it is amazing, conveying exactly what a highly intelligent high self-esteem sexually aware woman wants you to know.

At my 2009 Masterful Lover Super Conference, the surprise big hit was Brad P. Not a surprise to me, I have admired his leading skills for years, not only as one of the world's premier pick up instructors, but also as being one of my most successful clients. In his guest chapter, Brad P gives you his take on all of this and shares his most drawn-out, memorable and rewarding seduction experience ever.

Yes, it is still "The Secrets of Female Sexuality", but it is much much more.


"The first time a man had ever been able to give me a full blown vaginal orgasm"

Hi David,

Your book is amazing. Thank you so much for your commitment to women's pleasure. As a woman I am truly grateful for your efforts in raising men's understanding of our capacity for sexual pleasure. You are definitely contributing greatly to the greater good of human kind and I admire you for that.

I just wanted to write and say thank you! I recently discovered your work by accidentally finding them at my boyfriend's house. To be honest I was in shock. I felt hurt and betrayed and wondered about his true intentions and feelings. When confronted with this, he told me it was for US, to help him be better for me and help me respond how he knew I could.

I have to say that the first time we had sex it was astounding, I came so many times!! Which was the first time a man had ever been able to give me a full blown vaginal orgasm. The third time we had sex, he used the count to 10 method and I squirted! He, through your techniques, has helped me become comfortable masturbating, talking about fantasies, and trusting enough to give him control.

I would love to see you receive a Nobel Peace Prize one day. I really believe it's possible. Don't underestimate the magnitude of your gift to the world!

I just wanted to say Thanks!! You are a life saver.



270 pages packed full of all the
forbidden SECRETS of Female Sexuality.

How many hundreds of dollars would you spend to know these secrets? What is it worth to you to have such powerful knowledge?

I'm almost giving away this program for the amazingly low price. I'm doing this because I want you to know all that is POSSIBLE, and I want you to get to know me.

When you are ENLIGHTENED, and when you see what I have gone through and what I have accomplished, you will be INSPIRED! And that makes for motivated clients who become SUCCESSFUL!

David Shade's Secrets of Female Sexuality

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David Shade Signature

P.S. I realize it's easy to be skeptical about this kind of information, especially when you find it on the Internet. And frankly if you weren't at least a little skeptical I'd be worried about your common sense. Hell I've been burned by con artists too. But I've been teaching men about women's sexuality for well over 10 years, and my customers are my best spokesman as you can see below...

"A MUST have for any red blooded man"

Hi David! I am thrilled and honored to have every one of your products, including your new book "The Secrets of Female Sexuality." It is, like the other products, a MUST have for any red blooded man. It will set him straight (pun intended ha ha).

VERY eye opening! You start with your personal story. Man, that took some GUTS. It is hurtful just reading about it!!! So, I want to commend you on that first and foremost.

I LOVE how you articulate so VERY well on page 49 the fact that the man is the one with the power. It REALLY resonates with my own realizations, especially after reading your other materials.

I LOVE your point on page 19 about how when you truly begin to understand women, they are no longer intimidating, but instead, they are absolutely fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. !!GOLD!!!

You do an incredible service to men and women. If only more knew about your teachings......

J.J., California

"I couldn't stop reading it"


The Secrets of Female Sexuality is an amazing read.

I was a little skeptical at first about how enlightening the book could be for such a small price, but I couldn't stop reading it once I started.

Thanks for taking the time to pass on what you have learned to make men's and women's lives as enjoyable as they are meant to be.

Robert S., West Virginia

"It's ethical, respectful, and refreshing"

I think this book as an introductory resource is simply fantastic. I say this from my heart, David, that this book really touches me on a deep emotional level. Each chapter transitions succinctly and has a balance of story telling, technique, and most importantly identifying, demystifying, as well as speaking to, men's insecurities.

I have your books and CD series and this really is a great piece of literature to bring men into this world of women's sexuality.

It's ethical, respectful, and refreshing. I say refreshing because you're the first person I've read that really breaks apart the immature Bad Boy/Player frame in the context of sexuality, teaches about the dynamics of respect, and advocates that High Self Esteem men go after High Self Esteem women, not girls.

You speak to me on a very personal level. When reading and listening to your material I feel a deep solace in my mind and heart. Your material articulates what I have been yearning after for the past 10 years. Now, I can give women what they have been yearning after for their whole lives.

Thank you, David. You truly are a man among men and a hero of mine.

PS - I saw you on the Montreal Convention 2005 DVDs and that was intense. I admire your courage to get up in front of a group of people and speak about your divorce and be so vulnerable. I was captivated. It was then that I saw such genuine, raw masculinity for the first time and got an idea of what women must feel when they're in bed with you.

Sincerely, Mathew B., New York


Thank you for your wonderful products and materials, you are truly doing a great thing. I realized that your material, unlike most of what is available on the internet, is THE REAL DEAL.

The most profound stuff to me was not the techniques, but rather the beliefs of a Masterful Lover and knowledge of what women really want, which is covered in "The Secrets of Female Sexuality" book. And later, when I actually got to try out some of the techniques on my... test subjects... wow!

Thank you for creating these products and spending your time passing this valuable knowledge on to other guys, it has greatly helped and will continue to help, myself and many other guys - not just in getting laid, but in bringing out the inner sexual creature in a women.

Truly amazing stuff! Thanks David.

Christopher P., Texas

"Women have been incredibly turned on"

Hi David! I can tell you that the information in the book is right on the money. I've only just started using what I've learned from The Secrets of Female Sexuality and your other books, so I still have a lot of practice to do, but so far women have been incredibly turned on by the physical and psychological techniques.

It seems that masterful lovers are very rare, as women are experiencing these things for the first time themselves and love having someone to help them discover their sexuality in such fulfilling ways.

Thanks for the wealth of knowledge!

Shane K., Canada

"With great knowledge, comes great responsibility"

I found the book to be an intriguing introduction to what is possible in interactions with women. If you've never explored the full potential of what is possible with women, what David details will blow your mind.

What is truly unique is David has been able to express the sense of respect and enjoyment he shares with the women he meets and has these experiences, which is something that is not always expressed effectively by some aspects of the PUA and dating communities. "With great knowledge, comes great responsibility" A must read, if for no other reason than to see what really is possible.

David M., Australia

"I spent so many years being frustrated"

Thanks David, for taking this subject out of the garb of mystery and teaching it to normal guys to help them on the road to fulfillment in their lives. I'm glad I've discovered your teaching because I spent so many years being frustrated out of my mind by girls, and my great-looking friends who always got them while I pulled my hair out! All the best...

Scott M., Ireland

"Truly eye-opening"

David Shade has really synthesized his experiences and presented female sexuality in such a way that really captures its essence. Many apparently contradictory things finally make sense. Truly eye-opening.

J.S., California

"You are the voice in the wilderness"

Hello David, congratulations on your just announced new release. I say again, you are the voice in the wilderness and the best source of information and encouragement for us guys who enjoy giving women incredible orgasms. Keep up the great work.

Jim G., Georgia

"What women truly want and need"

It's great that you have had the time to write your book "The Secrets Of Female Sexuality". The world would be a better place for both men and women if all people knew about these things you are talking about.

In the last century men somehow lost their touch of being true men. Earlier there hardly was any problem but times have radically changed and we as men haven't been as adaptable as we should have been. We have tried to get women with all kind of tricks and games and the quality of women hasn't been the best... Most dating ebooks and courses emphasize being the strong alpha male. Unfortunately they have forgotten that human beings are also emotional creatures, even men.

In your book you explain in simple terms, what women truly want and need and what we as men need to do to become the "Prince Charming" without becoming a sobbing carpet to walk on.

Best Regards, Arto S., Finland

"Giving women incredible pleasure thanks to you"

David, you take the average guy and transform him into a masterful lover. I value your work. Giving women incredible pleasure thanks to you,

Tom T., Pennsylvania

"Mindset change that many men need"

David, I read Secrets of Female Sexuality and it's great! It's definitely the kind of mindset change that many men need. And never before has it all been put together in one place, for one purpose.

Michael K., United Kingdom

"She's the one always initiating now"

"The Secrets of Female Sexuality" is a great book, a real eye opener into female sexuality, after reading the book I feel that I'm wearing a pair of 3D glasses where everything has become clear to me and the best part is the way you wrote it, after reading it just once I feel that the information contained has been ENGRAVED in my brain, I don't need to think what to do, I KNOW what to do! I purchased all your books and I must say they have been an enormous help...

I have a story I would like to share that proves your work is spot on... I am dating a girl for the past year now, her X-boyfriend used to have sex with her every day for months and she only had 2 orgasms and by the way she told me he had a huge cock!!!! We have sex every 3 weeks or so, but I used your techniques from day 1, the second time we were together she started having a powerful orgasm and every time since then the orgasms just got stronger. She is mad about me and can't get enough always wanting more, she's the one always initiating now (lol) she recently told me that I control her orgasms and she can't have one without me anymore!

I learnt from your techniques how to give her incredible pleasure and if it wasn't for you and your valued work I would still be an average guy just like the rest of the pack.

Thanks for your efforts in showing us the right way to being a great lover! Keep up the great work.

Yours, A. from Egypt

"Becoming the man I want to be"

Hey David, I've been a big fan of your work since I first heard the interview you did. I just wanted to say that your project, "The Secrets of Female Sexuality," is an awesome collection of information and makes a great piece of reading for both those getting started and those like me that've been loving this stuff for a while now. I find it extremely useful to have as a reminder tool. I review it every so often to make sure I'm still being true to myself and to the idea I've dedicated myself to since reading your Manual, to give women the incredible pleasure that the deserving ones deserve and to be the man I need to be. There's nothing in my life that I enjoy more than being with a woman and giving her amazing pleasure.

So to repeat it, thanks David, this book and the reminder it serves to me to keep becoming the man I want to be is something that is going to make my life much richer and more fulfilling than many men, unfortunately, will ever know. Thank you so much for this.

Jeremy H., Arizona

"Becoming what you have written about"

And as a repeat customer, I can and do honestly offer this: I like your approach to relationships with women and attitude about being a man. I wish I had seen your material when I was much younger. I am certain I would be in a much different and much better place with my life than I am now. Oh well...better late than never at all, not to mention being frustrated and disillusioned as I was before I started reading your material. It's not just the woman or women that I am after, but rather the inner "knowing" that only comes from becoming what you have written about.

Thanks for your material! Tim G., North Carolina

"Got one girl totally addicted to the sex"

The information you have provided has improved my sex life on a very basic level. Even applying just one technique got one girl totally addicted to the sex I could give her. Thanks for giving me a higher level of competence.

Drew, Oregon

"Words simply cannot express how close my girlfriend and I have become"

I have been able to teach my 20 year old girlfriend how to enjoy getting lost in passion and constantly horny because of David Shade. Thank you David for helping men to quickly skip years of trial and error and find within ourselves all of the tools we need to break through every boundary of sexuality. Words simply cannot express how close my girlfriend and I have become due to me taking the time to study your philosophy. Sexual confidence AND better relationships guaranteed!

Sincerely, Tim L., Louisiana

"No man will ever need anything else"

David, all bookstores in the United States should throw away every book on sexuality for straight men and hang a sign with a link to your e-books. No man will ever need anything else.

J from Boston

Well, there you have it. Testimonials from men who's lives have been transformed, thanks to the empowering information in my program: "The Secrets Of Female Sexuality."

Get yours now! You will "see the matrix" and your life will never be the same again.

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